10 Signs the Universe is Trying to Tell You Something

10 Signs the Universe is Trying to Tell You Something

How many times do you ask the Universe to show you a sign if something is going to happen or if something is good or bad for you? We are in desperate need of communicating with the Universe, but oftentimes we do not know how, or worse, we do not know how to read the signs.

Sometimes we go back in time and think to ourselves, “I should have known, because this or that had happened and it was a sign!” The good news is, there are ways to be in tune with the Universe and to understand what the message is. And the signs are everywhere if we know where to look, how to see and how to listen. Sometimes we receive messages about good things but we also receive messages about bad things. It is good to be aware of them. Here are 10 things you should pay attention to in order to decode the messages from the Universe:

1. You feel increased intuition

When you find yourself more open and more aware of what is going on around you, it means you are trusting your intuition. Our intuition is very connected with the Universe. If you have a sudden good or bad feeling about something, some place or someone, stop and read your thoughts carefully. There is a reason why we feel the way we feel, because everything is made of energy and everything holds its own vibration.

Some vibrations make us feel good while others make us feel uneasy. It is because we interact with everything and everyone around us. We exchange energies. Sometimes a look in someone’s eyes or their body language give away a lot of clues. Or when you go to a certain place, the colours, the environment, people in that place affect our own vibration in a positive or negative way. If you have a sudden unexplained good or bad feeling, do not be so quick to dismiss it. It may be a sign from the Universe.

2. You believe in yourself and in the Universe

Sometimes we lose our skeptical side all of a sudden. We see we have more faith and we feel spiritually higher and mentally clearer. When the Universe sends us messages it also sends us faith. Faith does not have to be religious, in fact most of the time it is not religious. It is a feeling that we can not describe but we know it exists and it is there for a reason. We simply believe it not because we need to but because we simply realize that it is the right thing.

3. You are more open to receive the answers

When we know how to trust, and when we surrender ourselves completely to the Universe, we can then become more open to receive the answers. It is important to be in the present moment and be completely free of worries and fears and judgments most importantly. Judgments cloud our intuition and it blocks our receivers. Tell yourself you are ready to receive whatever comes your way and you will accept it. You are ready to accept it.

4. You notice little changes easily

Do you ever think about it when someone points out little details to you and you wonder how they notice such little things? Sometimes someone describes certain situations with great accuracy and it makes your jaw drop. People who trust their gut feelings and who are open to receive, notice little details and changes very easily. At any given moment, things happen to get our attention. Sometimes we are too busy to look at them or to listen to them and sometimes we do not even care about them. When you start receiving signs from the Universe, you will see that you will be more aware of every little detail around you.

5. You notice recurring events or repeating numbers

If you did not notice the first time, you will certainly notice it when it happens again and again and again. Some people for example see 11:11 constantly. They find themselves checking the clock exactly at that time without even knowing and then they realize it happened again. It can be any number. Sometimes certain events keep repeating that you did not think much of in the beginning but now that you keep seeing the same thing you ask yourself what it means for you. Certainly it is a way the Universe is sending you codes to decipher.

6. You hear a song or see an image or a word in print

Sometimes you think of someone and you notice an ad with something that reminds you of that person. Or that person calls you maybe. Sometimes you think of something and a very appropriate song for that situation suddenly plays on the radio. Maybe you were thinking of a loved one who passed and the song was their favourite song. Then maybe this person was trying to communicate with you. You think of a place and on TV you see something about that place. If you are unable to understand why it is happening at that moment, write it down and mark the time and date. Maybe you will see more signs relating to that same thing and you will start to understand why this is happening.

7. A sudden illness

Sometimes when everything goes well, you suddenly feel sick. But you can not explain why. Chances are the Universe is trying to warn you about a possible negative situation. Maybe it is trying to stop you from meeting someone or going to a place. Maybe you need to lay down and slow down to really start thinking of things. Maybe you were too busy beating yourself up for something that is not meant for you. It could be all of those things. When you feel down, when you feel sick, take this time to reflect back into your life and figure out what can be wrong.

8. Negative remarks from certain people

This happens for two reasons. Either the Universe is trying to show us the true identity of a certain person by revealing it through their own words towards us or these remarks are a sign that we are getting ourselves into an unpleasant or risky situation. We may have our channels closed when we want something so bad or when we think so highly of someone due to things that we lack in our personal or professional lives. During these times we lose our better judgment because we are not open. It is wise to pay attention to negative things as much as we pay attention to positive things.

9. You have unexplained anger or worry

This is also connected to your intuition. When you feel like this, you need to stop and realize that something is not right and your intuition is trying to communicate with you. Just breathe, slow down and try to see and identify what is making you feel this way.

10. Losing or breaking something important

You are thinking of someone and suddenly the clumsy in you peaks out. Maybe it is not the clumsy in you but it is the Universe telling you something else. It can also be that you lose something important to you instead of breaking. When you notice you lost something and you can not find it, pay attention to whom or to what you have been thinking just prior to that moment. It might be a sign inviting you to analyze things closer.

5 Signs Your Life is About to Go Through a Radical Change

5 Signs Your Life is About to Go Through a Radical Change

Sometimes when we think our lives are falling apart what we don’t see, is that they might just be falling into place. While change is not always welcomed, it is always warranted and often when we think that our lives have fallen into utter disarray, it’s because everything is realigning to match our true intentions and desires.

1.Everything you dislike has become unbearable

There is nothing quite like the feeling of irritability. It’s as if it comes out of nowhere like a mosquito in the night, causing you to itch until your skin is scarred.

When the little things in life that never really bothered you much before, start surmounting right before your eyes… know that change is coming. It has to. There is only so much negativity we can take, until finally the last straw breaks and we snap… into action.

2. You feel lost

We’ve all heard that getting lost is the best way to find yourself. Truly though, it sounds a little backwards, that is until… we can understand why.

When you’re lost, you don’t have a direction and when you have no direction, you have no desire. When you have no desire, you have no want or need of anything and when you have no want or need of anything, this is when your soul will speak.

While you may feel out of control, you are the most clear at this time and in the perfect disposition to accept a higher knowing of what your heart truly, selflessly and completely wants you to see and understand. This, then sets you on a new path, a radical change that may have been desperately needed and one that puts you into alignment with your mind, body, heart and soul.

3.You’re Coming Out of the Incubator

Have you ever noticed that certain periods of your life are completely packed full of outings and adventures, fun-filled with friends and family to the point where you feel you can barely keep up? While other periods are marked with isolation, introspection and near (if not full-blown) depression?

