6 Steps to Balance Your Karma with Your Dharma

6 Steps to Balance Your Karma with Your Dharma
You’ve heard both of these words in various contexts – Karma as a consequence to your actions, and Dharma as your own inner code of conduct. But did you know that both of these are so inter-connected that the human life cannot do without them?

As Human Beings, we must learn to balance between the Human side of us as well as the Being side of us. When we lose that balance, the imbalance shows up in our anger, resentment, and suffering. Or worse, in our illnesses, accidents and addictions.

So to keep the balance, our everyday life is about swinging from Doing-to-Being-to-Doing-to-Being… As human beings, we can’t forever be content in sitting still in solitude, but we also feel chaotic if we’re constantly doing-doing-doing.

6 Steps to Balance Your Karma with your Dharma

1. Assess which way you lean – If you tend to be laid back, letting others lead, and you’re wondering why life isn’t going the way you want it, maybe it’s time to try taking more action. If you’re the type to be constantly on the go, then it’s necessary for you to build in more pauses into your day.

2. Pick up what’s missing – Think of the one thing you feel is lacking in your life right now. If it’s more than one thing, just pick the most important one – whether it’s meditation, volunteering, or whatever you feel is missing at this moment. And think of a way to invite more of it into your life.

3. Create a time and a place – Think of a time and a place when you will consciously make space for what’s missing. For example, if you’re more action-oriented, make sure to create a time and place where you can sit still for a few minutes. If you tend to have lots of alone-time at home, then make it a point to find a time and place when you can go walking or running or connecting with others through volunteering or whatever you’re feeling called to do.

4. Make it a ritual – The reason to make your time and place and action (or non-action) a ritual is so that you can infuse that time and place with the energy and momentum to keep it going everyday. Coming back to the same place at the same time everyday or every week has a way of reconnecting you with the same energy for you to keep going.

5. Practice for at least 21 days – One way to ensure you’ll continue to find your balance is to commit to practicing it for at least 21 days or more. When you can keep to your new routine for so many days, it becomes regular – it might even become a habit.

6. Test and Tweak – After 21 days, take a look back at how you’ve done – if you feel better, more balanced in your everyday, or if you feel out of balance. If you feel out of balance, adjust your ritual to add more of what you need, and let go of what’s not working.

Each person must find their balance between the Being and the Doing to live a healthy, meaningful life. Once you find that balance, you’ll notice that you’re more aware of your daily activities, more attuned to when you feel out of balance, and more willing to bring yourself back into alignment.

About the Author:

Saiisha is a soulistic life coach for old souls who are already on a spiritual path, but are still feeling lost. She helps them get unstuck from their karmas, discover their Dharma, and follow the path that will bring them closer to the life they’re meant to live.

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32 Powerful Bruce Lee Quotes You Won’t Forget

32. “I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine.”

31. “A good teacher protects his pupils from his own influence.”

30. “Be self aware, rather than a repetitious robot”

29. “If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.”

28. “Life is never stagnation. It is constant movement, un-rhythmic movement, as we as constant change. Things live by moving and gain strength as they go.”

27. “As you think, so shall you become.”

26. “Life itself is your teacher, and you are in a state of constant learning.”

25. “Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man. But sooner or later the man who wins, is the man who thinks he can.”

24. “The spirit of the individual is determined by his dominating thought habits.”

23. “Self-knowledge involves relationship. To know oneself is to study one self in action with another person. Relationship is a process of self evaluation and self revelation. Relationship is the mirror in which you discover yourself – to be is to be related.”

22. “Defeat is not defeat unless accepted as a reality-in your own mind.”

21. “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

20.“Choose the positive. You have choice, you are master of your attitude, choose the positive, the constructive. Optimism is a faith that leads to success.”

19.“Fear comes from uncertainty; we can eliminate the fear within us when we know ourselves better. As the great Sun Tzu said: “When you know yourself and your opponent, you will win every time. When you know yourself but not your opponent, you will win one and lose one. However, when you do not know yourself or your opponent, you will be imperiled every time.”

18. “When one has reached maturity in the art, one will have a formless form. It is like ice dissolving in water. When one has no form, one can be all forms; when one has no style, he can fit in with any style.”

17.“What you habitually think largely determines what you will ultimately become.”

16. “I am learning to understand rather than immediately judge or to be judged. I cannot blindly follow the crowd and accept their approach. I will not allow myself to indulge in the usual manipulating game of role creation. Fortunately for me, my self-knowledge has transcended that and I have come to understand that life is best to be lived and not to be conceptualized. I am happy because I am growing daily and I am honestly not knowing where the limit lies. To be certain, every day there can be a revelation or a new discovery. I treasure the memory of the past misfortunes. It has added more to my bank of fortitude.”

15.“The more we value things, the less we value ourselves”

14. “I am not teaching you anything. I just help you to explore yourself.”

“Reality is apparent when one ceases to compare. — There is “what is” only when there is no comparison at all, and to live with what is, is to be peaceful.”

13. “It’s not what you give, it’s the way you give it.

12. “The meaning of life is that it is to be lived, and it is not to be traded and conceptualized and squeezed into a patter of systems.”

11. “A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.”

10. “Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.”

9.“To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities.”

8.“Don’t fear failure. — Not failure, but low aim, is the crime. In great attempts it is glorious even to fail.”

