The Amazon Rainforest is Still Burning: Latest Updates and Ways to Help

The Amazon forests are still burning. Probably one of the most tragic histories of humankind is taking place in Brazil right now. Fires rage in the Amazonia forest – a forest that has been referred to as the lungs of the earth. Brazil has had a record number of fires this year, about 80,000, increasing up by 85% from last [...]

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Unconditional Love: The Embodiment of Light

The human capacity for love is immeasurable, yet few dare to dive into the depths of the unconditional. Pure, transcending human emotion unequivocally. Leave a space, to reach your highest level of understanding, trust and compassion. Loving unconditionally brings you the greatest freedom and elevates your consciousness into spiritual euphoria, heaven on earth. Set yourself free. For hell exists where [...]

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How to Develop Trust in Any Relationship

What is a relationship based on? Love, communication, or is it compatibility? Well, there are many theories, but one thing is for sure – all relationships are based on ‘trust'. Trust is the foundation of every relationship. Think about it – if you don't trust someone, will you even fall in love with that person? Or in the case of [...]

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11 Powerful Lessons To Help You Let Go and Move On

Fresh out of a relationship? Or coming out of a bad break up? When rejection stings and disappointment burns, before you reach for the bucket of ice cream again or head out to drown your sorrows: let's try some aloe to soothe your soul. Here are a few of the most amazing, inspiring, quotes about moving on and letting go [...]

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