Things You Must Remember When You Feel Like A Bad Mom

You're having a day. You've spoken too harshly at your child or maybe plonked them down in front of the TV so that you get just a couple of hours of quiet. Maybe you bought take-out instead of cooking, or maybe you've let the kids' dirty laundry pile up too much. The thought comes up almost automatically: I am a [...]

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Rage Yoga – A New ‘Rage’ That Is Making People Release Their Inner Frustration

Whenever you think of yoga, you are thinking of the slow movements, the slow exhalation of the OM, and the peace. It’s about slowly releasing all the pressure in your joints and body and becoming clear in your head. But then, not everybody is suited for this kind of slow movement. Sometimes, you might need a bit of an oomph. [...]

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How You Can Become A Positive Influence On Those Around You

We all wish that we could do something for the world and make it a better place to live. But mostly they remain just that, wishes. Only a handful of people have had the greatness to rewrite history, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events.  It is only you who can make this world [...]

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Embrace The Power Of White Light Protection: 6 Ways To Make It Easy

I strive to eliminate all that is negative within me. I have made it my mission to work towards it each day. My favourite aid on this path is the protection of White Light. I would like to share with you the simplicity of using the positive power that is White Light protection that guides you in the right direction. [...]

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