7.“…if you always put limits on what you can do, physical or anything else, it’ll spread over into the rest of your life. It’ll spread into your work, into your morality, into your entire being. There are no limits. There are plateaus, but you must not stay there, you must go beyond them. If it kills you, it kills you. A man must constantly exceed his level.

6. “Life is wide, limitless. There is no border, no frontier.”

5. “Do not be tense, just be ready, not thinking but not dreaming, not being set but being flexible. It is being “wholly” and quietly alive, aware and alert, ready for whatever may come.”

4. Now I see that I will never find the light Unless, like the candle, I am my own fuel, consuming myself.”

3. “If there is a God, he is within. You don’t ask God to give you things, you depend on God for your inner theme.”

2. “The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering.”

1.“Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves. Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.”



How to Face and Embrace Your Deepest, Darkest, Most Unspeakable Desires

How to Face and Embrace Your Deepest, Darkest Most Unspeakable Desires

We all have thoughts we don’t share with anyone. Not a single soul. The thoughts that we try to separate from ourselves that are too ugly and nasty to embrace as a part of our being. Things that we think about that just couldn’t possibly have come from within.

Sometimes these thoughts are our shadow selves looking for attention and other times they are stemming from hidden hurts and unhealed wounds that we don’t yet have the strength to face.

To protect ourselves from coming to terms with these unresolved emotions, our main defence is to put on a false mask and hide our emotions.

However, when we stifle our shadow, we stifle our creative power, as creativity, is its gift when in balance. The stronger the light, the darker the shadow. So for your light to shine bright, you need to embrace both polarities and find balance.

When we begin to peel back our layers, we get closer and closer to the root of what needs to be healed and nearer to the real authentic person that has been hidden away and what will then occur, is the ultimate union of light and dark.

However most of us choose to relayer ourselves and cover up what we fear most.

Layer after cracked layer we build upon, hiding the hurts we have endured and while we continue to re-plaster ourselves: ‘you can’t build a strong foundation on something that is already broken’.

This authentic you that you are trying to hide is the inner child that is crying out for resolve, love, comfort and softness. This child needs you to face your deepest fears; the “monsters under your bed”, your demons and your darkest desires and take him/her by the hand and tell him that everything is going to be o.k.

This child in you needs to feel safe, secure and accepted. It is then, in this space of security will you find strength, security, humility, acceptance and above all love. The love that you have been searching for out there in the world, the love that has been inside of you for eternity.

The love that is yours to give to yourself and then share with the world, for love cannot be attained by seeking outward. True love is found only within and is shared with others. To search outside of yourself looking for love, you will only find attachment and need. You must love yourself first.

So how do we illuminate and embrace our shadow selves?

It’s time to do the inner work, face our ‘demons’ and incorporate our inner most thoughts and feelings.

In order to rise to a state of acceptance, humility and love we must first face ourselves. We all make mistakes, we are all the same, we are all human. There is no one on earth who better than anyone else and there is no one on earth who is lesser. What separates the strong from the weak, the good from the bad and the ugly, is acceptance.

artlimited_img313248We all have this shadow side, that hosts our deepest darkest, most unspeakable desires and when we have these thoughts we immediately become ashamed of them and try to push them as far away as we can. However, the more we “try not to think about something” naturally the more it appeals to us and the more our thoughts about it will transpire and multiply. The point is to not push these thoughts away because as we do this the likelihood that we will act upon them quadruples.

Accept that we all have this shadow side to us, our own opposite polarity of darkness and light. The black and white wolf, ‘batman and the joker’, the dark side of the moon, the angel and the devil and yin and yang– there are many references to this polarity of opposites. You can either dwell in ’50 shades of grey’, or rise to the light and embrace the darkest parts of you. The more you embrace your darkness, the brighter your light will shine. So accept your darkest thoughts and know that they are a part of you, but not to be acted upon. Life is about choices, and we can either make choices that will hurt others or we can have courage and make choices that respect and honour others and ourselves.

Have Humility.

Guilt, regret and shame are the major obstacles we will face on the road to inner strength, balance and acceptance. While sometimes it may be easy for others to forgive you, we often find that we are unable to forgive ourselves. This is of the utmost importance. We are never to be made to feel guilty or ashamed of anything we think or feel and if you have someone in your life that makes you feel this way, get away now. But still, we as we know, are our own worst critics and unknowingly keep ourselves locked in the cages of our own thoughts; beating ourselves up any chance we get, as if we enjoy the suffering.

Go easy on yourself. When was the last time you laughed at yourself for something? Do that right now and let it go.

Life shouldn’t be taken so seriously, the universe is playful, so should we be.

by LJ Vanier

Originally published here at Soul Science by LJ Vanier July 23, 2016

8 Important Tips to Staying Balanced As An Empath

10 Important Tips to Stay Balanced As An Empath

Are you an empath? Do you feel like a sponge absorbing all the energy from people around you? This could be good or bad energy but nonetheless harmful to our minds and bodies in the long run. All humans have  male and female energies. One helps us with our thinking and the other symbolizes our emotions. Once the balance is gone, you feel out-of-place, irritated, tired, you find that you have less motivation and less energy. Empaths are mostly dominated by the female energy when they don’t know how to keep the balance in order to protect themselves. They are more intuitive, they sense things more and faster than others, they absorb others’ vibrations to the point where they can’t exercise their own will at times.If you are one of those people who find it hard to balance yourself as an empath, here are 8 tips to help you how:

  1. Take control of your emotions, get in charge

You are the boss! Repeat this, you are the boss! When you notice someone’s bad vibes or destructive emotional ups and downs, remind yourself this. Do not let these vibrations take control of your body and mind. Remember that you can have a protective shield around you and you are not a sponge. It is good to be intuitive, it is good to have strong senses, so use these qualities in a positive way for yourself and don’t let the information that flows into your system overpower you. Keep a mental distance that will enable you to see things from a healthier perspective.