The length of these cycles can vary, but each and every one of us go through these momentum shifts in the course of our lives. These periods can be marked with catastrophic endings or heart breaking losses, all the while we already had an inner knowing, that the end of the chapter was coming and that it was time to turn the page and look forward to the next, long ago…

These shifts are alike to a heart beat that pulses, and as we navigate our lives to the beat of this drum we find ourselves cocooned and introspective at moments, and more open with the world on the “out pulse”. These cycles are needed as we endeavour and formulate our perspective of the world. The introspective periods offer emotional, psychological and spiritual growth while the outward pulses offer experience, travel and new perspectives to take hold of.

When you are coming out of the incubator period, it serves as a “mini re-birth”. That is to say, the time it has taken you to recharge, review and reevaluate in order to set out on a new goal, a new direction and a new life.

4. You feel scared, excited and anxious all at the same time.

Your incubator stage and healing is ending its cycle and you’ve gained a new direction, so what’s next? When it’s scary and exciting.. you just have to do it.

At this point you can just feel that something big is about to happen and the momentum is building. You have no idea what to expect, but you just know that you are on the right path and can’t wait to find what’s at the end of the tunnel.

There is no point in making any stringent plans at this point, as they are likely to be rescheduled or cancelled and you will cause yourself unneeded hassle.

Your intention has been set, but the energies are still aligning as the multitude of probable outcomes need time to unfold. Each of these are to be explored before you (the shadow) walk the choice that has been made by your higher self. Have patience during this period, stay open and ride the wave until your path is set. This is an exciting time!

5. Synchronicities

There is nothing more satisfying than a subtle nudge from the universe that you are on the right path. Synchronicities serve as these soft assurances, that your thoughts and actions are in alignment with your higher good.

Most commonly found when major changes are taking place are the series of 5’s that you will find showing up no matter where you seem to look. 5’s are the clearest sign that you need to prepare yourself, because you are about to undergo a radical shift that will shake you to your core. Change should never be viewed as positive or negative, it’s simply needed.

5:55: It’s time to wake up Neo.

by LJ Vanier,

As seen featured on thespiritscience.net.

Image credit: quotesgram.com

12 Powerful Ways To Access Hidden Dimensions and Alternate Realities

Our whole life is a rush. We chase our desires and unfulfilled dreams. We are attracted by money, power, prestige, a wholesome, happy life. Spurred by our ambitions, we pursue various goals all through our lives. We aspire for something all the time, we always want to achieve something. This restless rush is instigated by our fear that we are still not what we want to be. We are never satisfied, we always want something else. We therefore lose our grip on thedeeper dimensions of life. The deeper dimensions are present in our life, but we lose contact with them because of our lack of Alertness. The question therefore arises, how we are able to access the deeper dimensions of Life?

12 Keys to access the Deeper Dimensions of Life

Key 1.

You are an immortal being, who is lost in the world of isolation, and is now desperately searching for Itself.

Key 2.

With your mind full of thoughts, you will never find the Truth, because it can only reveal itself in the silent space of the Heart.

Key 3.

Step over the categorizing, analyzing working methods of your mind and let the richness of your genuine self to blossom inside you.

Key 4.

If the mind is calm and peaceful, it has no fear, envy or sorrow, then a flow would carry it onwards, that has no beginning nor end: the flow of Life.

Key 5.

You can only experience the flow of Life inside and around you in the state of awakened consciousness.

Key 6.

Awake from the stupor of the identification of your thoughts and desires, and then in the motionless space of Consciousness the insane, forever changing world will be tamed into a wonderful game.

Key 7.

The alertness is the door opening to our original life status, to the Oneness.

Key 8.

The alertness is a blazing fire inside you, which consumes the world of isolation around you.

Key 9.

Beware! The awakened consciousness is dangerous, because it can destroy your dreams of spiritual growth in a moment.

Key 10.

The first gift of your conscious alertness is when you discover, that instead of you, the deep-programs of your conditioned mind are living your life.

Key 11.

If you seek happiness outside of yourself, you only find momentary satisfaction. Happiness is the joy of Existence itself, the conscious presence.

Key 12.

The most alluring bloom of your proper inner being is gratefulness.

Frank M. Wanderer Ph.D is a professor of psychology, a consciousness researcher and writer. Frank is the author of the books „The Revolution of Consciousness: Deconditioning the Programmed Mind

From the new book by Frank M. Wanderer PhD3 Stages in the Evolution of the Human Spirit EGO – ALERTNESS – CONSCIOUSNESS

3 Positive Changes You Experience When You Actually Start Thinking For Yourself

3 Positive Changes You Experience When You Actually Start Thinking For Yourself

Logical thought is one of the main traits that distinguish us humans from other animals.

The majority of people, however, don’t make full use of their thinking capacity, mainly because of the conditioning that they had to undergo when they were growing up, which has made them fear thinking.

Here are the three main reasons why people are afraid to think:

1. Thinking brings change

Thinking can make us reconsider our way of living, allowing us to see things from different perspectives, and helping us find ways to overcome obstacles that we might be facing — in short, it can change our lives to the better, if used wisely.

Although change is a necessary part of spiritual growth, many people are afraid of it, being strongly attached to their past — or rather, their ego — that they identify themselves with. Hence they choose not to think in order to prevent any change from happening, holding on their ego so hard, not wanting to let go of it, even if it only brings them suffering.

When you don’t allow space for change in your life, you will only achieve to stop growing. And although you might superficially feel secure and safe by not taking risks and accepting the challenges that usually result from thinking, in reality you will always be deep down filled with regrets for not daring to create a better life for yourself, and existential fear, arising from your attachment to your ego.

2. Thinking brings doubt

It is said that ignorance is bliss, and that’s true, in a sense. The more ignorant we are, the less we feel the need to think, and hence the less we feel the stress to change and become the greatest version of ourselves.

Many people choose to remain ignorant, afraid that thinking might ruin their lives. This is particularly true for people who identify themselves with ideologies. For example, people who are indoctrinated by religion fear thinking because it might lead them to question and doubt their religious belief systems. Afraid that by doing so they might be judged and possibly sent to hell, they shy away from critical thinking.

In addition, thinking can make you aware of problems that currently exist in your life, urging you to find the solutions to them, which can be emotionally painful at times. That is why many people, afraid of facing their problems, and unwilling to go through the painful process needed to get rid of them, find all sorts of ways to distract themselves from thinking, preferring ignorance to knowledge and conscious living.

3. Thinking brings responsibility

Freedom and responsibility always go hand in hand, but it seems that people hate responsibility, and hence don’t embrace freedom.

From a young age, most people have learned to place all responsibility on other’s shoulders, always blaming people and situations for the life they are living, without ever criticizing themselves, because to criticize yourself means to accept responsibility, and this can sometimes be a big burden.

And what is the best way to avoid responsibility? Don’t think, and let others do the thinking for yourself. You don’t need to tire and stress yourself — somebody else will do the dirty work for you. That’s why we have chosen to give power to politicians and all sorts of leaders, believing that a savior will come to relieve us of anything that prevents us from living the good life.

