10 Strong Signs You’ve Found Someone From Your Soul Group

10 Strong Signs You've Met Someone From Your Soul Group

Soul groups incarnate together with a specific task, a mission to uphold and when we connect with each of them, we collect a piece of the puzzle.

Soul groups may also incarnate with the purpose of helping each other wake up. To break through the veil and release the illusion of separateness and each soul group works together to achieve this. It is up to each member to uphold their duty to serve each other.

When you find a member of your soul group… just know that your life is about to go through some radical changes, and major transformations that serve your higher good.

Here are the strongest signs that you should pay attention to:

10. They strengthen your intuition. 

When you spend time with someone from your soul group, your heart chakra begins to activate due to the harmonious subtle energy exchange. No matter the words spoken, you will feel what they are thinking from the heart. Words become obsolete, as if you don’t even need to speak as most communication is on the energetic intuitive level.

9. Immediate Connection

A member of your soul group will resonate with you immediately, you will feel comfortable and secure and will recognize their energy signature.

8. It’s easy to forgive

As much as we all like to say that we can forgive quickly, sometimes it takes time to forgive others for their transgressions. This because, it’s harder to understand the intentions of others whom we don’t connect with as deeply as we do our soul group.

We can forgive members of our soul group more quickly because we already “exist inside of their heart”. We understand the intentions behind their words, and the motives behind their actions.

7. Nothing is off-limits

You aren’t afraid to say how you really feel to each other and you are able to be completely authentic around them. Those goofy voices you make when you are alone at home or the silly things you did when you were a kid that you thought were funny, will come out around people from your soul group. You’re comfortable enough to lay it all out on the table. What you think is funny, they think is funny too.

6. They mirror you.

Every member of your soul group will bring out certain aspects of yourself. Some will bring out positive hidden traits and qualities that you had long forgotten, while others will serve as your guide in illuminating your darker aspects and hidden influences that need to be brought forward for healing.hippie-chickies

5. You just can’t get enough.

Spending time with members of your soul group gives you boundless amounts of energy. You feel like you are resonating so high you could fly to the moon, everything is possible. There is always an equal exchange of energy and you never feel drained.

4. Programmed similarities

The closest members of a soul group will share similar upbringings. You may have been raised in the same religion, ethnicity or family profession. All which promote similar growth that aligns with the overall mission of the group.

3. You don’t manipulate each other

Soul groups aren’t ferociously competitive and if they are its friendly fire. No member aims to “one up” the other or win the race. Each member takes pleasure in seeing the others succeed in all of their goals. Soul groups have no need to manipulate another in order to gain supremacy, the entire purpose of the group is harmony.

2. Timing is everything

Unlike a twin flame, where the timing can be off “the first go around”, your soul group comes in divine timing. They are there exactly when you feel you have completely given up hope, lost your way or are questioning everything. Your soul group can also come as a complete surprise, one that you might not have been even looking for. But when they leave…

1.They serve as a catalyst

Arguably, the majority of spiritual awakenings come after an intense amount of pain and suffering.

Serving as your personal catalyst for rebirth, spiritual awakening and evolution of consciousness, the departure of your soul group is the most excruciating pain you will ever feel. Alike to falling into the pits of utter darkness, with no bottom…

Yet, it’s all exactly according to scale. The darkness you feel, is the deep layers of your own emotional karma and this intense separation conjures the entirety of all that is to be healed. As healing, is the only path to freedom of spirit.

by LJ Vanier,

(0) You know will reunite with them again. 😉

This article 10 Strong Signs You’ve Found Someone From Your Soul Group Was originally published here at isoulscience.com April 4, 2016.

5 Clear Signs You’ve Met Your Twin Flame

5 Clear Signs You've Met Your Twin Flame

“The best love is the love that awakens the soul. A love that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds and that’s what you’ve given me and that’s what I hope to give to you forever” – Unknown. 

While there are many people we come in contact with throughout our day-to-day mixing and blending of energies, there comes a moment in your life when you meet someone and you don’t know why, but you just know something is different about them….