  1. Your will power matters

Empaths find it hard to use their will powers to their advantage once they lose their balance. Sometimes, to the degree of feeling other people’s wills as if they’re their own. It might get confusing. In times like these, it is a good idea to take notes, write things down about you and what you need and what you want. Go back to these notes when you feel you are getting further away from yourself and about to take a path that is not meant to be yours. Never feel guilty for having will power, it does not make you selfish, it only makes you stronger and it protects you.

  1. Turn the lights off, mentally

When you realize things are getting overwhelming, and you find yourself consumed with bad or negative vibrations coming from all corners, shut down your channels. It is like turning the lights off mentally, it is your way of telling yourself enough! Because you need time on your own and away from all these mind tangling energies around you to sort out where you are, where you should be, what your feelings are and how you can help yourself.

  1. Know when to run

When we say run, of course we don’t mean it in a bad way. You have people you care about and they need your help and support, but when you find yourself in an emotionally draining situation, or if this is a repeating situation that leaves you drained and unmotivated, it is time to run. Get yourself out of that situation. Listen to the signs your mind and your body are giving you. Trust your gut feelings and if something doesn’t feel right do not get involved with it.

  1. Take good care of your body

A good diet can help you balance your immune system and metabolism. But not only that, when you have a balanced body, your energy levels will be higher and you will feel healthier. Make a list when you eat things and figure out which ones give you discomfort and which ones make you feel sick or tired. Try to eat natural organic foods and stay away from processed foods as much as you can. Yoga, tai-chi, martial arts, jogging, walking… any exercise will help your brain release more endorphins naturally and this will help you tremendously in finding back your balance too.

  1. Don’t forget your mind

You need to take care of your mind too as much as your body. You need those gray brain cells to function properly. A daily meditation, especially mindfulness meditation can help you with this. You can also try transcendental meditation. They both help keep you in the present moment and with breathing exercises and repeating mantras, you can reorganize your brain and get rid of the thoughts that are not useful to you and that are giving you stress and anxiety.

  1. Positive affirmations

When we put our focus and energy into something that we really want, we have the power to achieve it. Positive affirmations help us in this area. Repeating them daily reprograms our brains and boosts our self-esteem and keeps us focused on our path to self-improvement. Positive affirmations also help us in times when we feel weak and we need to recharge our batteries. Just a few minutes devoted to this practice daily will soon help you in need of emergency. Use this moment when you repeat these affirmations as an emergency break to pull yourself out of a situation and quickly regain your focus and energy.

  1. Reduce your consumption of certain things

Alcohol, caffeine, drugs that are stimulants… All these things are bad habits for everyone but especially when you are an empath they are worse for you. Imagine this: you have your radar on, scanning everyone and everything around you and it’s on autopilot. This scan happens constantly and the results are coming in by the seconds. You are very vulnerable and open to emotional breakdowns. Because your mind doesn’t know how to rest and you get emotionally involved in these things too. Caffeine and drugs that give stimulation will give you panic and anxiety and alcohol will bring you down and make you weaker too. Stay away from these bad habits as much as you can to protect your inner balance.

Originally published here at isoulscience.com July 19, 2016

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3 Reasons Why You Keep Attracting The Wrong Relationships

“We attract what we are, not what we want”- Unknown

The world is nothing but a mirror and until we learn this, we will keep repeating the same old scenarios in our lives and expect different results. This is according to Albert Einstein, the definition of insanity.

However, we are not unintellectual nor do we repeat these patterns because we adore the torture. No, we find ourselves in these situations because the root cause is hidden from our awareness and until we can illuminate this unseen aspect of our consciousness, it will continue to wreak havoc in our lives.

In order to get to the root of the problem, we need to recognize three critical things, all which serve as an ego mask in order to keep us from discovering the truth.

3.You’re shifting blame.

We can’t accept what we don’t recognize and so increasing awareness of our thoughts, actions and emotions will help us navigate through our relationships. With a little introspection we can turn these thoughts inwards and prepend our healing.

2.You feel powerless

It’s easy to fall into victim mentality, an addict for instance, may become an addict because using a substance may feel like the only way he or she feels they can assume power and control over their life, where they otherwise feel powerless. We can then assume that this would stem from lack of trust, which would likely stem from an unstable childhood or adolescence; an event (series of events) which caused a mistrust, which began as an unhealed hurt or loss.

Assuming control in your life then begins with recognizing the root cause of the emotional wound and how it has grown. This simple act of recognition brings the conscious memory forward allowing for healing to take place and the rerouting of neurons in the brain which act and react to certain stimuli and send information to other nerve cells.

As it is understood, it is these unhealed emotional wounds that have formed cycles of activity or patterns of behaviour and when you start to recognize your cycle, you can clearly see the repeating pattern of conflict in your life that has plagued your heart and mind.

1.You need healing.

Love your enemies.

It has always been said that it is through our toughest challenges we learn the most. Why do you think that is?

There isn’t a relationship that we will come out of, that hasn’t taught us a thing or two and I believe the best relationships are the ones that hurt us the most.

