Be Like Heaven: A Short Poem

"We are never more beautiful than when we are loving each other" -L.J Vanier Be Like Heaven The voices of the angels, a song, the most beautiful song, it would take 12 orchestras to even compare and still they would fall short. Be Like Heaven A mysterious fruit, soft and supple, so warm and refreshing it makes the mouth [...]

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How to Weave Your Way Out Of The Fabric Of Fear

THE FABRIC OF FEAR A survival guide: You can try to outrun it. You can try to rise above it. But eventually, it will catch you... Fear will catch up with you and envelope your senses like black sackcloth or velvet on a warm summer day. Stifling your voice; wreaking havoc on your norm, beating you to the ground over [...]

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5 Ways to Embrace Your Shadow Self

Darkness and light do not exist without one and other. As human beings, we possess a side of light and a shadow side. When we are born, we do not know the difference between these two sides, in fact we do not even know their existence, until society slowly starts putting labels on us and everything else around us. Labels [...]

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Mona Lisa Smile: My AHA Moment

In 2016,  this blog was in full swing. A newbie on the scene, I wanted to be heard; heard not because I was a showoff or an attention seeker but someone who had a message to share with the world.And the message was hope.Little did I know that hope, was what I was going to need the most.

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