5. You feel you’ve known them for years

The Difference Between Soul Mates and Twin FlamesJust by first glance, you feel connected to this person. In one fragment of a second upon meeting each others gaze, time disappears and the entire world falls away; leaving nothing but the two of you staring into each others eyes. It only lasts a split second in time, but feels like an eternity. You immediately feel their hurts and know their pain, you also can see their light, and know that a connection has been rekindled– a fire has reignited that once was blazing as hot as the sun, like two stars colliding in space.

4. You understand each other on a deeper level

You are always in tune with this person, energetically, intellectually and emotionally. Your hearts are communicating with each others subtly, quite often below your level of conscious awareness and your thinking patterns are always riding the same wave.

3. You bring out the best in each other

The Real Purpose of a Twin Flame UnionNow that you know they exist, With or without this person your confidence level has skyrocketed. When you are with them, you feel like you can conquer the world together. Without them, you have found new strength, hope, determination and faith that empowers you to be your authentic self.

2. You create together

With this new-found confidence, your creative center explodes. Life becomes a playground for your every thought and intention as you enjoy sharing your ideas together and seeing what you can manifest into reality.

1. You can communicate telepathically

This sign is number one for a good reason. Because twins are always in tune with each other energetically, emotionally and mentally you will feel each others pain, know each others thoughts without speaking and even share each others dreams. Separated twins, will experience the phenomenon of communicating clearly in the dream state and may find that they will manifest physical symptoms if the other twin is ill or injured.

by LJ Vanier

Originally published here at isoulscience.com by LJ Vanier December 1, 2012

The Real Purpose of a Twin Flame Union

The Real Purpose of a Twin Flame Union

A twin flame union, is a connection that is established on a higher level. Two souls enmeshed together, becoming the full embodiment of universal love, a universal consciousness. This spiritual bond is formed between two people energetically, through a kind of quantum entanglement and once formed, is unbreakable.

heart chakraUpon the initial meeting, it will feel like a shooting star, screaming at the speed of light through your chakras. You quite literally feel as though your heart will explode with love and affection for this person. Overwhelming to say the least, and you can’t seem to get a grasp on yourself. You’ve lost all rational thought, as well as the ability to make sound decisions.

A feeling of familiarity is immediately apparent upon meeting your twin, as if looking at yourself in a mirror and seeing your own soul.

Once the union is formed it is explosive, accelerating each others DNA– your DNA, catapulting the pair onto the path of ascension. The energies are resonating so high into euphoric bliss that you feel as though you can fly through the universe, without wings. A true taste of heaven on earth, not like anything you have experienced in your entire life. The mind cannot keep hold on the experience “It couldn’t be real, this must not be real” you think to yourself.

Why? Because you believe this kind of happiness doesn’t exist here, on this heavy, brittle, low vibrational frequency plane of existence.

twin flame1The ego starts knocking, louder and louder until it shatters your euphoria. Suddenly, your partner pulls away and you plummet into the depths of outer darkness feeling as though you have been locked out of heaven. In complete shock as this cosmic discharge collapses all around you, closing the gates, as you fall farther and farther away from the entrance.

Blame, guilt and sadness encompass your entire being. You are bathing in it, swimming in it and there is no end in sight. Like dark room without a door, you cannot find your way out. Death has been dealt to your soul. There is nothing you can do. There is nothing that can be done.

And so you do the only thing you can do.

You surrender.

You surrender to your pain and you surrender to yourself. Standing in the darkness, under the blanket of night, you find the light inside of you. It starts as a small hint of light, a spark and slowly you allow it to inflame and consume you until you are nothing but a star shining in the darkness of night. Illuminating the outer far reaches of space.

You have found the light once more, the love, the encompassing truth of your universal, eternal self and you are all that you are and will ever be. Without need or want of anyone else, for you are love itself. Expressed through billions of unique vessels, you are the creation of your own imagination. Living each day through the creativity that lies within the soul. Our soul, the one soul, the one love. Piercing through the veil of illusion, mastering yourself and transgressing into the realms of higher vibration, of light and love.

It takes a level of spiritual maturity to hold this higher vibration. The temporary vibration you found through the fleeting glimpse with your twin. For now you see that you are the light, you are the love, mirrored through your every partner, reflected through your every relationship. Your every encounter on this plane.

twin flameAnd yet you wonder, you can’t help but question. Who was this being?. This twin whom has given you wings to new life.