Sounds a little backwards right? Let’s think about it.

Nothing can exist outside of you that didn’t already exist within you.

Every partner that you’ve ever been with in your life will resonate both the healed and unhealed aspects of yourself and so, we unconsciously draw those into our lives who will show us exactly what is un-illuminated within ourselves, manifesting as our chosen partner. We then play out the relationship “roles”until we learn the lesson or illuminate what was hidden from us.

As we all know, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and so every person is a projection of our own consciousness, and the question arises, why do we project such hate on some and such love on others? As it seems, some are here to help us grow in love and the special ones, help us grow from darkness to light. The only obstacle? Having the wisdom to see it.

If you are constantly finding yourself stuck in the same old relationship patterns and repeating the same cycles, you are unconsciously drawing yourself to the attention of what needs to be healed, as it manifests externally into different scenarios and people in your life. This, I believe is why it is believed that in every moment, no matter how tough, you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

By recognizing your cycle and finding your hidden root, this single action has an enormous impact on your life. A change that will broadcast and radiate a new energy, that resonates from inside of you of the greatest magnitude that will completely shift your life in a whole new direction

by LJ Vanier,

Originally published here at isoulscience.com July 7, 2016 by LJ Vanier

15 Things You Should Never Apologize For

15 Things You Should Never Apologize For

by Sofo Archon| Here are 15 things you don’t ever have to and shouldn’t apologize for, if you want to live happy and free:

1. Don’t apologize for taking risks when everyone tells you to follow a predetermined path.

2. Don’t apologize for deciding to distance yourself from those who don’t treat you right.

3. Don’t apologize for loving yourself, for self-love is the beginning of other-love.

4. Don’t apologize for not paying attention to people who remember you only when they need your help.

5. Don’t apologize for doing what you love doing, even if people think you are silly.

6. Don’t apologize for being simple in a complicated world of stress and anxiety.

7. Don’t apologize for not hiding the truth from others, even if this threatens others’ egos.

8. Don’t apologize for making mistakesyou’ve learned from and you don’t repeat.

9. Don’t apologize for having fun when everyone around you is serious because life is great and you shouldn’t miss a moment celebrating it.

10. Don’t apologize for opening your heart to embrace new people, even if you risk getting hurt.

11. Don’t apologize for letting go of those who negatively influence you, regardless of how much time you’ve spent with them in the past.

12. Don’t apologize for being true to yourself and others, even if people get offended by your honesty.

13. Don’t apologize for treating your body as sacred when everyone treats it like trash.

14. Don’t apologize for not giving up on your dreams, even if everyone tells you that you should, because you deep down know that life is meaningless without following your passion.

15. Don’t apologize for changing how you think and behave. Life is a flowing river and change is necessary for growth to happen.

Thanks to Sofo Archon for this wonderful article, originally published at theunboundedspiritcom

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5 Harsh Yet Empowering Truths That Will Transform Your Life

by Sofo Archon

There are some truths that can tremendously change the way we live. Sometimes, however, those truths can be very difficult to accept because they go against our psychological conditioning. But unless we realize and embrace them, we’ll live in a way that only brings negativity into our psyche.

Below are 5 such harsh yet empowering truths that can completely transform your life.

1. You can’t fulfill everyone’s expectations.

Most people care so much about the opinions that others have about them that they are continuously trying to live the way others want them to live. The reality, however, is that nobody can fulfill everyone’s expectations  — hence if you are one of those people, you will always disappoint others, and end up disappointed yourself. In addition, If you live the way others expect you to live, you’ll continuously suppress yourself, which is the sure way to fill yourself with toxic energy. From now on, stop trying to fulfill others’ expectations, and instead listen and follow what your inner voice is dictating you, and I assure you that your life will take a different — much more positive — direction.

2. The world doesn’t owe you anything.

Many times we think that the world is unfair to us and we put all the blame on it for the kind of life we are living. And although it is true that the society most of us have been brought up into is messed up, blaming people and conditions alone is never enough to actually change our lives and the world. The only way to actually bring positive change is to take responsibility in our hands and put conscious effort into creating a more beautiful life for ourselves and our fellow human beings.

3. Actions speak louder than words.

Plenty are those who preach a lot, but few those who practice what they preach. They talk theory but what they talk about is not reflected in any aspect of their way of living. And since what they talk about is not sprouting from their own understanding and experience, they can’t convey honesty and authority, and thus are unable to convince anybody with their opinions. Therefore, if you want to influence those around you, be sure to embody what you want to communicate.

4. You won’t change the world unless you change yourself.

Most people are trying to change the world, forgetting that they themselves are part of it. Indeed, the society we are living in is made up of people, and if we truly desire to change it, we should first change ourselves. In fact, once we change ourselves, the world will automatically change by itself.

5. Tomorrow is never guaranteed.

We like to believe that we will live eternally, forgetting the immanence of physical death. The truth, however, is that life as we know it is impermanent — in a single moment, everything that belongs to us can be taken away from us. This truth might be harsh to hear, and sounds quite pessimistic, but actually it is not, since only by realizing and accepting death, can we appreciate the importance of life and desire to experience it to its fullest, reaping all the goodness it has to offer, without wasting a single moment of it.


Life is precious, but sometimes it can be tough. This is mainly due to the fact that we are clinging to beliefs and habits that are creating tremendous problems in our lives, not allowing us to live care-free and happy. The truths mentioned above, if properly understood, can empower us to remove the psychological barriers that prevent us from living this way, thus completely completely transform our lives.


