April 21, 2021
Rage Yoga – A New ‘Rage’ That Is Making People Release Their Inner Frustration

Rage Yoga – A New ‘Rage’ That Is Making People Release Their Inner Frustration

Whenever you think of yoga, you are thinking of the slow movements, the slow exhalation of the OM, and the peace. It’s about slowly releasing all the pressure in your joints and body and becoming clear in your head. But then, not everybody is suited for this kind of slow movement. Sometimes, you might need a bit of an oomph.

That’s why CBS DFW 21 News reported about a new kind of yoga, for the people who just can’t keep their peace. It is the idea of Ashley Duzich of Ashley Duzich Wellness. Ashley has the yoga credentials to show too – at least 200 hours of the yoga instructor certificate making her a certified yoga training. While she respects yoga and has trained in it, she knows that there are people who just want to let go of things. They are not going to get the right release with slow yoga. Hence, they should go for Rage Yoga.

According to her, Rage Yoga has stretching and breathing and mudras but along with that, there are loads of bad humour. As usual, it has some of the basic tenets of yoga put in place: breathing, being one with yourself and staying super calm. According to Duzich, we all are holding something inside us – suppressing it. Rage Yoga is about dropping the F-bomb and getting it all out. It’s about letting out all the frustration and all the rage. Then, you can wash it down with cold beer!

She swears and swings at a heavy bag when necessary to get things rolling for her. She shares that she has heard several screams happening a lot around her. It can be something small, like ‘Do the dishes’, but the scream behind it can come out of some real frustration. You don’t even need to be the flexible person in the group to get a hold of rage yoga. All you need is a desire to get out with the frustration and you are good to go.

And if everything is released, you can have an ice-cold beer to calm yourself down. No wonder, children are not recommended to any of these sessions!

Source: https://www.viralnovelty.net/rage-yoga-helps-you-find-inner-peace-through-swearing-and-beer/