The truth, however, is that no change can take place unless we change ourselvesfirst, by starting to think for ourselves, be responsible for our lives, and take conscious action in order to create the better life that we wish to experience.

This article was originally published by Sofo Archon at theunboundedspirit.com


10 Major Shifts in Consciousness You Might Be Experiencing

10 Things to Expect When You're Expecting a Shift in Consciousness

On an individual and collective level, major changes are blasting through humankind. You may have not consciously perceived this, however you would have felt the changes upon you. Speeding up dramatically, like wheels of a cosmic engine that are flexing hard, until our consciousness reaches the speed of light itself.

Freedom, laughter, love, compassion, creation and liberation of self, are on the horizon as we embark upon the new world rising. The following list will prepare you for the shift coming and what can be expected, in this Golden Age that is upon us.


As we know Karma means action. You will begin to notice that your actions either positive or negative have immediate impact on you and everyone else around you. Whatever you are putting out, you will be getting back.

This will occur at an advanced rate, unlike other lifetimes where you have needed to reincarnate to tie up loose ends. This acceleration is allowing for us all to “settle the scores” that need to be settled. What I have witnessed is a 2-3 month return on both negative and positive actions.

2. Perception
What we currently view in our surroundings is ‘toned down’ and with the lifting of the veil, comes the opening of our astral eyes. As our astral eyes begin to open once more, we will have the innate ability to finally see as we were meant to.

What was once beautiful to you will become ugly and shadowed and what was once overlooked will become magnificent in grandeur. The appearance of what was once simple becomes intricate. The appreciation of the sky, the grass, the trees the dirt and the beauty of earths initial creation will far outweigh the appeal of materialistic goods and trade.

It would be like seeing a piece of wood and finally seeing its genetic makeup and connecting to its essence. Or viewing the air around you, and finally seeing the energy of electrons glinting before you.

Have you ever had a moment when you knew that you weren’t alone, yet no one else was visibly in the room with you?  This shift will finally allow us to see, feel and hear those who are at this time hidden from our view able spectrum.

3. Structural DNA Changes

What was once considered “junk dna” is no longer. Scientists have now discovered a vital clue in unraveling these riddles. The human genome is packed with at least four million gene switches that reside in bits of DNA that once were dismissed as “junk” but now they turn out to play a critical role in controlling how cells, organs and other tissues behave and interact.

thoughts dnaThe discovery is considered a major medical and scientific breakthrough. These higher strands of our dna will bring us more in tune with our selves as we are beginning to activate our dna through our ever-expanding consciousness. Within the double helix there are additional double helix strands which fuse together. This is the multi dimensional spectrum of dna manifestation that we are beginning to remember and will catapult our species into evolved galactic being of the universe.

4. Masculine Feminine

Since the beginning of time, the masculine and feminine energy have been separated. With this separation the magic and instant manifestation of desires has been compromised. The union of our feminine and masculine energies within each individual is the basis of all creation.

The feminine receives the universal creative energy and the masculine expresses it in the world through action – this giving us a creative process.

Our female is inspired by a creative impulse and communicates it to us through a feeling, and our male acts on it by speaking, moving, etc.

Our female intuition plus our male action, equals creativity.  In order to live a harmonious and creative life, you need to have both your inner female and male energies fully developed and functioning correctly together.

To live simply out of our intellect would be a cold unloving experience. To simply live out of our feelings, we would be deadlocked in surviving, but not achieving greatness.”

5. Thoughts and Emotions

Mindful control of conscious thought is at the premise of this shift. as thoughts create our emotions. Careful observation of thought is essential and will be in preparation for the following steps to come. We will no longer allow our emotions to control our actions.

We are energetic beings and emotions carry wavelengths of energy and as such our thoughts and emotions create our own realities.

6. Feelings

Feelings are different from emotions and need to be understood as such. Feelings are about our intuition, as a feeling is generated from the heart center and perpetuated through the third eye chakra, as intuition of perception.

As we evolve, our intuitive feelings will become heightened through the amplified use of our four major “sixth senses” being Clairvoyance,  Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Claircognizance. Our telepathic abilities will increase to the point where “lying” is no longer possible.

Speaking through the use of “spoken language” will no longer be used as our thoughts will become our main communication and interaction with one another.

7. Astral Projection & Remote Viewing

Whether you are aware of this or not. Astral projections are happening now and there are many projectors around the world who have tapped in to this level of consciousness. Remote viewing is the ability to astral travel to a specific place and time and witness the activities of those on this earth plane, remember them and returning to your own body with the knowledge.

We all have the ability to astral project, because we all are endowed with spiritual gifts of the “6th senses”  it is up to you whether or not you will make the conscious changes in your life to enhance this ability.

Meditation is key, as well as enhancing your intuition through third eye exercises, cultivating the intuitive process.

8. Endless Possibilities

Unfolding consciousness is key to understanding the endless possibilities of our own reality. Our current reality is based upon our choice, the actions of others and just a bit of chance. With the understanding that we do not exist on single line, of birth until death we can become the creators of our own future.

Each of the alternate possibilities of reality are as real as your current reality that you consciously perceive in this state.  With this shift, we will have the ability to see the “alternate endings” and therefore choose the best possible outcome giving the ability to live the life of our dreams. While also viewing the alternate realities of the choices not chosen.

9. Creationists

Near the further end of this shift, “every thought will have drastic an immediate impact. All dreams will become reality and so will our nightmares. The future will become a battle of ideas and we must learn to direct our minds”. In the future, we will be the creators out of the ether, or (aether) as it was called in ancient times.
Our thoughts will unfold our surroundings. With every step you take you will be creating what you are stepping on, with your own thoughts and nothing more.  We will have the ability to create entire worlds in the blink of an eye, as well as destroy them.

10. Connectivity

Our evolving consciousness will no longer be singular. The connectivity between all things will become apparent upon this shift. Whether it be the linking up between you and another human being, a plant, animal and even the spiritual realm on this plane. 

These can be exciting or fearful, the choice is up to you.This evolution of consciousness is exploding at a rampant rate and it is constantly “amping” up in potency.

Welcome to the New Age!

by LJ Vanier

Source: http://www.2012-spiritual-growth-prophecies.com/kundalini-energy.html

Source: http://thespiritscience.net/2015/01/22/junk-dna-is-not-junk/

Are You Ready for the New Paradigm?

Are You Ready for the New Paradigm


by Guest Writer PL Chang| We, as the human race, have reached a critical point in our evolution. This special point in time is giving us many opportunities to dramatically change our world in positive ways, so that we can create a better future for us, our children, and the human race. Many people refer to this critical point in our evolution as the New Age, the Age of Aquarius, and the Fifth World. To make it more relevant to the title of this article, I will refer to this special point in time as the New Paradigm.