Thanks to the theunboundedspirit for this article!

12 Things You Need to Get Rid Of To Be Happy

12 Things You Need To Get Rid of To Be Happy

“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it.”- Eckhart Tolle

12. Regrets

Whether it’s a missed opportunity, a bad relationship, a choice we should have made or simply something that made us feel dumb, dwelling in regret consumes a large amount of our time and energy. It has been thought, that the reason we regret so many things is because we have an idealized version of ourselves that we wish to live up to at all times.

To put it into perspective, we all think that we are 100% good people and when we do things that don’t reflect the most positive aspects of ourselves, we deem that we’ve fallen short in some way. But, when we can let go of these ideals and embrace the gravity and reality of life, we then free ourselves from the illusion of “perfection”.

So embrace your dark side, it is where your creativity flows from, accept yourself both “good and evil” and find balance between the two.

11.Blaming other people for your problems

Each person in your life is a teacher. Each experience in your life is a lesson. Living is like looking into a mirror– every teacher is you. Every event and ever relationship reflects yourself. Although we do not consciously perceive this, at some level we all know that life shows us what we need to learn. Learn the lesson and move on. If you didn’t learn the lesson the first time, it comes back around as a new experience a new person and a new circumstance. It comes right back and lands in your lap again, and says, “here… deal with it”- Excerpt from Ether Into the Nemesis

When we blame others for our problems we are shifting the attention away from ourselves and avoiding our own healing. The more we avoid ourselves the larger our problems become and the more we fall into “victim mentality”which can be a very troubling situation.

10. Victim Mentality

Alan Watts, believed that you always have two choices, you can either define yourself as a victim of the world, or you can come to understand that you are the world.

When we understand that everything we see around us, including our relationships, our homes, standard of living, the clothes we wear– everything, is an absolute reflection of our inner world, we see how much healing we need to accomplish. If your life is a mess, you are in an unhappy marriage or a dead-end career we should take note that something is off-balance inside.

When we are out of balance, we feel like we have no control over our circumstances and we end up repeating the same patterns without consciously understanding why we do it. This is why so many people don’t know how to help themselves.

MTMzMjgyNTA4NTM1MDExODA2It’s too difficult to determine what the root cause of, or where the beginning of the cycle started.

By making the unconscious conscious and illuminating the hidden aspects of our minds we are able to bring unresolved memories forward for healing and release.

So look around you and find all of things in your life that you are completely fed up with. Find the things that insult your soul, and know that this is where your healing needs to happen.

9. Judgements

“Life is a mirror and will reflect back to thinker what he thinks into it” – Ernest Holmes

Whether it is a negative judgement we hold about ourselves or a judgement we place on another, judgements of any kind have the same root cause.

Each time you judge you are meeting an aspect of your own shadow. So if you insult someone else, turn those words back around, because what you just said, is exactly what you need to heal, accept and alchemize within you. When you are hard on yourself, it means that you’re not comfortable in your own skin and you lack self-acceptance. When we judge, not only are we bringing forward an aspect of ourselves we are reflecting our own perceptions into reality. As mentioned before it’s all about healing.

8. The need to always be right

Feeling like we always need to be right, stems from lack of trust and the need to feel safe. By establishing dominance over others we feel secure. If you are always right, it means that someone else always has to be wrong and this can be an ego boost.

12 Signs You're Disrespecting Yourself (and How to Stop) When we feel that we are right in our judgements it makes us feel strong and secure and when we are wrong we have a tendency to feel insecure, deficient and even fearful.

The ego dominates the “I vs You” realm of being a learned behaviour of separateness, but when we can release the need to always be right we find a path to inner peace.


How many times can you recognize every day, an action taken by you stemming from fear-based motivation? Some of them can be tricky to recognize, believe me I know. It creeps in when you are least expecting it, probing for a reaction.  Causing you to take misguided action, more commonly known as “karma”. Fear is the quickest derailment from your path to happiness and fulfillment. So when it comes knocking… answer the door with love.

6. All of that extra “crap”

Wanderlusts and minimalists swear by it. We just don’t need all of that extra “stuff”. Recent studies have shown that real happiness and contentment comes from life experiences as opposed to material objects. Yet, we all seem to line our houses with the latest fad on the market. Why not switch it up and see how you feel. The next time you are about to drop a wad on something you are going to throw out in a few years anyways, trade it in for an experience of a lifetime and make some memories.


I have written about the debilitating effects of guilt so often that I think I will write until my face is blue. Next to fear, guilt is numero uno on my list of emotions that suck the life right out of your soul. They are the two best ways to control a population and the two best ways to keep you locked into your own suffering.

black-and-white-wolfThere are no wrongs and there are no rights. You don’t need to hold yourself up to anyone else’s standard, nor your own. We are both dark and light, yin and yang, and if you starve your black wolf he will bite you when you least expect it. Dark is not evil. Dark energy is merely hidden influences which must come to light (enlightenment).

You must learn how to feed your wolves. Balance is key.

4. Limited beliefs

We like to say that we are all pretty open-minded. However, programmed behaviour of the way things are and ought to be, keep us locked into self-limiting beliefs of how far we can fly. Everything is possible, you just need to believe that it is. So think bigger!! The sky is not the limit, your mind is….

3. Worrying

Worrying and over thinking are caused by lack of trust. When we don’ trust ourselves its hard to trust the world around us.