How could it be that another, had the power to deal death to your soul and what was this twin flame union? Was it you, or was it your true existence, your true essence, that small glimpse of heaven shining through.

The synchronicities appear everywhere, manifesting into physical reality, with your every thought of the twin. You feel their emotions, you experience their joy and feel their pain as if it was your own. The dreams shared, leaving a lasting impression in your mind of time passed together on a higher level, an alternate reality, a higher existence. For this world is also real, as real as you living and breathing here, in this very moment.

past dwellingTime passes and with each moment you hold your breath, feeling a knowing, that something BIG is about to happen and yet, it is an absolution that never comes.

And so you wait, having patience, exploring yourself more and more as each day passes. Healing your wounds of the separation. Keeping the faith and feeding from the memories of your ascension into the light. Seeking answers, looking for truth. Only to know that your experience was a once in a lifetime. But maybe, just maybe, you’ll get a second chance.

With all my love,

LJ Vanier

5 Warning Signs You’ve Met Your False Twin Flame

False twins? I have to admit when I heard this term I thought to myself “what are they going to come up with next?!”  I was annoyed, to say the least.

So I decided to do some digging and to my surprise as I read through many of the signs, alarm bells began to ring in my head. A pattern of behaviour that manifested in a relationship that I had experienced not more than 10 years ago.

False Twins

A false twin is someone whom you meet, that seems to share the same energetic blueprint as you, but are only there to serve as catalyst for their own spiritual growth.

They are also known as
energy suckers, that feed off of the other persons higher vibrational frequency.

Advanced enough to mimic your metaphysical energy body, presenting themselves as mirrors to yours in order to manipulate you into thinking, that there must be something special about them. But in the end the relationship leaves you feeling drained, lost, unworthy of love and heartbroken.

Either party may be completely unaware of the happenings on the metaphysical level and this relationship pattern will cycle around and around bringing you together and separated, until you finally learn the lesson.

The lesson being that they are not your real twin flame, but because you are not evolved consciously to the point where you are able to differentiate between the two, you continue this negative pattern over and over hoping for a different result.

There are many warning signs and symptoms that your twin flame is a counterfeit. But these five signs are the ultimate signature of a false twin.

1.Your energy is drained around this person. 

5 Warning Signs You've Met Your False Twin FlameThis sign should serve as a major alarm bell going off in your head. Your real twin will rejuvenate your energy and rekindle your youth. You feel like two children playing and creating together, restoring your creative core.

A false twin make you feel emotionally drained, disoriented and tired or worried for no reason.

2. You will have a series of unlucky events that surround the your first meeting. 

Your tire goes flat on your car, you spill a cup of coffee on yourself, you break a glass, anything that happens repeatedly. These unlucky events will happen more often than usual when your false twin flame is close.

3. You feel empty without the other

Not to be confused with the runner and the chaser phase of a twin flame separation.

When engaged in a false twin relationship you will feel empty when the other is not around you. You feel as if you can’t possibly love yourself unless your twin loves you back. An incessant need to always be with your twin a longing and loneliness a lack of self-love and self-worth.

4. They are emotionally unavailable

hotel, travel, relationships, and sexual problems concept - upseYou will feel as if you are giving everything, you are emotionally open and available, going to great lengths to make everything work. All the while your partner is cut off and aloof.

A false twin will not show any real support for your own personal triumphs and can easily be angered when you show a strong sense of your own power.

5. They are no longer in the picture

This should be the clearest sign that your twin is a false twin. After experiencing the good the bad and the ugly, they are no longer around. Out of contact without any interest in rekindling the relationship. The false twin flame has siphoned the energy needed and have moved on. You are sadly left daydreaming and obsessing over the past, without any measurable spiritual progress.

While this sign may also be present in real twin flame unions, now is the time for healing work. Emotional, psychological and spiritual.

A false twin relationship was needed, to serve you a valuable lesson and to prepare you for the meeting of your true twin flame, where you are elevated onto the path of spiritual evolution and ascension.

by LJ Vanier

Twin Flames Separation: The Runner and the Chaser

So, you lost your twin flame. Sounds familiar. Whether you were the one who ran, or you are the one who is chasing. Guaranteed right now, you are feeling lost, confused and completely heart-broken.

twin flame6You also may be wondering how it is at all possible that someone else could hurt you so very deeply. Before you even knew it you were up to your neck with this person. This energy, this wave that overcame you and knocked you off of your feet.

Know that you are not alone. There are many others who are going through the same experience right now, and on the other hand, there are others who will never understand your current situation. That is, because unless you’ve been through it, you just won’t understand.

As someone who has gone through this experience personally, I have nothing but experience to share and upon reflection knowledge to give to others.  In this article we are going to reflect upon the Runner and Chaser phase of a twin flame separation. Assuming at this point you have met with your twin, experienced the bubble love phase and now the bubble has burst, leaving you completely destroyed inside.

There are many symptoms following a twin flame separation and they are not like normal breakups. These symptoms can include severe insomnia, unexplained pain in the heart or chest, irrational thoughts leading to psychosis as well as unpredictable and obsessive behaviour. Quite literally you feel as if you have lost your mind.

Twin Flame Separation: The Runner and the ChaserThe pain cuts so deep that it feels impossible to embrace it and heal, because the separation is too much for you to swallow. A twin flame separation can quite literally bring you to your knees, and in fact, that is the purpose of it. To surrender, surrender to your pain, surrender to your suffering and surrender to yourself.

The Runner and the Chaser

Upon the separation, immediately it is easy to identify yourself with either role. If your twin walked away first, you associate yourself with being the chaser, and if you walked away you then associate yourself as the runner.

The chaser will continue to chase and the runner continues to run, as this mirrored push-pull continues on. The chaser will not give up looking for new angles to try to kindle the flames. But eventually, gives up and surrenders. The ego takes hold as he or she realizes the irrational behaviour.

Upon this surrender, the chaser will soon find that he in fact was not the chaser all along. But the runner.


Twin Flame Seperation: The Runner and the ChaserYou see twins are a mirror image of each other, your twin flame is you. In chasing the external you are chasing the attachment. You are chasing what you believe love should be. You are chasing the fairy tale you have built up in your head and you are trying to grasp what cannot be held. Like holding water in your hands, love can only flow through, it cannot be held. So in all of the chasing, you finally see that you were running away from yourself. When you chase your twin you run from yourself, so quite literally you are running from yourself… and running from your twin. So now that we’ve identified the fact that both the runner and chaser are in fact running from themselves… and as we know your twin flame is you. Now we can understand that there is no possible way to be together for as long as you both are running.

What to do? Let go.

When we remove all emotion, all judgement, and all expectation there is only love left. Love is found in the stillness of the soul. Love is without action, without attachment or need. Love is the subtle energy that flows through all of creation. Love transcends your being into ascension. Love is the harmony and the music of the universe, love is all there is.

Within this stillness you will find a knowing, that you are just a vessel and the vessel is the illusion. The one love is the truth.

by LJ Vanier,

Originally published here at isoulscience.com September 23, 2015

The Difference Between Soul Mates and Twin Flames

The Difference Between Soul Mates and Twin Flames

Currently, the understanding of a twin flame and a soul mate are being used interchangeably. Giving the notion, that there isn’t an inherent difference between a soul mate relationship and a twin flame union. But as we raise our vibration and increase our conscious awareness, we begin to see the major differences between soul mates and twin flames.

This understanding would not have been previously available to us in the last two decades and it is only because of this evolution of consciousness, that we see the difference between the two connections.

Soul Mates

A soul mate is someone who is in harmony with you. Someone who resonates with your own energy and someone you create with.

twin fllameSoul mates are known to be from different soul groups, allowing for tremendous growth. They can serve as heart center catalysts to open you up and assist you in your ascension process and will assist you in your souls spiritual evolution.

Soul mate relationships have the primary purpose to further learning by adopting new traits, sharing and growing together in love and harmony.

A soul mate is united to you when you reach the point of maturity, where you are ready to enter into a real and true relationship of the soul.

Twin Flames

Twin flames are a much different story, and we are seeing more and more twin flames reigniting; coming together again, for their own very special and unique purpose.

There are only a small number of twin flames who have incarnated here on the planet, and their missions were set before their arrival.

Standing together, masculine and feminine energies, separated, but were once as one. Twin flames are from the same soul group and have the same energetic blue print. The yin to your yang and the dark to your light.

Your twin flame is YOU.

The Stages of a Twin Flame Union

Upon first contact with your twin flame, you may feel a familiarity between you as if looking at yourself in the mirror. Yet, it is only your subconscious, your higher self, that knows the truth and until you have danced the twin flame dance, you may remain unaware.

The Dance

The dance begins with fireworks, playfulness and immense creativity, reverberating back and forth between the two of you as you explore each others energy. Your energy, the familiar yet unfamiliar radiance shared.

Through this connection the meaning of love and understanding reaches new heights that you didn’t even think were possible. Exploring, sharing laughing and enjoying this bubble love.

Yet, soon before you are even ready for it, the bubble bursts. Leaving one broken-hearted and the other confused.

Runner and the Chaser

One twin will run, unable to handle the energy, unable to face the partner any longer because what the twin sees, is himself in the face of another. An independent pair, yet a single being mirrored.

Harsh and immediate separation is sure to follow as they both plummet into the dreaded Dark Night of The Soul, where grief and sorrow await.

A deep healing is needed for both twins and once the separation has taken place it deals death to the soul.
Sending the twins down the path of enlightenment, ascension and much-needed healing.

Each twin learns that they are already whole, no longer needing or wanting the affection of the other in order to feel whole. Yet, until this realization and acceptance, the twins will remain separate to balance their own masculine and feminine energies.

During this separation the twins may share visions, dreams and prophecies. As well as unexplained synchronicities, giving much-needed guidance and assurance.

What’s Meant to Be Will Be

Letting go, is the key to reuniting with your twin.

Accept that everything is exactly as it should be and in time, you will reflect back upon this feeling of separation and understand why it needed to happen.

By establishing your own strength and confidence, you make yourself whole. No one can ever complete you, you are already complete. Do not search outside of yourself, everything you need is already within you.

In this search, you will find a knowing that physical separation is merely an illusion. You are never separate.  For you two, who are one, are never really apart.

“Your present situation is not your final destination, the best is yet to come” 

With all my love,

LJ Vanier

Meeting Your Twin Flame What is Meant to Be Will Be

Meeting Your Twin Flame What is Meant to be Will be

“It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his own beauty or perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected back to him in the mirror of another loving, caring human being.” ― John Joseph Powell, The Secret of Staying in Love

Hawaiian Journeys Of The Heart

by Sabrina Santos

Some of us have heard of this term,Twin Flame. I’m still wrapping my head around it, because I really don’t know how this whole past life connection actually turns out to be in real life.

I’m a true romantic. I never hold back, and never withhold what my heart commands me to feel. This is definitely a new way of being. Although in the past I have been impulsive and have made bad choices based in all sort of mind assumptions, listening to my heart and only my heart is a way of being I’m yet to get used to.

It’s hard work not to let fear and the mind games you play endlessly against yourself get in the way of how you truly feel about someone. It’s hard enough figuring out how to live and let live when you have a strong connection with someone. Even harder is when you meet someone and realise you already played some loving role with them in the past.

It’s overwhelmingly confusing to allow just the now to tell you how you feel. It’s nearly impossible to control your heart aches and longing when you know and have seen the past and how much you once already loved someone.

Even more crazy is how the universe puts you ,once again, in front of this person, how the cosmos brings you in front of each other to find out what is hidden, and to learn more about the mystery of self.

I guess this time I’m a little luckier, because at last I understand more about hell and heaven than I used to. Awareness is in place and I can acknowledge karmic connections and how soul recognition works. It’s all very “intellectualized”, and people in the spiritual realms know about these timeless connections.

But how does it play out? When you know it didn’t work before, when you know in past lives it was full of uncertainty, pain and even death.


How can you just let things unfold when your whole system is craving every single cell of some other being because your whole particles remember them.

Even odder is when you barely even know this person in this current life!

See, my heart sent me on a quest to Hawaii. It commanded me to go away in search of something secret. I truly felt guided, and I went on this heart journey chosen by my soul. I knew I was going to experience something amazing. I swam with dolphins, I sang with the whales, I chilled out with turtles, I chased sharks, and I’m not speaking figuratively. I actually did those things. I followed the rainbows in the path, and I met the most amazing people. And deep down I hoped I was going to meet someone, someone who would change everything I know, that would make this trip truly enchanted. I thought hey, maybe I’ll meet my soul mate there.

As it turns out, Hawaii did have some romantic adventures and I got involved with someone truly amazing and there was love, but not the kind of love I thought I was going to find. Not the kind of love I thought my heart was after.

I made some new connections, some lovely people indeed, and when I returned to London I was very happy and I missed Hawaii and the most magical time I had ever had. The energy of the land and the secrets within it, I was truly home there and I’ll carry it with me forever.

I also thought mmm, my heart was wrong. I didn’t meet that person. I wasn’t sad, I just thought it was just not meant to happen there like I dreamed. But hearts are wise things. They know way more than they let you see.

It wasn’t even a month since Hawaii that something strange started to happen. It was slow and warm, the pieces of this puzzle started appearing right in front of my eyes. I kept in touch with someone, without really knowing why and understanding why I felt so drawn to this person.

I mean, how can you feel so much for someone you don’t even know? How can this be so very real, a feeling that triggers memory, that transcends time and space. Is this love? Is this how it’s suppose to be?Taking over all your being and play with the vulnerability of your soul?

A small sparkle that can change over into the brightest star ever born, but at the same time so fragile and perfectly fit inside a heart.


I knew something was happening, but I sure wasn’t prepared to find out this was my twin flame. I sure had no idea of what to do with this information nor how to feel about it.

I don’t even know if twin flames end up together or not.

In what I could see from previous lives shown to me, through visions, is that some of those encounters ended rather badly.

Not only that this person lives an ocean across, my mind has worked well in listing one million reasons why I should not even consider the possibility of being together or giving this a chance. But my heart on the other hand can’t have enough of the feeling he brings, so very familiar and at the same intoxicating with joy and peace.

How do you deal with love that is written in the heavens? It’s terrifying to know how powerful this connection is, and how uncertain it can turn out to be.

Have I even learned what I was meant to do in the past lives I had with him? Why is he here again? So many questions of the mind trying to aimlessly figure out what can’t really be explained but only felt.

Well I guess I’ll find out soon. Whatever happens, I can only know in my heart that I know him well and I’m ready to find out what this life has hidden for us.

twin flames 1111

With fearless courage to love how love should be. I’m ready to find out the unknown, to touch the heavens’ secrets, and to get to know about him  here, in the present of the now.

Thanks for reading,

Love and Light,

Sabrina Santos 


Twin Flames and SoulMates Understanding Wholeness

twin flames

Twin Flames and SoulMates: There is nothing to search for externally, it is already within you.

I would like to know how we as humanity think it is even remotely possible that someone else could be “your other half” when this completely goes against the entire buddhist teaching as well as hindu-guru teaching of “you are already whole” Wholeness, Oneness. 

However I understand how we have all grown up on the fairy tale of boy and girl and how this programming is still embedded deep within us. Now, if you are a twin flame and experiencing this situation, before you want to scream at your screen and direct it my way. Just hear me out for a minute.

I myself, had been in a “Twin Flame” scenario just over 2 years ago and I have learned many invaluable lessons from it. This special person, absolutely without a doubt. WAS ME. I could feel it to the interior depths of my soul, that he was my “other half”.

Needless to say it ended horrifically for the both us, as most twin flame unions tend to and in the coming months (which turned into years) my spirit died. Literally, the trauma from it killed my spirit. I had a pain that enveloped me to the depths of my being and not a night passed for 15 months! that I didn’t see 2:00 am, 3:00 am 4:00am.

The agony went on and on every single day. I would constantly fall to my knees and begged for the pain to stop and yet it never ceased.

Until finally one day, I fell to my knees for the very last time. This was the day that started my rebirth. This was the day, for the first time I actually got an answer back……

Through much of the understanding I have gained on this journey, I know this for sure.

There is no one out there that will make you whole.

We need to stop searching outside of ourselves for the answers, because the answers lie within. The sooner you realize this, hopefully, just maybe, the quicker you will be able to get through it.

Please check out my article on Twin Flame or Archetype for a more meaningful understanding of who we are.