The emergence of the New Paradigm was slow in the beginning, but in the last few years it has bloomed faster than we may realize. This has allowed many new important inventions to come out into the public domain. Many of these new inventions are designed to empower the people of the world and reduce the power of corporations, governments, religious institutions, and central banks.

Why cryptocurrency could destroy the Banking Cartels

One of the greatest inventions that has great potential to empower the people of the world is cryptocurrency (e.g., Bitcoin, Litecoin). In my opinion, cryptocurrency is one of the most important and greatest inventions since the Internet. The Internet has played a very big role for helping free humanity, because it has allowed us to freely spread information throughout the world faster than ever before. One of the first steps to freeing humanity is to educate people about the truth. The Internet has been very effective at doing this. However, it was missing one important thing, which was a system to transfer funds without the oversight of banks. When cryptocurrency emerged in 2008, it solved this problem.

Unlike traditional money and digital currency, cryptocurrency doesn’t need the oversight of any central authority entity to work properly, because it is a decentralized network based on cryptography that can achieve consensus or agreement by itself. In other words, we can securely trade cryptocurrency in a peer-to-peer method without relying on a bank to make sure the transaction is accurate and secure. These features of cryptocurrency are the reasons why it has great potential to destroy the Banking Cartels and bring financial power back to the people.

Unfortunately, most human beings aren’t responsible enough to live without banks and government institutions, so we will still have to rely on these institutions. However, the emergence of the New Paradigm will motivate us to become more responsible beings, and therefore we won’t need to rely on bank and government institutions as much as we used to.

Like the Internet, we must not allow the Banksters and government institutions to have full control of cryptocurrency. Many third party programs that are created to make cryptocurrency more user friendly aren’t decentralized. However, the core structures of most cryptocurrencies are decentralized. As long as we keep the core structures of cryptocurrency decentralized, the Banksters won’t be able to effectively control cryptocurrency. For more information about cryptocurrency, read this empowering article titled Why You Should Buy and Use Bitcoin.

The collapse of the Old Paradigm will create room for the New Paradigm to bloom

In order for the New Paradigm to fully bloom, the Old Paradigm will have to collapse to a certain point. This event will cause many disturbances in our economy, so you may want to stock up on a week’s supply of food and water in case the transition to the New Paradigm isn’t as smooth as planned. Once the New Paradigm blooms to a certain point, the economy will stabilize and we will experience an economic boom like we have never seen before.

As for religious institutions, there are many activists who are working hard to expose the horrific crimes of the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church. If you want to truly understand who are behind most of the wars on Earth, including the latest War on Terror, study the hidden agendas of the Illuminati, the Jesuits, the Zionists, the Nazis, the Vatican, and the New World Order (NWO), and you should know that these secret organizations are financing and engineering most of the wars and genocides on Earth. A good place to start would be to read my two empowering articles titled How the Controllers Use Religion, Money, Politics, and Education to Enslave Our Souls and United States Political and Court System Exposed: How the NWO Enslaves Society.

Possible changes in the financial system

The current financial paradigm is unsustainable and will dramatically collapse unless we replace it with a better system. The current financial system is based on secrecy and the illusion of scarcity; giving us the illusion that there is not enough resource and wealth for everyone. It is designed to profit on debt and steal wealth from the people or the 99 percent, and give it to the banksters (high level bankers who are basically gangsters disguised in suits) who make up less than one percent of the world’s population.

A lot of the loan contracts of the current financial system are based on fraud, which is why people who know how to fight the system can free themselves from those loan contracts. A lot of the money that banks create to loan it to its customers is created out of thin air or profit that they made from stealing money from the public. In other words, a lot of the money is not legally owned by the banks. One of the most popular methods that the current financial system uses to steal wealth from the people is through inflation, which is nothing more than a hidden tax. Another popular method is through bank bailouts.

The current financial system is also destructive because it encourages companies to produce more than is needed to make as much profit as possible without thinking about the consequence of destroying nature. Unlike the current financial system, the new financial system is more of a resource based economy. In simpler terms, the new financial system will work with nature and people to create a system that replenishes itself with abundance. This will dramatically reduce poverty and crime and give us a better chance of achieving world peace.

Possible changes in the religious system

Certain religious paradigms will slowly become irrelevant in the new spiritual paradigm shift, because this paradigm shift will support the idea of living in harmony with nature. This means that our current view of us being separated from nature will eventually change into us being intertwined with nature. In other words, we will start to see nature as a part of us just like in the ancient times. Not everyone will follow this path but the majority will follow it.

As we become more connected to nature, we will also become more spiritual, and I’m not talking about the spirituality associated with religion. I’m talking about spirituality that combines sacred science and pure spirituality as one. These two concepts are never separated and are needed to keep our Universe in balance so it can exist. In addition, more people will replace the idea of worshiping an external Creation (God) with the idea of worshiping an internal Creation. In other words, we will one day realize that the true Creation exists within each of us; therefore, we are never separated from Its love. However, not everyone will take this path.

The current religious paradigm does contain a good amount of the truth but, at its core, it is a system designed to enslave our souls. This is why it teaches us to worship an external Creation. When we worship an external Creation, we are giving our powers away. This action disempowers us and puts us in a victim consciousness state. By putting us in this victim consciousness state, the Controllers can enslave our minds without our knowledge.

The current religious system teaches us that Creation is a pure being, but if we do bad things, It will judge and punish us. This teaching of the current religious system contradicts itself and is designed to provoke fear in us so that we can be controlled. Creation does not judge us, because if It were to judge, It would not be pure. Creation loves all of Its children equally just like how parents love their children even if their children are bad. We do not need to fear Creation because It is a loving being and is a part of us.

Possible changes in the political system

Like the current financial system, the current political paradigm is corrupt beyond repair and needs to be replaced. Many of our politicians, who are in office, are bought off by the Controllers. They do not work for us anymore because they are basically employees of the Controllers. Even though a lot of our politicians are bought off, some of them are starting to have a change of heart. To help more of them change their hearts, they need our support and we need to let them hear our voices.

The politicians who do not want to support our sovereignty and freedom need to be impeached as soon as possible so that they do not have the political power to destroy our lives and future. These types of politicians only care about themselves, their families, and their luxurious lifestyles. For these reasons, they do not show much remorse when we lose our jobs, wealth, and loved ones. This is one of the reasons why they never live up to their promises.

The levels of corruption in our current political system are so mind-boggling that if I were to tell you everything, you probably would not believe me. However, I will give you a taste of how corrupt our current political system is. Our current political system is so corrupt that it has allowed banksters to steal our money in the sum of trillions of dollars.

In the US alone, they stole over $15 plus trillions of American’s money. In addition, our current political system allowed banksters to buy our lands through fraud. As a result, many countries are owned and run by banksters and corporations. The good news is that the mass awakening is starting to counter their dark agendas, causing their controlling empires to fall apart. Once enough of us wake up, the right people in the right position will take the actions to stop the banksters from destroying our future.