12 Things You Need to Get Rid Of To Be HappyWe want everything to work out exactly as we foresee it and will analyze every single detail and go over it in our minds a thousands times. All of this becomes an act of resistance to the unconscious desires that are steering our course, and when we let go of the need for control we trust more fully in the process.

Your unconscious will lead you into every situation you need, to fulfill the healing that is required for you to break free.

Trust yourself, you got this!

2. Resistance to Change

Learning to love without attachment is the hardest lesson in life. Things come and go and nothing will ever stay the same. If we cling to the old and reject the new we miss out on opportunities that are knocking and the fruits will spoil before we can pick them.

The truth is, we do not know what the future will bring and we cannot perceive to understand the consequences of each action and reaction, therefore we must love without attachment, live without expectation and perceive without judgement to find happiness.

1.Expecting other people will do it for you

No one can change your life for you, you have to do it on your own. Introspection becomes key and as always the most important thing above all…. know thyself.

“Happiness is an inside job, don’t assign anyone else that much power over your life”- Mandy Hale

by LJ Vanier,
Originally published here at isoulscience.com by LJ Vanier April 5 12:21am.

5 Toxic Behaviours You Shouldn’t Tolerate from Anyone

If you are trying to create a better life for yourself, it’s a good idea to evaluate the people you are close with to make sure they don’t exhibit any chronic, toxic behaviors.

Toxic behaviors are not only unpleasant to be around, but left unchecked, the negativity they likely elicit from you can snowball and bleed into all areas of your life.  It’s hard to be positive and optimistic when you are in a relationship that isn’t good for your soul.

Here are 5 behaviors you shouldn’t tolerate from others.  We all can be a little negative from time to time, so please don’t assume that everyone you are close to must be “perfect” and never do any of these things.  However, if you are close with someone who exhibits toxic behaviors on a consistent basis, you might want to consider removing yourself from the relationship.

Toxic Behaviors:

1. Gossip: Avoid relationships that center around gossip. As has famously been said: “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”  Quality relationships are based on an exchange of ideas and excitement; this is what helps us grow, evolve and achieve our dreams.

2. Backhanded compliments: Backhanded compliments are a form of passive aggression (e.g. “it’s nice to meet someone who doesn’t care about the way they look” or “I don’t care what they say, you’re alright”). These hidden insults come from people who are radiating low vibrational energy.  Good relationships will only uplift you with kind and genuine feedback.

3. Competitiveness: Constantly being one-upped or having someone nip at your heels is not healthy.  People who are happy for your successes and confident in their own accomplishments are the only ones capable of providing you with quality support.  The only person anyone should be competing with is himself or herself.

4. One-sidedness: Individuals who only come around when it suits them or who demand that things should always be done their way will likely leave you feeling marginalized and unloved.  Good relationships demonstrate a solid balance of compromise and mutual respect.

5. Pointing out your flaws: Being close with someone who tells humiliating stories about you, criticizes your looks or likes to post ugly pictures of you on social media can be damaging to your self-esteem.  The best friends and lovers will focus on your positive qualities and care about your feelings.

If you feel that you are in a relationship with someone who exhibits toxic behaviors, you might want to think about distancing yourself from it.  Even if you find that you can’t fully end the relationship you will benefit from pulling away a bit and resolving to spend more time with people who are good for your soul. Learn how to attract positive relationships that uplift and inspire you.

You deserve to be happy and you deserve to be respected.  Anyone who tries to make you feel otherwise should be held at arm’s length.

Do you want to learn how to raise your vibration?

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About the Author:

My name is Andrea Schulman, I am a former high school psychology teacher and the creator of ‘Raise Your Vibration Today.’ I teach people about the Law of Attraction with fun, clarity and success! Check out my member website to learn how to create your reality with your thoughts.

The 3 Kinds Of People Everyone Needs to Find In Life

The 3 Kinds of People Everyone Should Find In Life

Life is about loving relationships.  More specifically, life is about loving relationships that push you into expansion and help you grow.   While all relationships play a role in our understandings of life and the development of our character, some relationships are just more special than others.

There many different types of relationships you can have in life, but there are a few types that are completely essential to your journey on this planet.  Here are 3 types of people you need to find in life.

1) Your Soul Mate

Your soul mate is the one who you just click with on every level.  There is never any awkwardness, and it’s literally impossible to feel uncomfortable around them.  Their may be fights and arguments, but they are always resolved in a way that strengthens the relationship.  You could spend 3 years away from that person and reunite with them as if nothing has changed because you resonate at every possible level.

When you meet them, you may feel a strange sense of familiarity as if you had chosen to include them in your life prior to even being born.  This strange sense of familiarity often times comes from the fact that you share past lives with this person, and you both chose to come here to go on a mission together.

Contrary to what pop-culture may have you believe, your soul mate is not necessary the opposite sex, and they are not even necessarily a life partner.  They may show up in the form of a mother, a brother or sister, or a best friend.  Every person encounters their soul mate at some point in their life. If you haven’t found them yet, expect to in the future.

2) Your Mirror

Your mirror is the person who tells you things as they are.  They are straight-up honest with you, and don’t care if they hurt your feelings.  But it is because they don’t care about your feelings that enables them to make such a transformative impact on you.

I’m not talking about a jerk here.  I’m talking about a friend that will tell you when you are backsliding, going out of integrity, or are not behaving in a way that you should be.  It’s often the case they you will serve the same role in their life as they do in their life, and for this reason you guys act as a mirror for one another and reflect back areas you need to work on.

