10 Superfoods That Will Boost Your Mood and Restore Your Energy, Fast!

Did you know that there are certain foods you can eat in the morning that would give you more energy than a cup of coffee would? It is true that caffeine gives us a quick boost of energy but only to make us feel more tired once the caffeine is consumed and used by our body. In the long run, we are faced with iron deficiency and dehydration when we consume caffeine. Both of which will leave us exhausted and cause other illnesses as well.

But it is not only caffeine we need to stay away from when it comes to our health. Processed foods are next to inevitable to consume nowadays. They are even worse than caffeine when it comes to causing illnesses. Let’s look at some of the superfoods and how they improve our overall health and boost our energy.

  1. APPLE: An apple a day, keeps the doctor away. Apples have countless health benefits indeed but most importantly, they are a powerful antioxidant. Researches also show that one apple, gives enough energy as one cup of coffee but it comes without the exhausting after effects of caffeine. So, replace the coffee with an apple in the morning, get energy, boost your metabolism and feel full.
  1. BANANA: Bananas are rich in vitamin B6 and potassium. They are a good source of fiber and they regulate your metabolism. We need potassium for our muscle health. It is also proven that bananas give you energy and they also take the edginess off when you feel anxiety.
  1. COCONUT OIL: The health benefits of coconut oil are countless. It can be used both internally and externally on our skin and hair. One spoon of coconut oil is enough to give you a lot of energy believe it or not. And it does that by suppressing your appetite. When we consume too much caffeine and eat processed foods in the morning, our blood sugar will inevitably go down fast and we will find ourselves craving something sweet, which will further damage our blood sugar levels. Coconut oil regulates all of this as well as your blood pressure.
  1. ALMONDS: Almonds are a good source of protein and they have vitamins A and E and they are great if you have iron or magnesium deficiency. If you get enough iron during the day, you will see improvements in your energy levels quite fast. Almonds also are a great source of fiber. If you drink plenty of water with them, you will also curb your appetite and sugar cravings.
  1. DARK LEAFY GREENS: The darker the color, the better. These vegetables like kale, spinach, swiss chard, arugula are perfect superfoods to fight the fatigue and they are also a good source of fiber, iron and vitamin C. If you are not a big fan of vegetables, try combining them in a smoothie mixing them with some fruits too. Or if you like salad, you can make a big bowl of salad combining all of these together. These vegetables are also great if you are trying to lose weight. They will keep you full for a long time and they have low calorie as well.
  1. TURMERIC: Spice up your food with turmeric that is rich in curcumin. Recent studies show that curcumin is very beneficial for our immune system. It strengthens our immune system and today, turmeric is recommended by alternative medicine practitioners to even fight some autoimmune disorders. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to store this spice away from direct sunlight, or better yet, in a pantry. You can use it with meat, in soups or you can fill gelatin capsules with it and take them as pills. A strong immune system is a must to fight fatigue.
  1. QUINOA: In the recent years, especially when people became more knowledgeable about the bad side effects of gluten, they have rediscovered this superfood which is a good source of protein, vitamin B complex, iron and magnesium. It is easy to cook and the amount of recipes you will find online will keep you busy cooking for a very long time. You can also mix it in soups and salads. For example you can make the Mediterranean couscous salad with quinoa.
  1. CHIA SEEDS: The little sponge seeds. They can absorb a great deal of liquid and they can keep you full for a long time. They are rich in protein and vitamin B5. Try adding them to your lemonade. Let them sit overnight and become soft in your lemonade. They give it a nice fun texture too. You can sprinkle them on your salad or your meat as well. Chia pudding is another thing you can try. It is a fun way to get kids used to it if they are picky.
  1. SALMON: A nice and meaty fish rich with omega 3 and vitamin B. Make sure you buy wild salmon so you do not consume harmful antibiotics and other chemicals used on farm raised ones. Doctors recommend eating salmon twice a week because it is good for the heart. It has good fats in it, the fatty acids that help fight fatigue, depression and improve brain functions.
  1. AVOCADOS: Avocados are full of healthy fats, fiber, vitamins A and E as well as potassium and omega 3. They are recommended for people who have diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure. They help with heart health, they have anti inflammatory benefits and they are good for our digestive system as well.

This article 10 SuperFoods to Boost Your Mood and Restore Your Energy was originally published here at isoulscience.com October 10 2016.

5 Ways Hiking Changes Our Brains for the Better

5 Ways Hiking Changes Our Brains for the Better

Our minds and our bodies are strongly connected. It is a proven fact that when we are mentally tired, we feel physically tired as well, in fact we feel pain or we feel sick. Researches also show us that when faced with a life threatening illness, keeping a positive attitude helps reverse the negative side effects of this illness and in many cases reverses the illness completely. So it is important to treat our minds right so our bodies can feel healthy too.

Nature has always been an escape for the city dwellers who are caught in the craziness of the fast paced urban life. Most of us subconsciously yearn for a quiet place away from the noise and business of our daily lives. It is like our minds know that this is what we need. That’s why there is a  big increase in the number of people who are getting involved in outdoor activities and hiking is one of them.

What does it do exactly to our bodies and our minds? Here is how, hiking can help us live a more balanced, healthier life:

  1. Hiking helps us focus: Especially if you are hiking alone, this is a great way to focus and rearrange your thoughts. If you have been in a stressful situation and you need a break and you decide hiking will be good for you, yes it will be. When you walk, you will find yourself thinking things over, maybe in the beginning you will feel anxiety and you will feel stressed out or even mad at the situation, but one of the best things about hiking is that the more we walk, the calmer our minds start to become. It is as if the physical energy we use helps us organize our thoughts and with each step, we find that these thoughts have less power over us and we feel calmer and free. The reason why this happens is because hiking is a form of meditation. When we meditate, we learn how to be in the present moment by learning how to pay attention to our breathing and by learning to keep our focus in the present moment. Hiking, in a sense, does the same thing but in a different way. It raises our heartbeat and improves our blood circulation and activates the part in our brain that controls the release of dopamine hormone. And this makes us move to the second reason why hiking is good for our mental health.

