15 Spirit Animal Totems You May Encounter (And What They Mean)

15 Spirit Animal Totems You May Encounter

I don’t know about you, but I love interpreting the symbols I see in my dreams. I keep a journal next to my bed and make a conscious choice before I go to sleep to wake in the night, sometimes I even set an alarm to awaken abruptly so I can see what symbols are in my mind to write them down or draw, for later for interpretation.

Our dreams give us clear insight as to what is going on in our subconscious minds and when we can remember our dreams with clarity, deep insights can be found that bring profound meaning as it relates to our everyday situations in physical life, as well as our soul journey in the eternal realms.

Spirit animals are important symbols that guide our journey and their meanings should never be overlooked. As each bring with them great wisdom that will give you a higher perspective of your world.

Here are 15 of the most common and most potent spirit animal symbols and their interpretations. A-G.


A symbol of status, power and bringer of ancient knowledge, when an alligator comes into your dreams, keep your eyes open. This animal totem is giving you clear sight to see beyond the emotional waters you have been swept up in.

The alligator comes as a warning to get control of your emotions and balance yourself, just as the alligator can dwell on land or sea you too must balance your polarities. Alligators are deeply connected with Mother Nature and are fierce and fearless. An alligator will guide you to make proper judgement in the decisions you are currently facing.  (also crocodile) 


A symbol of “the way” the antelope comes bounding into your life to bring you a message to follow your instincts and trust yourself. It’s time to take action, listen to your quick wits and your intellect and in doing this, the path will become clear. The antelope is curious and sociable, yet keen to dash at the slightest trace of danger. Be on alert for the good the bad and the ugly.


A symbol of the great mother, the bear brings healing, courage, leadership, strength and protection. The bear may come to you when you need emotional support, strength and healing. The bear provides the grounding forces needed to obtain balance.

When the bear visits you in your dreams pay attention to how you feel. If the bear is charging at you or you are being chased, this may indicate that your beliefs and ideals are being questioned. It is time to hold your ground, stand up for yourself and have confidence.

“The Great Bear in Britain and Ireland is Arth, who, with her starry son Arthur, identities our beginnings with the Bear constellation, and the typical Seven Stars and Constellations. The Ainos, or hairy men in the Island of Jesso, the most northern part of Japan, trace their beginnings back to a bear and a dog. They say that the first human being was a woman, who, when the world was formed out of the waters, floated on the deep carrying fishing and hunting gear. She landed on an island, where she dwelt alone in a beautiful garden, which still exists although no man can find it. The loss of this paradise is connected with the increase and dispersion of the race, following the advent of a ” protector” whom she had permitted to enter the garden which was their Eden of the fore-world.” – Natural Genesis


A symbol of gratitude, appreciation and abundance the buffalo brings the lesson of being thankful for what we already have. When our disposition is one of acceptance rather than expectation, abundance manifests easily.


A symbol of metamorphosis and rebirth, a butterfly brings news that great changes are coming or are needed. To see several butterflies indicates change is coming very soon and will be positive. If a monarch butterfly comes to you, this indicates prosperity and wealth is on the horizon and is coming on the winds of these changes.


A symbol of luck, mystery, magic, trickery and illusion, in its talkative nature the crow is said to be the messenger between our world and other worlds. A shape-shifter, the crow brings the reminder that miracles are always possible, if we can learn how to manipulate the laws of the universe. A crow coming into your dreams asks you to look at things from a higher perspective and raise your awareness, magic is everywhere is you can learn to alter your perception.


A symbol of friendship, loyalty, heroism and protection the dog is a symbol of the guardian and is known to be a communicator between the physical and metaphysical worlds. The dog is known to protect and give safe passage to those travelling at death into the afterlife.

If a dog comes into your dreams, have no fear know that you are safe and protected by unseen forces that are always with you.


A symbol of hope, love, peace and understanding the dove brings the message of blessing from the holy spirit. To release a dove or see a dove flying away from you, indicates that you have released your fears, jealousy or hatred and have found forgiveness to give to others and to yourself.


A symbol of inner strength, resurrection, protection, humility and peace the dolphin brings a message of emotional exploration. When a dolphin swims into your dream, know that a door has been opened between your unconscious and conscious mind. The dolphin asks you to explore the depths of your unconscious, finding forgotten memories and hidden truths. The dolphin is giving you spiritual guidance, bringing you much-needed clarity and healing.


A symbol of adaptability change and transformation, the dragon-fly brings you the message of necessary evolution. As a dragonfly is born in water grows its wings and sets off into flight the dragonfly is assisting you in letting go and having the courage to move forward. The dragonfly represents the alchemy of spirit and asks you to feel comfortable leaving the waters you are so accustomed to and set off on your soul called journey.


A symbol of illumination, higher consciousness, introspection and hidden spiritual truths, the eagle soaring into your dreams gives you the ability to see the world from a higher perspective; rising above the material world to see the big picture.

A sign of great power, intuition and transformation, the eagle illuminates your path to the spiritual truths you are seeking. Positive changes are always on the horizon when an eagle reveals itself. Known as the great spirit and the ruler of the skies, the eagle is accredited to bringing spiritual seekers to the tree of life.