You may argue with them more often than is necessary, but beneath your arguments lies a genuine care for one another that can’t be shaken.  Sometimes, we all need someone to call us out when we fail to hold ourselves accountable.

3) Your Guardian

Your guardian is a mentor, a teacher, and a guide.  They provide you with inspiration, encouragement, groundedness, and feedback on your life.  They help coach you through your struggles, naivety, and growth spurts. For some people, their guardian may come in the form of a family member, where for others it may come in the form of a teacher or a coach.

For some, it may come in the form of someone who is not even alive anymore, such as Buddha, Gandhi, or Jesus.  The important thing is that you have someone that you look up to who is always able to inspire you and offer you guidance on your journey.  The more deep you go on your journey, the less personal your guardian will become.

It may start out as a family member or friend, and then after you begin to understand your universality and connection to everything, the moon, earth, and spirit of nature will become your guardian.  Instead a teacher being the one you look to for answers, you will go directly to the Source.

These are three archetypal persons that everyone will benefit from having in their lives.  If you are lucky enough to have them already, fight for them and appreciate them.  If you haven’t encountered them yet, keep working on your own development and the Universe will send them to you when the time is right.

This article was originally featured on thespiritscience.net and written by Steven Bancarz.

8 Strong Signs You’ve Lost Touch With Your Intution

8 Strong Signs You're Not Following Your Intuition

There’s a lot of buzz about the benefits of tuning into your intuition. We know that intuition helps us make spiritually aligned decisions, protects us from danger, acts as our inner doctor, gives us the heads up when we are needed by our loved ones, and serves as the unseen world’s secret gateway to the human world, helping us live our best lives. But how do you know if you’re tuned in or not? We all have the capacity to listen to our intuition, but sometimes we’re at the mercy of forces that block our ability to interpret our intuition clearly. Here are eight signs that your intuition may be blocked.

1. You feel confused often.

If you struggle to make good decisions and often lack clarity, this is a surefire sign that you’re not tuned into your intuition. When you and your intuition are communicating regularly, you’ll find that a combination of your inner knowing and outer synchronicities team up to help you make the aligned decision that steers you towards the highest good for all.

2. You lack flexibility.

When you’re following your intuition, you have to be willing to go with the flow, which sometimes means changing your plans based on the guidance you’re getting. When you’re out of touch with your intuition, you may be so rigidly tied to a calendar that you ignore all the warning signs that tell you it’s time to cancel a commitment. I’m not suggesting that intuitive people must be complete flakes. Keeping your commitments is a sign of respect and responsibility. But sometimes intuition requires you to say “no” when you previously said “yes.” When you’re really tuned in, this happens less, because you tend to intuit the “no” from the beginning.

3. You feel blindsided by people.

You trusted him. You trusted her. He was your lover. She was your best friend. Then they slept together. OUCH! What happened? When you’re not tuned into your intuition, you may feel blindsided, as if you never saw betrayal coming. But often, all of your friends saw it coming a mile away. Intuition gives you red flags that warn you, but if you insist on only seeing the best in people while blinding yourself to their shadow, you may be blocking your inner knowing.

4. You wrestle with regret.

Intuition helps you make regret-free decisions, because intuition is always doing its best to guide you in the direction of the greatest flow, ease, integrity, and alignment with your soul’s unique journey. When you’re out of touch with intuition, you’re making decisions from your mind or your ego, and regret is a common side effect.

5. You tend to be a chameleon.

If you can chameleon yourself to be like the jocks when the game is on, like your business partners during the board meeting, like the church goers on Sunday morning, like the committed parents at the PTA meeting, like the country club socialites at the local fundraiser, like the yoga devotees at yoga class, and like the party girl on Friday night, you may not be fully tuned into your intuition. It’s not that you can’t switch hats and fit into many circles; it’s that when you’re following your intuition, there are no masks to wear, no personas to put on like t-shirts. You’re ALL YOU, ALL THE TIME, and you’re unapologetic about it. So that might mean you wear your game day shirt to the yoga class, you get down with your bad self at the country club fundraiser, and you skip the PTA meeting because the sun is shining and the beach is calling you to bask in its beauty.

6. You dismiss your instincts as “crazy” or “irrational.”

Intuition rarely feels rational. One day I was at the mall, and my intuition told me to walk into the Gap. Now no offense to Gap lovers, but I don’t like the Gap. I never shop there. So I could have easily dismissed my intuition. But I’ve learned that things don’t go well when I ignore a strong hit, so I walked in the Gap just as someone was having a Code Blue. I’m a doctor, so something in the unseen realm was telling me my services were needed, and I’m grateful to have been used as an instrument of love. If you ignore the seemingly crazy guidance, you will not only fail to let yourself be led to the most aligned jobs, relationships, and transformative experiences; you also might miss out on the chance to be someone else’s miracle. (PS. The woman whose heart stopped is alive and well.)

 7. You doubt yourself.

I never trust people who tell me their intuition is perfect. I think it’s always wise to put a question mark behind something you believe you’re intuiting. Discernment is key when it comes to tuning into spiritual guidance. But with that disclaimer, I can assure you that when you’re tuned into your intuition, you experience much less self doubt. It’s not that you don’t filter the intuitive guidance that comes in. Blind faith in intuition can get you in trouble. But over time, as you confirm how things went when you followed your intuition, you’ll develop evidence-based faith. You’ll know that seemingly miraculous things happen when you follow your intuitive guidance, and you’ll learn to trust it, which fills you with a certain confidence, leaving you with far less self-doubt.

