Start Being Kind To Yourself And Make Your Life Better

Kindness has been universally referred to as the quality of a human being that progresses humankind. It is a virtue that is praised in every society. However, very few people mention how important it is to be kind to oneself. While it's easy to be kind to others, it's a bit difficult to direct the same kindness to one's own [...]

5 Lessons You Can Learn From Your Cat

Mark Twain-" When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade, without further introduction. In the summer of 2010, we were cleaning out extra junk from the house and filled up the truck to head off the to landfill. I never go to the city landfill but on that fateful day. I soon realized why I was supposed to be there. As [...]

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Morning Affirmations To Get You Prepared For A Fulfilling Day Ahead!

Every day presents us with the opportunity to begin our lives anew. But there are some mornings which just begin in a negative manner, ruining the whole day. If good things happen early on, we can carry that positivity with us throughout. By affirming positive thoughts first thing every day, we can be sure that we're on the right track. [...]

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6 Quick Tips For A Fair Fight (In A Relationship)

Relationships can be messy. While things may seem calm and cool from an outside perspective, as we all know appearances lie. Some couples may seem to have their dirty laundry tucked in tight, yet behind closed doors, there are wrinkles old stains and seams that never quite seem to get ironed out. 6. Plan Your Argument. Before, you go tongue [...]

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