February 25, 2021


6 Quick Tips For A Fair Fight (In A Relationship)

Relationships can be messy. While things may seem calm and cool from an outside perspective, as we all know appearances lie. Some couples may seem to have their dirty laundry tucked in tight, yet behind closed doors, there are wrinkles old stains and seams that never quite seem to get ironed out. 6. Plan Your Argument. Before, you go tongue [...]

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The Black New Moon Arrives: Time For Transformations

The Black Moon is a special one. It will occur in the Virgo sign and is probably one of the best times to start off something new! It's time to reflect and bring a change into your life. August 30 is a great time for romance as well – so, strengthen your marriage or relationship. This celestial event will affect [...]

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Why Does The Universe Send The Right Person At The Right Time In Your Life?

There are times when the Universe sends a person into your life who will completely change you. You might fall in love with the person or connect with them in a deeper way. These people tend to push you to become a better version of yourself. The Universe knows when you are having a hard time and so, they send [...]

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30th August New Moon Transforms You To Reach New Dimensions

The New Moon will come into the Virgo sign and be a perfect period to begin a new kind of inspiration. You will start finding yourself in a new dimension with the planets Venus, Mercury, and Mars tying in to help you out. Mars brings a strong sense of individuality and combines it with the Virgo Moon. Its masculine energy [...]

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