Possible changes in the energy system

Most of us do not realize that we currently have the technologies to solve the so-called energy crisis. The energy crisis is nothing more than a hoax designed to control us. Right now we have the technology to harness the energy of water and magnets using water powered motors and magnetic motors. Even better, we have the technology to tap into the energy in space, such as zero-point technology (“free energy” technology). If you do not believe in “free energy” technology, visit this website and read its articles.

A lot of these alternative energies were available in the early 1900s, but the Controllers suppressed them by buying them off the market. The inventors who refused to sell their alternative energies were threatened or destroyed financially. Some were even thrown in prison by false accusations or assassinated. Why would they do such malicious acts you may ask? These types of alternative energies will free humanity from their control. This means that they will lose billions of dollars and power. The Controllers know that in order for them to control the world, they must control energy because humanity needs it the most to survive. If they can control energy, they can generate unlimited money to control the world.

Unfortunately for the Controllers, too many of us are awake and exposing their dark agendas; therefore, these alternative energies may soon become available to the public. Once this happens, I can assure you that our standard of living will dramatically increase and world poverty will be a thing in the past. If we want these alternative energies to emerge faster, we need to support the new paradigm shift instead of the old paradigm. In other words, start investing your money on companies that support alternative energies and stop investing your money on companies that support oil.

Possible changes in the technology system

The technologies that the Controllers have access to will make the average crowd drool in shock for days. Some of the technologies that they created in their secret black projects are as advanced as the technologies in the movie Star Trek. The Controllers have access to life extension technology, antigravity, “free energy,” scalar and energy beaming weapons, and even certain forms of teleportation devices. Some of these technologies created in black projects are centuries ahead of the technologies available to the public. A lot of UFO enthusiasts do not realize that many of the UFO sightings are actually advanced space craft created in secret black projects.

As the new paradigm shift strengthens and spreads throughout the world and humanity becomes freer, many of the technologies created in secret black projects will become available to the public. We could one day ride on antigravity vehicles or use teleportation devices. Imagine being able to teleport products or biological life forms to a desired destination, just like in Star Trek. How cool would that be?

Teleportation devices will dramatically change how we do business online. With the use of teleportation devices, we can order something online and receive it minutes later. Popular online stores, such as Amazon and eBay, will benefit tremendously with these teleportation devices.

 Possible changes in the health care system

There are many amazing discoveries in the field of technology and energy that will revolutionize the health care paradigm. One of them is energy healing devices. Energy healing devices can heal “incurable diseases” and diagnose health conditions before they manifest into physical symptoms. They can do this by reading the energy signature of cells or stimulate the energies of cells to flow more in harmony with the body. Some very advanced energy healing devices can even stimulate the energies of atoms within the body back into a more harmonized state.

As the new paradigm shift emerges, it will motivate us to support holistic health more than conventional health. This means that a lot of pharmaceutical drugs will start to phase out and they will be replaced with natural medicines (e.g. herbs) and energy healing devices or techniques (e.g. acupuncture). However, we may still rely on certain drugs for emergency situations.

Are you ready for the new paradigm shift?

About the Author:

My name is PL Chang, and I’m the author and founder of EnergyFanatics.com and OmniThought.org. My goal is to provide you with knowledge that is beyond the conventional matrix to help free your mind and increase your well-being to a whole new level.

The Eye Opening Evidence of Lucid Dreams

Researchers at Stanford University are now developing software to help people become aware that they are having a dream so that they can then live out their fantasies during REM sleep.
Oneironauts, or lucid dreamers, are conscious when they are having a dream and can control how the dream develops. During lucid dreams, people are “awake” within their dreams, and can sometimes direct what happens next in the dream.

With enough practice you can fly, visit exotic places, experience vivid colors, or eat all the ice cream you want, all without taking your head off the pillow. Being awake during a dream may seem like a contradiction, but to those involved in lucid dream research, it’s all, well, crystal clear.

“Lucid dreaming lets you make use of the dream state that comes to you every night to have a stimulating reality,” said Dr. Stephen LaBerge, founder of the Lucidity Institute at Stanford University, a research lab that teaches people how to have a lucid dream. LaBerge said that controlling dreams can also have therapeutic value. Potentially, he said, people can overcome nightmares that haunt them repeatedly. It may even help a person improve in sports, enhance self-confidence or confront problems that elude being solved in waking life.

Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming, a book co-authored by LaBerge and Howard Rheingold, is one of many books to help wannabe lucid dreamers get started. The Lucidity Institute offers a variety of tools for people set on taking charge of their subconscious life. The Institute’s SuperNovaDreamer kit includes a copy of LaBerge’s book, and the kit recommends reading a few chapters before getting started. The book asks that you learn to recognize “dreamsigns,” or signals within a dream that alert you to your altered state. One common dreamsign: elements within
your dream are out of context. Objects are not where they belong within a room, or certain people are in locations they normally wouldn’t be — how often do your parents drop in at the office?

The NovaDreamer includes a mask that tracks eye movement to recognize when you’re in REM as well as to determine the amount of time you take to get to sleep.

Depending on how you configure NovaDreamer (a determination made partially on the basis of how light or heavy a sleeper you are), the NovaDreamer flashes a series of red lights into your (hopefully closed) eyes, providing yet another signal that you are dreaming and can now do whatever you please in the dream.
LaBerge advises novice lucid dreamers to be patient, adding it can take as long as four months or more to regularly have lucid
dreams. LaBerge’s research indicates that when a person does something in their dreams, the experience may be closer to reality than you’d think.

Early experiments show that lucid dreamers have a good comprehension of time while dreaming. Researchers that asked lucid dreamers to move their eyes in a specific pattern, and then repeat the pattern 10 seconds later, found they did so in about the correct amount of time.

4 Potent Ways to Unleash Your Minds Creative Power

by Frank M. Wanderer| We have read and heard a number of times that we do not utilize the full capacity of our brain, only a fragment of the forces of our Mind are used in our daily life. The full utilization of the potentials of our Mind would, however, add to our personality an immense creative force. The question therefore arises, how we are able to access the creative forces of our Mind?

In the Captivity of the Mind

The creative force of the Mind is only accessible in the present moment, in the here and now.  We need to live in the present time and concentrate our energies to the actual moment in order to be really able to live our lives to the full, to be present in life, and to access the creative forces of the Mind. We are only able to enjoy the happiness and pleasure of the actual moment in the present. If our Mind is roaming the paths of the past or the future, the opportunities that are open to us in the present moment will close down and we will be unable to access the creative forces of the Mind. Instead, we will find ourselves in the captivity of the Mind.

