April 21, 2021
Embrace the Power of White Light Protection

Embrace The Power Of White Light Protection: 6 Ways To Make It Easy

I strive to eliminate all that is negative within me. I have made it my mission to work towards it each day. My favourite aid on this path is the protection of White Light. I would like to share with you the simplicity of using the positive power that is White Light protection that guides you in the right direction.

To imbibe the process of White Light Protection, calmly sit and imagine that a powerful and protective light is revolving around your mind, soul, and body. It creates a cocoon around you and blocks negativity. The process is simple but these 6 tips will help you further.

1. White Light Is For Early Morning Or Before Bedtime

The best time to use the protection of White Light is in the early morning and before you go to sleep. Remember that light shields are not impenetrable, meaning that some negative energy will get through. But the more you practice the stronger your shield will become.

2. Take The Meditative Position

You begin by adapting the meditative posture by joining the thumb, fore, and middle fingers. This helps send a positive and calming signal to the brain and releases the benefits of the process.

3. The Longer The Better

Just as meditating longer sets you free, using White Light for longer durations will calm you. Choose a place where you will be left alone in your practice. Select a calm and quiet atmosphere.

4. Rely On Your Imagination

Imagine a white light descending and pouring over your aura. Create a forcefield or bubble around you as you breathe in positive energy and calmness. This energetic shield of light is beneficial when you want to protect your energy or when you feel drained or in need of extra care.

5. Take The Help Of A Mantra Or Chanting

Select the mantra to go with your feelings and thoughts. Choose something that immediately calms you. The words of the mantra should convey a semblance of calm and positivity. You can start with the traditional mantra to clear your energies: OM purifies ego, MA purifies jealousy, NI purifies passion,  PAD purifies ignorance, ME purifies greed, HUM purifies hatred. Then move on from there.

6. Spare Some Time

Protection of White Light shields in difficult times, but it also keeps you grounded and happy when you stay away from trouble, so use it every day. White Light offers you a supreme way to guard yourself against the negativity that tries to enter our body throughout the day.

Rely on the protective power and energy of White Light early in the morning and before you retire for the night.

How was your experience with using the power of White Light Protection? Feel free to share!