5 Shifts You Can Expect to Happen Surrounding October’s Super Moon in Aries

This evenings Super Moon in Aries will be 14% closer and 30% brighter than the majority of full moons we are accustomed to. What does this mean?

It’s time to express yourself!

Full moons bring the energy of self-expression while new moons bring introspection. So now is not the time to hold back on what you are truly feeling and what you really want out to get out of life.

We both know that you have been dragging your feet for some time regarding these major life changes and now is a great time to put them into action! as Aries carries with it the energy of action, change and movement.

It is commonly understood that during these cycles from new to full, we have the ability to set our intentions and watch them manifest into reality. Quite simply it’s time to get thing done!

Here are 5 Things You Can Expect to Happen Surrounding October’s Super Moon in Aries.

1. It’s not worth it just let it go!

This super moon allows you to finally let go of the things that you didn’t have the courage to walk away from up until this point. Aries bring the confidence needed to finally make that 180 degree turn and put one foot in front of the other setting your life path in a whole new direction. One that aligns with your higher purpose and resonates more harmoniously with your heart chakra.

So when the little things in life that never really bothered you much before, start surmounting right before your eyes… know that change is coming. It has to. There is only so much negativity we can take, until finally the last straw breaks, the universe begins to align and we snap… into action.

2. Bid adieu to feeling lost, your life path and true purpose is on the horizon.

We’ve all heard that getting lost is the best way to find yourself. Truly though, it sounds a little backwards, that is until… we can understand why.

When you’re lost, you don’t have a direction and when you have no direction, you have no desire.

When you have no desire, you have no want or need of anything and when you have no want or need of anything, this is when your soul will speak.

While you may feel out of control, you are the most clear at this time and in the perfect disposition to accept a higher knowing of what your heart truly, selflessly and completely wants you to see and understand.

This, then sets you on a new path, a radical change that may have been desperately needed and one that puts you into alignment with your mind, body, heart and soul. The new moon has allowed you the time to introspect and this new super moon is putting it all into action! So get ready because your life is about to shift radically! Embrace these new energies, harness the energies of the moon and take advantage while they are here.

3. It’s time to break free!!

Have you ever noticed that certain periods of your life are completely packed full of outings and adventures, fun-filled with friends and family to the point where you feel you can barely keep up?

While other periods are marked with isolation, introspection and near (if not full-blown) depression? The length of these cycles can vary, but each and every one of us go through these momentum shifts in the course of our lives. These periods can be marked with catastrophic endings or heart breaking losses, all the while we already had an inner knowing, that the end of the chapter was coming and that it was time to turn the page and look forward to the next, long ago…

These shifts are alike to a heart beat that pulses, and as we navigate our lives to the beat of this drum we find ourselves cocoon and introspective at moments, and more open with the world on the “out pulse”.

These cycles (alike to moon cycles) are needed as we endeavor and formulate our perspective of the world. The introspective periods offer emotional, psychological and spiritual growth while the outward pulses offer experience, travel and new perspectives to take hold of. When you come out of the incubator period, it serves as a “mini re-birth”. That is to say, the time it has taken you to recharge, review and reevaluate in order to set out on a new goal, a new direction and a new life.

  4. Get Ready!! If you’re feeling scared, excited and anxious all at the same time….

Your incubator stage and healing is ending its cycle and you’ve gained a new direction, so what’s next? When it’s scary and exciting.. you just have to do it. Allow these powerful energies to sweep you off your feet…the momentum has been building for quite some time and the time has finally arrived. October has been an exhausting month so get ready for an energy recharge!!!

You may have had no idea what to expect up until this point but you couldn’t help but feel that something big was about to happen and that the light at the end of the tunnel was drawing near…  know that the light is here!

This super moon is here to catapult you onto your destined path and align you with your hearts truest desires manifesting before your eyes. The energies have aligned and the highest probable outcome of reality is manifesting and quickly. You have made your choice and now it’s time to walk it! Continue to stay open,  this is an exciting time!

5. Synchronicities

There is nothing more satisfying than a subtle nudge from the universe that you are on the right path. Synchronicities serve as these soft assurances, that your thoughts and actions are in alignment with your higher good.

Most commonly found when major changes are taking place are the series of 5′s that you will find showing up no matter where you seem to look.

5′s are the clearest sign that you need to prepare yourself, because you are about to undergo a radical shift that will shake you to your core. Change should never be viewed as positive or negative, it’s simply needed.

“Sometimes when we think our lives are falling apart what we don’t see, is that they might just be falling into place. While change is not always welcomed, it is always warranted and often when we think that our lives have fallen into utter disarray, it’s because everything is realigning to match our true intentions and desires…”

by LJ Vanier,

This article was originally published here at isoulscience.com October 16, 2016 and sourced from 5 Signs Your Life is About to Shift Radically by LJ Vanier. 


The full moons eclipse August 18, 2016 is a rare one indeed. I have to say for the past few days I have seen more dragon flies, than I think I have in my entire life!!

Leading up to this event, this powerful lunar eclipse, you may have felt that the energy had been building, and building fast.

This can make things feel a little hectic, leaving you a little out of sorts at times. As if you could sense that a great change has been on the precipice of arrival for some time now.

Having patience while the momentum was building would have been frustrating, scary, and exciting all at the same time.

Hence, you may have noticed a major shift in emotional stability today and even the days surrounding this eclipse.

Synchronicites will be heightened during this time, the soft and gentle nudge from the universe appearing in the form of repeating numbers on license plates and grocery bills will turn into full-blown in your face, wake up calls that cannot and should not be ignored.

Why is this happening?

A culmination of everything we have been waiting for and everything we have wanted to release, is the energy the dragon brings us. A sigh of relief will be felt, tied together with this new found exhilaration to fly on the wings of new life will resonate through each of us.

All which have been leading us to this day of great change and transformation.

You may have noticed your memory getting a little foggy and your perception of time may be slipping a bit.

Take note that this wave of energy will not cease any time soon. This new wave of energy will elevate us all to the next level of spiritual and conscious evolution, as we begin to enter into “the time of no time”.

The spirit and energy of the dragon is calling on you to let go of your fear and trust yourself. Trust your journey, the time of transformation is now.

Can’t see it from your location? Watch it online here at space.com

This article FULL MOON ECLIPSE AUGUST 18: HOW TO HARNESS THE ENERGY OF THE DRAGON was originally published here at isoulscience.com August 18, 2016

It’s Time To Hit the RESET Button Because March’s Eclipses Are Going to Be Powerful

Dr Kelly Neff; The Lucid Planet

On the evening of March 8-9th, we will witness the first solar eclipse of 2016, coinciding with a supermoon new moon.

During a solar eclipse the new moon passes in between the sun and the earth, blocking out the sun’s light. This week, the new moon is a supermoon, meaning that it will be at its closest point in its orbit around Earth.

images-4In some parts of the world, this will be a total solar eclipse, because the entirety of the sun’s light will be covered for a period of 4 minutes and 9 seconds. The partial/total solar eclipse will be visible in parts of South/East Asia, North/West Australia, as well as over the Pacific and Indian ocean. The darkest line in the picture below reflects the area where totality will be visible.  To find out how to view the solar eclipse in your area, visit Time and Date.

path-760March 2016 also yields a penumbral lunar eclipse on March 23rd, visible from most parts of Asia, Australia, North American and South America.

Pisces Eclipse Energies

Energetically speaking, eclipses are typically markers of times of transformation. These beliefs have persisted since ancient times and continue today across many different cultures. You do not have to be able to physically view the eclipse to feel its energies.

While scientists, philosophers, astrologers and psychologists alike may continue to debate ‘WHY’ people feel energetic changes in during celestial events like full moons or eclipses, the undeniable reality remains that many people do experience these energetic fluctuations and ascribe a level of importance to them. As with many metaphysical constructs, just because science has not yet developed tools to empirically measure the energetic fluctuations associated with celestial events does not mean that they do not exist!

PiscesIf you are sensitive, or if you choose to work with the energies of celestial events to better your life and circumstances, then this total solar eclipse in Pisces marks quite an auspicious time to make changes. This is because Pisces reflects the ocean of emotions that lie under the surface, both individually and collectively. Governed by mystical Neptune, associated with art, intuition and mysteries, an eclipse in Pisces has emotional, unpredictable and highly transformative qualities.

Time to Reset and Take Risks!

This eclipse marks an excellent time for an emotional reset, including stepping away from certain people or relationships, making a break from behaviors that no longer serve you, or making a choice to be around new people. This is also a prime opportunity for a physical reset, including a cleanse, diet change, sobriety/detox, or new workout program. Because Pisces deals with unconscious emotions, this eclipse sets the stage for a re-programming of your subconscious habits, behaviors, patterns and coping skills. You can do this!

According to astrologist Lena Stevens from the Power Path  (also featured on Mystic Mamma), with its two eclipses, the month of March 2016 is encouraging us to “fire up, and move towards outwards manifestation.” Much of the transformation we have experienced thus far in 2016 has been directed inwards, and we are now presented with a huge opportunity to overcome our fears and take action to make our dreams happen.

In light of the theme of physical/emotional reset and transformation, place your intentions into overcoming any lingering fears of the unknown and experiment with something new this week! Whether you are spending time around a new social group, starting a new relationship, trying out a new workout regime or new hobby, know that your fear of losing control, your fear of failure, and your likelihood of being distracted in new endeavors are all within your power.

When you feel self-doubt and anxieties creep in, remember that the universe is here to guide you and that these opportunities are being presented in divine alignment with your journey. Many of these the fears and anxieties are learned or conditioned patterns of behavior which you can overcome by staying in a present mindful head space, taking real action, and employing techniques designed to reprogram the subconscious like meditation, hypnosis and more.

By trusting your intuition and saying “YES” to potential opportunities that resonate with your growth, there is an opening this month for rapid evolution in your relationships, your wellness, and even across your employment and business arrangements. Do not be afraid to think out of the box and to take a chance!

This article was originally featured on lucid planet by Dr. Kelly Nuff

9 Powerful New Moon Intentions That Will Transform Your Life

Intention is everything. What you experience daily in your life–how you act, what you speak and how you feel affects every human being around you. Once you realize the domino effect created by shining your light on others, it becomes very contagious.

1) Seek Your Truth

The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off. No matter how discouraging or how many people oppose your truth, never stop seeking it. Both truth and wisdom are available only to those who have the courage to question what they have been taught.

2) Believe Anything Is Possible

All things are possible regardless of perceived limitations. Don’t be bound by limits of others or those you impose on yourself. At the fundamental level of reality, all is dictated by our beliefs and expectations. We are pure energy, and there is infinite potential in that energy.

3) Give Service To Others
Cultivate a habit of serving others — sharing your money, knowledge, service, wisdom, care, love. Find a person who serves others and you will find a happy person. In giving, you always receive more. Giving has many unexpected benefits from attracting more happiness into your life, to inspiring others, and changing the lives of those you touch. In the end the whole world is made into a better place. It is a universal law. You only get back what you put in.

4) Broadcast Your Light
A difficult proposition for many, especially those who perceive others with fearful interpretations or having done them wrong. Regardless of how you perceive others, see the love and creative source in all, for even those who play a role you disagree with, are still taking a path which will lead them to the same place as you. Shine your light on those who need kindness, love and compassion the most. It invites them into your circle of love and that broadcasts in a manner that is so expansive across the universe, that it is felt in galaxies as far as you can comprehend.

5) Everything Is Exactly Where It Is Meant To Be
You will never have any experience in your life without being part of that vibrational reality. You’re on the same frequency as every single event you interact with. Filter through the chaos in your life and that of the world. All things perceived as positive or negative transmit vital potentials in the functioning of duality and polarity consciousness. They do not need to be fixed. They are exactly where they need to be. People are on the path that will lead them to their highest good, even if you disagree with it. Know that as difficult as it may be for you to accept at times, others are always on their best path, so honor it without judgement.

6) See The Creative Source In Everyone and Everything
Source, God, Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah or whatever else you would like to call it, is all the same and there is only one. It is in everyone and everything. It is in every molecule that makes all that is. It is everywhere spanning across all of time and space instantaneously. See the God in everyone you interact with, regardless of their beliefs, religion, race, age and any other system of separation humans hold dear. If you see the God in them, it creates a commonality that allows you to share love in a very unique way that transcends some of the highest levels of judgement experienced as a human beings. Why is it that many of those who we consider enemies have been our greatest teachers? All relationships resolve back to a common denominator–love. See it for what it is in all that you encounter and you will not only honor what you are, but also what they are.

7) Follow Your Passion
Let yourself be curious. Ignite curiosity for your passion and a world you can’t see. Recognize the recurring themes in your life and how it creates a pattern for you to either follow or change. What themes or lessons seem to constantly surface in your life? What are you drawn to again and again? Learn to investigate the difference between disagreements and personal attacks, between feedback and criticism and why they exist. If you are not enjoying it, you’re probably not that passionate about it. Make a planned shift to making a livelihood out of what you are most curious and passionate about. The money will follow.

8) Be In Gratitude
Appreciate what you have and value it. Try counting your positives and be grateful for all the good things and people in your life. If you’re concerned about wealth and success, know that these can be whatever you like. Abundance comes in many forms. Treat failure as an opportunity to learn a new and better lesson from life, and that’s the trick to manufacture optimism and be in an eternal state of gratitude. Onceyou have a grateful outlook on life, you will also have increased life satisfaction, happiness, optimism, hope, and less of all those emotions perceived as negative.

9) Love Who You Are
No change starts outside of yourself. Change starts first from within. It is impossible to accept the inherent beauty in all living things if we cannot accept our own beauty. It is self-programming. Loving ourselves isn’t a one time event. It’s an endless, ongoing process. It begins with you, enfolding yourself in your own affection and appreciation. Your worth is in your true nature, a core of love and inner goodness. You are a divine being of beautiful light and love and nothing will ever change that.

Michael Forrester is a spiritual counselor and is a practicing motivational speaker for corporations in Japan, Canada and the United States.