8. You give your power away too easily.

When you’re not tuned into intuition, you’re far more likely to expect someone else to make all of your decisions, even the most critical ones. As a doctor, I saw this all the time in the hospital. A patient who is not tuned into intuition will expect the doctor to make every decision, giving all her power away. Whereas someone who is tuned into intuition might question the doctor, sharing an intuitive hit like “I sense that surgery will harm me and we’re better off watching and waiting.” Or the intuitive person might instantly sense what lies at the root cause of her illness, trusting that if she treats the root cause, conventional treatment might be avoided.

This ability to tune into intuition is the third of the 6 Steps to Healing yourself, which I teach in my new Mind Body Green video course Getting Back to 100% (you can watch the trailer here). I put my heart into creating this program for patients facing a chronic illness, caregivers of someone who is sick, and as well as the health care providers, healers, therapist, and coaches who assist people with physical or mental illnesses.

Check yourself. Tune in. Are you paying attention to your intuitive knowing?



5 Blessings in Disguise You Need to Recognize

As they say, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But, I think we can all agree that this is easier said than done. Sometimes it’s hard to see the blessing in the worst catastrophes and to remain confident that everything will work out, especially when you’ve just been blind sided.

While changes of this magnitude can serve as a major wake up call or a catalyst to initiate our spiritual growth and evolution of consciousness, when we hit these road blocks, it’s more than difficult to just pick up and say “hey, better things are waiting for me around the corner!”. It takes time to process, introspect and finally see, that the hand we’ve been dealt, was exactly the change we might have needed.

5. You lose your job

We all know that getting fired never feels good, but let’s be honest about it, if you were truly and honestly pursuing what you really wanted to do chances are you wouldn’t be kicking your lunch box down the street right now. Sometimes, when we can’t make the decision for ourselves to move on, life gives us a hard shove to get going in the right direction. Take time to reflect on what you appreciated about your previous position as well as the negative and you will find if you are honest with yourself, that it wasn’t the right fit for you.

Now is great time to do some real introspection, especially if you have been in the same role for a long amount of time. You may find a completely new direction and one that serves your true authentic self and let’s you shine.

4. You separate from your partner

First off I’d like to say, as hard as it may be for some of you to hear– not everyone is meant to be with us for the long haul. Everyone has a special purpose in our lives, and with each person we are able to share moments which leave lasting impressions that we can take with us along our journeys. At every moment we are learning and growing and we never stop; change is continual and as we change, it only makes sense that the people, experiences and circumstances change along with.

If you are newly single or mentally processing the fall out from a long-term relationship, the aftermath can be devastating. If the relationship has been closed off by one of the partners, the best thing you can do is keep your distance. Early after a breakup the emotions are still running high with both individuals and you’ll both need your space.

When we give ourselves this space, we allow for healing to usher in and a time of reflection begins. Quite often, if one partner has decided to leave, the other may also feel in some sense relieved, as relationships can only flourish when both partners are in harmony. Soon, you may begin to recognize that it was only the familiarity and the attachment to the person which enabled you to continue in the relationship, all the while your spirit was urging you onto new and needed experiences.

3.You lose your house

Losing your home is devastating. Without a home base to rest our heads at the end of the day can make us feel lost and unstable. A shift from the normal safe routine, we quite literally feel like we have been thrown out to the wolves, to fend for ourselves. Upon reflection however, you may find that your home wasn’t benefiting you in some way. Either the mortgage was too high, or the area where you lived wasn’t serving you or your families needs. Whatever the cause, when we can find trust in knowing that everything happens for a reason, we find comfort in the understanding that life can be like a tornado, and sometimes that tornado is what it took to shake us out of our stagnant state. It’s best to just let it pick you up, ruffle you up and put you back down where you are supposed to be.

2. You are diagnosed with an illness

The most serious of events to transpire, being diagnosed with any kind of illness quite literally catapults you into a state of shock. While this occurence may not rightfully fit in with a few others on this list, it is included because of its profound impact on emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being. There is nothing more frightening than being told your health is at risk, while at the same time there is also nothing more that would motivate us more to live our life to the fullest. Being told that your time is limited or that you’re physical health will not permit you to do the things you once thought, immediately puts you on this path. The path to experience everything you can in the time you have. The path that opens your heart to forgive and love others in ways you never thought were possible and to appreciate the little things in life, that most others often tend to ignore.

1. You lose someone close to you

When you lose someone you love, there are no words to express how you feel. There are no words that can comfort a grieving heart and nothing will ever replace that person. You are only left with a gigantic void that pierces so deeply that it permeates to the fibre of your being. Now, we can never say that losing someone is a blessing, however we can say that not having this person truly and deeply highlights our immense unconditional, insatiable capacity for love, that we should always appreciate. I believe that love is at the fabric of our being, it is the fifth element, it is the vibration of creation and without love– life would cease to exist.

We can love far after a person is gone and long before they even arrive. Our genuine ability to love with all of our being is so deep that it transcends space and time and in the end if anything is to go on past our physical bodies when we die, it’s love.

by LJ Vanier,

This article was originally created and published here at isoulscience.com by LJ Vanier March 15 2016 and was featured on thespiritscience.net