A symbol of strength, compassion, patience and wisdom the elephant brings an important message of tuning in to the vibration of life.

When the elephant comes into your dreams know that the elephant is bringing you the strength needed to remember


A symbol of stamina and strength, the elk shows you how to make best use of your own energy. Everything comes with patience and patience doesn’t mean waiting it means diligently toiling towards your goals at a stable pace. Don’t over or under exert yourself, keep your balance.


A symbol of the trickster, the fox is a wise teacher of magic. Quick thinking and adaptability are assets of this spiritual guide. The fox will show you to be swift and quick if you want to achieve your goals

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10 Ways To Master Lucid Dreaming Right Now

lucid dream

Lucid dreaming is the most exhilarating experience one can have.  When you are awake or consciously aware in a dream, you are able to  interact with your dream just as you would interact in the real world. Everything is saturated with vibrant colour, it is as if it feels far more real than waking life does.

There are many benefits to lucid dreaming.  For me personally, it reminds me of how much life just simply a dream. It helps me appreciate the impermanence of my physical being and to remind me that we are simply consciousness in an energetic body.  It helps me cultivate awareness and mindfulness in my waking life by always reminding me that I am not a victim of my surroundings, I am the creator of my surroundings. Making it possible for me to take back control.

But most profoundly, lucid dreaming was the gateway for me astral projections or OBE’s., which then confirmed to me my identity as an eternal soul like a star that is simply bound to a body.

Below are the top ten ways to induce lucid dreaming:

1. Dream Diaries. Spending at least 10 minutes in writing and recording your dreams in the morning is most beneficial. It is something I do every night or part way through the night.  We don’t remember a lot of our dreams, but we dream every night. Writing down anything and everything can help unlock what is stored away in your subconscious mind. This step will help later to unlock the akashic records. The akashic records lie within you, not outside of you.

2.  Reality Checks. Performing as many as 5 or more spaced out reality checks during the day, will increase your chances of become lucid more regularly. The common ways to give yourself a reality check are: Look into the mirror, does your reflection look normal in the mirror?Look at your hands, do the palms of your hands look normal close-up? You could also try making a marking on your hand and make a conscious effort to look at it throughout the day. In your dream later you will notice it missing and will become lucid.

3. Manifest.  Spending up to 20 minutes in the afternoon to incubate a lucid dream. The techniques to use here include meditation, self hypnosis, and visualization of what you wish to experience in your dream.

4. Affirmations.  Before you go to bed at night, repeat this to yourself: “I will remember that I’m dreaming”. Fall asleep repeating this in your head, and this awareness will subconsciously carry into your dreams. Know that in your dream, you will remember that you are dreaming. Affirmation is important.

5. Identifying Your Dream Signs. You may also have that nasty experience of always running out of fuel whenever you are on your way to write a final exam. Again, it may be that you always have that horrible experience of your teeth falling off from your mouth. The best and most reliable way of determining your personal dream signs is by keeping a dream journal. Whenever you check it, you can easily identify those dream signs that
are regularly occurring. When your future dreams contain them, you will realize it’s just a dream sign.

6.  Imagination Of Desired Dream. Imagine yourself back to a previous dream, however this time, you are going to give it an alternate ending. Next, search for the dream signs. Of course, this should be some unusual characters,  locations and objects which should reveal the dream to be mere fantasy; something you wouldn’t normally see in your waking state. Next, confirm your affirmation tell yourself that you are dreaming. Although you are just day dreaming (and this is by no means a lucid dream) continue to experience an imagined lucid dream fantasy. Do whatever you would do if this were a real lucid dream.

7. Waking in the Night.  Various research has shown that waking up during sleep can increase your chance of being lucid. So, in order to have more lucid dreams, you may want to wake yourself up in the night and bring yourself to full consciousness for a few minutes. You can spend those few minutes in reading about lucid dreams, meditating, visualizing, etc.  Make it a point to wake up in the middle of the night by setting your intention in step 2. affirmations.

8. Direct Your Half-Awake State.  You may wake up in the middle of the night and find yourself in this dreamy state. When this occurs, there is no need for you panic because your body and mind are already relaxed. Just drift away into the “dream world”.

9. Snap Out and Step In.  Submerge your awareness fully into the lucid dream, and stabilize the dream to eradicate any chance of waking up.  Stay calm, don’t get over excited and wake yourself up.  To do this you must realize that you are dreaming, and keep your attention concentrated in the that exact moment within your lucid dream.

10. Enjoy Yourself: It’s a wonderful experience to have, and there is nothing anyone or anything can do in a lucid dream to harm you. This is all mental you can’t actually be hurt. You have the power and control to wake up at any time you wish. I assure you, when something comes over you that is really “out there” chances are you are going to spring awake very fast. Always know that you are always being guided and protected, and that you can wake yourself up at any time you wish.  Talk with people, manipulate your surroundings, try to leave your body, appreciate the vividness of the world around you.

There is nothing to fear in a lucid dream. Some encounter may scare you, but remember that every encounter is a mirror, it is you. When you can accept this aspect of yourself and  love and forgive them, you can be assured that you are loving and forgiving an aspect of you.  Here is an awesome TED talk video about nightmares and lucid dreaming as a medium for spiritual development: