How Intuitive Are You? Quiz

Do you pay attention to your dreams, trust your and gut listen to your inner voice? Well done! Let’s find out what level of intuition you operate with.

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According to William Duggan we have 3 levels of intuition. The first being ordinary intuition, which is a base level of instincts (as

found in animals). The second is expert intuition, which comes in the form of a trained response, and the third is received as a “flash of insight”.

As the consciousness of human beings increase, from basic animal instinct to intelligence and intuition, we can then live in a more conscious state of awareness. We are all evolutionary beings and at this point in our evolution, we are not fully developed in terms of intuitive communication and conscious awareness. So, you could say that living in a heightened intuitive state, is the ultimate aim of humanity.

So now that we know how intuitive you are, let’s find out what type of intuition is your strongest and determine your 6th sense.

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Share your results below!

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Who Were You in Your Past Life? Quiz

Who Were You in Your Past Life? Quiz

The concept of reincarnation reminds us that we have led lives in our past. From our Birth we cannot remember our past lives that we have led, for simple reason if we are born with past lives memories, we would have been born with emotions, misery and traumas of our past lives and so our memories of past lives are locked in deep levels of our consciousness.

Our past lives also have a way of affecting our present selves. Sometimes, we carry old patterns from our past without even knowing it.

Remembering our past lives will not only heighten our level of consciousness but it will allow us to understand ourselves better. We will be able to address to our weaknesses most especially if they are an effect of our past lives. It will also be a big help if we seek healing. Knowing who we were can allow us to be at peace and harmony with our both our past and true selves.

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