Being in the captivity of the Mind means that we are either the prisoners of our past, or we live under the spell of an imaginary future. If in the majority of our waking hours our thoughts are engaged by the past of the future, in most of the cases we will not be able to act when it is necessary in the opportunities of the present.

In most cases, our Mind is locked up in the prison of the past by an event the outcome of which is unpleasant to us. Our thoughts turn toward that event in the past, we would like do change the course of the events, or we worry what others might think of us because of our improper behavior in that past moment.

Another way of becoming prisoners is when our Mind puts the spell of an imaginary future, or the image of a desired, idyllic state upon us. Then we mobilize all our energies to make those images come true, and we tend to pass by the opportunities offered by the present almost blindly.

can you see your own cageYet another way the Mind uses to chain us to our future is our constant worry about what is going to happen to us in the future. We are afraid of, or even fear, the future, our Mind constantly produces scenarios the outcome of which are disastrous for us. We lose our job,, we fall ill, our partner leaves us, etc.

A characteristic dimension of the captivity of the Mind is that the Mind is usually rejective, or even hostile, to the present moment. We often think that this or that should not happen that way, I should be somewhere else now, in some much better place. Why do such things only happen to me all the time? Our mind is thus in a constant struggle with the present, and that very struggle is what keeps us in captivity.

Living in the prison of the Mind, we are not in control of our lives, we just drift among the illusions generated by the Mind, and in most cases we are unable to act in the present moment.

Accessing the Creative Powers of the Mind

Let us take a look at a few methods that may enable us to access the creative forces of the Mind, and at the same time may help us to break free of the captivity of the Mind.

1. We must reach beyond the past. Nobody has ever been able to change the past, so all the energy that we use to mull over the past is wasted energy. Instead, concentrate that energy on the present moment, be alert and conscious in connection with everything that we are experiencing in the present moment.

2. Have no fear of the future, since the future is not a reality, it is just a projection of the Mind. Only the present moment exists. What is our present moment like, our imagined future will be like, too.

3. It is only possible to make our future plans come true through our present actions. It is only in the present moment that we are able to do what will effect our future. Let us be careful, however, and do not sacrifice the opportunities of the present on the altar of an imaginary future or the image of an ideal situation. If we are really present in the here and now, and we are able to be happy there, we are not going to have any problem with that in the future either. Future is just a present moment, too.

4. Let us accept the present moment as it is, and do not struggle against it. do not look at the present moment as an enemy, and do not make a judgment over it. Give up the fight, and just be simply present in the here and now. Turn with a conscious and alert attention to whatever is happening in front of our eyes in the present moment.

About the author

Frank M. Wanderer Ph.D. is a professor of psychology, a consciousness researcher and writer. Frank is the author of the books The Flames of Alertness: Discover the Power of Consciousness!The Biggest Obstacle to Enlightenment: How to Escape from the Prison of Mind Games? andseveral books on consciousness. With a lifelong interest in the mystery of human existence, Frank’s work is to help others wake up from identification with our personal history and the illusory world of the forms and shapes, and to find our identity in what he calls “the Miracle”, the mystery of the Consciousness. You can also follow his blog HERE

10 Mind Blowing Theories about Reality and the Universe

10 Mind Blowing Theories about Reality and the Universe

by MICHAEL ALLISON Originally Featured on listverse.com

Reality isn’t as plain and simple as we often like to think. Several things we take for granted as true are, in reality, patently false. Scientists and philosophers have done their best to overthrow the theories of common sense—as you’ll see by the ten examples below:

10 Big Freeze


The “Big Freeze” is a scientific theory of the end of the universe. Though it doesn’t entail gigantic tubs of ice cream drowning everyone, it does spell disaster for everyone. The universe has a fixed amount of energy in it, and as this energy runs out—so the theory goes—the universe slows down. In other words, there is a slow loss of heat, because heat is produced by the movement of energy particles. There is also a slowdown in movement, and supposedly, everything would eventually come to a halt. Which brings to mind the lines by T. S. Eliot: “This is the way the world ends: not with a bang but with a whimper.”


The Thinker Auguste Rodin

Solipsism is a philosophical theory which states that nothing can be verified except the existence of one’s own mind. This seems silly at first; and who, after all, would wish to deny that the world around them exists? The only problem is that it’s impossible to verify the existence of anything except your own consciousness.

Don’t believe us? Take a moment to remember all the plausible dreams you’ve ever had in your life. Couldn’t it be possible that what you see around you isnothing but an incredibly elaborate dream? But we have friends and family whose existence we can verify, simply by touching them, right? Wrong. People on LSD, for example, sometimes report seeing (and touching) the most convincing hallucinations—yet we don’t assume that their illusions are real.

So what can we verify, then? Well, not even the chicken drumstick we had for dinner, nor the keyboards at our fingers; only our own thoughts can be proven by each one of us to exist. Have fun sleeping tonight!


Screen Shot 2013-04-15 At 7.42.22 Pm

Idealism” is the belief that all things exist as an idea in the mind—or more specifically, as an idea in someone’s mind. George Berkeley, a famous idealist philosopher, found that his views were dismissed as idiotic by some of his peers. It’s said that one of his opponents closed his eyes, kicked a stone, and stated: “I refute it thus.”

The point was that if the stone really existed only in the man’s mind, he should not have been able to kick it with his eyes closed. Berkeley’s refutation of this was a bit troublesome, especially in modern eyes. He stated that there existed an all-powerful and omnipresent God, who perceived everyone and everything simultaneously. Plausible or not? You decide.

Plato and the Logos

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 At 7.46.27 Pm

Everyone has heard of Plato. He is the most famous philosopher around—and like all philosophers, he most definitely had something to say about reality. Plato claimed that in addition to the world we’re all familiar with, there exists another world of perfect “forms.” All the things we see around us here are merely shadows, imitations of the real thing. By studying philosophy, we can hope to catch a glimpse of the originals.

To add to this bombshell, Plato, being a monist, tells us that everything is made out of a single substance. This means that (according to his view), diamonds, gold, and dog poo are composed of the same basic substance arranged in different ways—and according to modern science, this theory may not be too far from the truth.


Screen Shot 2013-04-15 At 7.48.40 Pm

Time is something we take for granted: if we consider it for a moment, we normally divide it simply into the past, the present, and the future. “Presentist” philosophers, however, argue that there is neither a past nor a future; only the present exists.

In other words, your last birthday does not exist and every word in this article ceases to exist after you look at it—until you look back at it again. The future does not exist, as time cannot be both behind and ahead, according to Saint Augustine. Or in the words of the great scholar of Buddhism, Fyodor Shcherbatskoy: “Everything past is unreal, everything future is unreal, everything imagined, absent, mental . . . is unreal. . . . Ultimately real is only the present moment of physical efficiency.”



Eternalism presents a sharp contrast to presentism. This philosophical theory postulates that time actually has many layers, and could perhaps be compared with a sponge cake (unlike time, sponge cakes do not divide philosophers). All layers exist simultaneously, but the layer seen by a particular observer depends on where he is standing.

So dinosaurs, World War Two and Lady Gaga all exist at the same time but can only be viewed from a certain point. According to this view, the future is hopelessly deterministic and free will appears to be an illusion.

Brain in the Vat

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 At 7.50.40 Pm

The “Brain in the Vat” thought-experiment is a problem encountered by philosophers and scientists who propose (like most people) that the external world is independently verifiable.

So what’s the problem? Well, let’s imagine for a moment that we are merely brains in vats, with our perceptions being manipulated by aliens or evil scientists. How could we possibly know? And how could we disprove the possibility of this situation actually being the case for us right now?

Brain-in-vat is a modern spin on Descartes’ Evil Demon problem; it makes the same point—that we can’t prove the existence of anything but our consciousness—but employs slightly different thought-experiments. And if this sounds like the Matrix, that’s because the Matrix was based on this very scenario. Unfortunately, we don’t have any red pills.

Multiverse Theory


Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock for the past ten years will have at least heard of the multiverse, or parallel universe, theory. Parallel worlds—as many of us already know—are said to be very much like ours, with only minor (or in some cases, major) differences. According to the theory, there is an infinite number of these universes.

So what’s the implication for us? Well: in one parallel universe, you’ve already been killed by dinosaurs and now lie eight feet under (because that’s how they do things, there). In another, you’re a powerful dictator with the morals of a North Korean Saddam Hussein. In yet another, you were never even born—you get the picture.

Fictional Realism

48564 20- 20Cyclops 20Dc 20Marvel 20Spider-Man 20Superman 20Wolverine 20X-Men Large

The most exciting implication of the Multiverse Theory? Superman is real. Okay, so some of you might be able to come up with slightly more exciting ideas—but let’s stick with Superman. Logically, if there’s an an infinite number of universes, then there must be quite a few which contain real-life versions of our favorite fictional characters.



Ever wondered what happens to things behind your back? Philosophers have studied this problem intently, and some have reached a simple conclusion: they vanish. Well—not exactly. Some philosophers, known as “phenomenalists”, believe that things only exist insofar as they are perceived. In other words, your cheese sandwich only exists so long as you are aware of its existence. So as for trees that fall in forests with no one around to hear them; they don’t. No perception, no existence. That’s phenomenalism in a nut-shell.

Mechanics of Manifestation

Life is a journey that you write for yourself, it is not written for you. What you think you become and here’s how.

Ernest Holmes explained that the Law of Attraction can only obey us. Masters of Qi Gong or Qi (Energy) understand that chi follows mind. What you think it will do. By opening up your meridian channels and chakras you are able to release a strong flow of energy that manifests as you apply your own thoughts to where you want the energy to go.

The very most important chakra in terms of the mechanics of manifestation is your third eye pineal gland and here’s why.

Long ago in earths history our pineal glands were more like the size of golfballs as compared with the current size of a mere raisin. This meant that our abilities as creators of our own realities were much greater; and through the shrinkage of this gland our creative Mechanics of Manifestationprocesses and manifestation fell with it.

You see the thing is, when you’re third eye is activated and I mean in full use, the chakra literally connects from the front of the forehead to the back of your skull and you will feel a push-pull sensation. The importance of this third eye is astronomical. What the mind can see, it can achieve. Seeing is believing.

When you can effectively see into the 4th,5th and 6th dimension you are able to transcend yourself through these dimensions by what is  called astral travel. Astral travel can be achieved through the lucid dream state or “night walking” as well as by effectively splitting your consciousness while awake.

So how do we create our own realities from our pineal gland? I can only explain it by how it is achieved on the higher dimensions.

Imagine yourself walking through a room and as you are walking through the room you see that the walls are a white wash. You think to yourself, I don’t like that, I want them….. Pink! Bam, with each and every next step you take the walls around you are turning pink. Like raising your hands and having the colour change as you move through it. With each and every step you take you are consciously creating everything you see, and seamlessly walking through it at the same time.

Your third eye chakra acts like a light projector for an old fashioned video player as it beams from your forehead to the brim of your auric field. Your auric field is like a bubble that surrounds your spiritual and physical body and what is between the brim of this field and your body is what I like to call the Ether or aether. Known as the substance that permeates all space and time, and consciously creates. The outer brim of this auric field is how you are viewing and is, what reverberates back to your mind as confirmation of your creation.

Ether Into the Nemesis Free on Kindle Tomorrow
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Now, because as we mentioned above our pineal gland in our physical bodies is quite small, and due to our physicality the process of instant creation is much slower at this level. However the same scenario applies, yet it applies differently than you might think.

If you stand in front of a mirror saying ” I want a million dollars, 500 hundred times, this isn’t going to pan out. Because the secret to the “law of attraction” or the mechanics of manifestation” is your subconscious mind. It is the thoughts within you that are not present and forefront, and are felt not demanded.

Let’s say you were working with Qi energy as mentioned above. You can’t demand the energy to go somewhere. You have to feel it. Masters of the Art will teach you to first breath in, feel the energy and pull from your sacral chakra, then release the energy as you release your breath. It is a commanding direction of thought, rather than a demanding direction.

This understanding can also explain why people see such great results by placing a photograph of a desired item on a wall. By leaving it there. You have left your “higher self” or subconscious to create for you, and it will always find a way.

Happy Creations!


LJ Vanier

The Secret of the Golden Flower

Imagine life as the ultimate game, where the formless explores forms and the timeless experiences time. Imagine the infinite pretending to be finite. But this is a game of forgetfulness. It’s designed to make us forget we’re playing a game; to mistake our role in the game for the only life we’ll ever have. What would it be like to wake up in that game? To realize, or remember, that we’re only sojourning through this world of temporary wonders, that we are not thought, we are what watches thought. You are not your body, your mind, your emotions, your mind, all parts of the game, you are what plays the game.

The Chinese classic 太乙金華宗旨, The Secret of the Golden Flower, is about how to wake up in the game, or as Cleary translates it “turning around the light.” The light is consciousness. Light is always leaking in the vortex that is creation. Our consciousness pours out of us chasing after objects, and objectified people, we desire or fear. We are tossed by our emotions like a rowboat in rough sea. Everything seems more real to us than ourselves, and more important to us. For many any distraction is preferable to sitting quietly in self-reflection. What does turning around the light mean? Focusing on the source of consciousness. An exercise favored by the Hindu sage Sri Ramana Maharshi who advised students to ask themselves “Who am I?” For example: am I my body. But I have these thoughts. So no, I’m not merely a body. Am I my thoughts? No, those are always changing. At the end of this exercise the meditator arrives the same experience described by The Secret of the Golden Flower: pure formless timeless consciousness.

Ether Into the Nemesis
Free on Kindle July 17-19

In The Secret of the Golden Flower the lower soul is that part of us which creates and sustains body and mind. Thinking, we are told, is the breathing of the lower soul. The Secret of the Golden Flower tells us that the lower soul is attracted to death. We certainly see all around us a world in love with death. From religious zealots beheading innocents to kids playing games that allow them to kill millions, from films that glorify the kinetic details of carnage to endless TV shows about murders real and imagined, fascination with death is the common denominator. Most of us live our lives conscious of only the lower soul. But we also have another soul, or rather, the part of our soul that is watching, having never become involved in the minutiae of physical organs and mental tricks like language.

The higher soul, we are told by The Secret of the Golden Flower, loves life. Most of us have epiphanies when our minds seem to open to sky-like consciousness and a sense of deep appreciation overcomes us. Those moments when we love life give us glimpses of our true nature. In the Rig Veda this is signified by a profound but simple symbol. “Two birds on a branch. One bird eats, the other watches.” The bird absorbed in eating is the lower soul. The bird watching is the higher. The Secret of the Golden FlowerBut they are not really separate. They are one soul, only that being so focused on incarnation the soul forgets itself.

The game of life seems so real, so dire, so insistent, the lower soul forgets about its higher powers. Paul Brunton called this higher soul “the overself.” The popular term in the American New Age movement has been “the higher self.” Other cultural representations of this mystery make more complicated divisions than simply higher and lower. Plato described the soul in three parts. Among the Neoplatonists the anatomy of the soul included more, becoming a ladder from the perfection of the unknowable source of all beauty, harmony, truth and being all the way down to the physical matter souls use to build forms.

The ancient Egyptians also divided the soul into more than three parts. Theosophy, with seven “vehicles of the soul” helped popularize the idea of the astral body at the turn of the 20th century, offering their own diagram of the different parts of a soul. First_Principles_of_Thesophy_066 Theosophical Society helpful diagram by Jinarajadasa  CARL JUNG, RICHARD WILHELM AND THE PERILS OF TRANSLATION  

The Secret of the Golden Flower is not the first spiritual classic from Asia to suffer rough translation. The Tibetan Book of the Dead was in part a concoction of Evans-Wentz who gave the impression that he had translated a singular holy book, when in fact there are many Tibetan books devoted to navigating the bardos. In 2006 Oxford University Press published The Hidden History of the Tibetan Book of the Dead where Brian Cueavas revealed that Evans-Wentz wasn’t above “channeling” his own content to fill in what he thought might be missing. Oxford had published Evans-Wentz in the first place, in 1927, and with their imprimatur his translation became the standard on which many others, psychedelic, scholarly, and popular, were based.

$_57 Richard Wilhelm published his German translation of The Secret of the Golden Flower in 1923, with an introduction by Carl Jung. The English translation of Wilhelm’s work by Carl Baynes followed in 1931. Wilhelm’s translation is beautiful and greatly influenced Jung and generations of readers, however it suffers from serious inaccuracies detailed by Thomas Cleary in his more scholarly 1993 translation. Here is what Carl Jung had to say about Wilhelm: “I first met Richard Wilhelm at Count Keyserling’s during a meeting of the “School of Wisdom” in Darmstadt. That was in the early twenties. In 1923 we invited him to Zurich and he spoke on the I Ching (or Yi Jing) at the Psychology Club.

Source: http://realitysandwich.com/219794/secret-of-golden-flower/

This article has been edited for length, to continue reading the full article please visit realitysandwich.com

How Your Own Compassion Can Heal the World

How Your Own Compassion Can Heal the World

by Deepak Chopra M. D.

As I look around the world and engage in conversations with scientists, philosophers, politicians and other thought leaders, I see enormous potential for positive change, as well as a magnitude of problems confronting us.

Currently, an estimated 41 armed military conflicts are being fought throughout the world.

In the Middle East, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Nigeria and all around the planet, the collective subconscious is erupting with rage and violence.

In the face of war, injustice and other threats to our existence, many people feel moved to join in protests and strident activism.

Although well-intended, acts of moral outrage are not the solution because even moral outrage is rage — and acting on it adds more rage to the collective consciousness.

Instead of being outraged, we need to be asking, “What is a creative solution for the future?”

There is always a creative solution, yet we can only find it by expanding to a higher level of awareness than the level at which the problem was created.

Otherwise, we are fighting darkness with darkness, which never works.

There is a wonderful story about Mother Teresa, who is quoted as saying, “I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations.

I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.”

Mother Teresa was the embodiment of compassion and love, and her very presence brought comfort and peace to the countless people she helped, including refugees, orphans, alcoholics and the ill and dying.

Her love also inspired many more people to devote their own lives to helping others.

Become the Presence of Love and Compassion

Whatever we focus our attention on will expand in our experience. If we focus on cultivating the higher qualities of love, compassion, joy and peace, they will expand — not only in our own lives, but also into the world beyond.

Even though we tend to think of ourselves as separate from other people and from the world, if we go deep enough, we see everything as interdependent.

We are all inextricably connected, and all of our intentions ripple out into the universe, affecting everyone and everything in ways we can’t even imagine.

For this reason, the most important thing each of us can do to change the world is to become the presence of love and the presence of compassion in our own lives.

In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, we need to become the change we wish to see in the world.

How do we become the presence of love and compassion? One of the most effective practices is spending time in the inner quiet of meditation.

When we practice silent meditation, we go beyond the noisy internal dialogue of the mind, which tends to focus on the ego’s worries, fears, judgments and irritations.

We enter a state of expanded awareness, where we’re in touch with our true selves, which is pure love, pure compassion and pure potentiality.

Each time we meditate, our perception becomes a bit clearer and we let go of old, limiting beliefs and accumulated stress.

At the end of our meditation session, we are more centered and aware as we go about the rest of our day.

Instead of getting caught up in knee-jerk reactions and the ego’s stories of “me vs. them,” we’re able to respond with expanded awareness, love and compassion.


Global Meditation for Compassion

While many of us usually meditate in solitude, it is also extremely powerful to engage in this quiet, introspective practice as part of a larger collective.

There is significant scientific evidence that when a large group of people meditate together, the power of intention is magnified.

Out of our desire to harness this power of intention to create a kinder, more compassionate world, the Chopra Center is hosting the Global Meditation for Compassion this July 11, 2015.

Thousands of people from throughout the world will be joining us via live stream for this special meditation, which I will have the honor to lead with Gabrielle Bernstein and musical guests.

Our intention for this Global Meditation is to become a collective force for compassion and reach a critical mass of half a million people joining together to create a more conscious, awakened world.

I hope you will join us for this transformational experience. Learn more and register here.

This article was originally published by http://elitedaily.com