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  1. Hiking reduces stress: Now that we mentioned how hiking helps with the release of dopamine, we should also mention that this hormone is the hormone that reduces stress and makes us feel motivated and happy. Spending time in nature and taking a break from technology rejuvenate our brains and in return we increase our mental and physical strength. Exercise in open and fresh air also cleans our bodies from the toxins that are built up in our system due to the effects of living in a city and having a fast paced life with poor diet. Oxygen is good for our brains as well as our blood. Our bodies renew themselves in nature. When we feel refreshed and rejuvenated, we can deal with stress much better and more effectively.
  1. Hiking increases creativity: When we are in the city, all the noises that come with the urban life become a source of distraction. We begin to not realize how much noise is being fed to us on a daily basis. The traffic, industrial machines, constructions, sirens etc. Even if we begin to not think of these disturbances consciously, our subconscious takes note and this results by us losing the connection with our inner selves. In order to reconnect with our subconscious mind, or Higher Self, we need to either meditate or go outside to the nature and forget about civilization for a while. When we do this, slowly, we rebuild our focus and learn to listen to the sound of the wind, the leaves, birds chirping, sound of a river nearby perhaps… these are all things we need to experience in order to get back to the creative mindset. Creativity suffers when we have problems with keeping focus on something. Creativity needs tenderness and care and nurturing of the mind with healthy and positive thought patterns. Because without healthy mind, we can not find motivation and without motivation, we can’t have inspiration, and without inspiration, we can never be creative.
  1. Hiking improves self esteem: Knowing you did something good for yourself and feeling proud of it, looking in the mirror and starting to like what you see. The feeling of accomplishment, satisfaction and self love… all things we need to feel about ourselves in order to build our self esteem. Going between home and work back and forth every day, having very little time for ourselves, losing so much time sitting in the traffic, eating poorly… these things build up in time and before we know, we find out we dislike ourselves. Maybe our poor diet caused us to gain weight and we don’t like our body, maybe the constant competition and stress at work made us mentally weak we don’t give ourselves enough credit for our accomplishments, in fact we don’t even notice our accomplishments or worse yet, we can’t accomplish anything because we are mentally drained. Exercising in nature and spending time in nature will help us regain our self esteem. If we can do this regularly, we will begin to lose weight and we will feel motivated to eat and live better. Once we start seeing a difference,, we will then realize, we have the power to change things and make our lives a positive one.
  1. Hiking can help us get rid of brooding: Thinking obsessively about the bad and stressful situations, or over analyzing everything until we convince ourselves that something must definitely be wrong… If we stop and think about how our thinking patterns can hurt us in the long run we would be amazed to see how much damage we caused to ourselves and to our mental health. Unfortunately, bad and negative and obsessive thinking become a pattern after some time because our brains adopt things as patterns and then sends mixed signals to our sub conscious mind. We can fix this and reverse the negative side effects of brooding by replacing it with a new pattern, and in order to develop a new pattern we need to start either meditating, or exercising or better yet, both. But hiking actually does give us both. Hiking can be an effective way to meditate as we explained before by teaching us how to focus. Hiking also helps by releasing dopamine and making us in return feel happy and satisfied. A healthy mind looks at things from a different angle. A healthy mind thinks calmly, does not panic and does not self destroy with negative thinking.

This article was originally published here at isoulscience.com October 10, 2016

6 Reasons Why Hoods Are Highly Spiritual (the Spiritual Significance of Hoods)

6 Reasons Why Hoods are So Highly Spiritual

Wearing a hood may seem like a new fashion trend lately mostly by tweens or hipsters and adults alike, but the fact is wearing a type of head cover either  a hood, a cap or a turban during spiritual rituals or meditation or while performing magic by pagans is a very old tradition. It not only exists in pagan religions, but also in one form or another, in all the world’s religions from Buddhism to Islam, from Christianity to Shamanism.

During the middle ages, hoods were used for covering one’s identity. It was a way for many women to escape the unjust rules of dogmatic religion that sacrificed and burned them. Depending on their color, hoods signify different things. As a black cape with a hood oftentimes symbolizes a sinister being, a white cape with a white hood signifies purity, virginity, red has more of a sexual awakening meaning, so on and so forth.

What makes caps and hoods spiritual? How are they helping us connect with Higher Powers and Spirits? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why they are.

  1. They create spiritual emotion

We practice rituals not because they are rules of a religion or any other spiritual practice but because they are a medium for us to build a connection with the Universe or in religious cases, with God. Wearing a cap, or a head cover helps one get into the emotional state of spiritual practice and creates some sort of connection through energies and vibrations. It is also a symbol of taking one’s practice seriously in certain cases. Many people who practice meditation state that they use hoods of certain shapes and colors depending on what they are trying to achieve and what kind of energy they are trying to connect with.

  1. Each fabric and shape has its own vibration

When we wear hoods in different shapes of animals, or made with different types of fabrics, we are attracting and reflecting a certain energy message from and to the Universe. That is why nowadays spirit hoods are very popular because each animal shape corresponds to a different psychological and spiritual state. So when you prepare to wear one, do a good research and find out what each of them represent. For example, a wrinkle or a certain shape on the cloth attracts certain waves from the atmosphere.

  1. They help increase our intuition

One of the ways we increase our intuition is through regular practice of meditation or prayer. We perceive spiritual vibrations from fabrics and other materials, therefore what we use as a hood is very important to understand what kind of vibration we will receive. Colors, shapes and patterns are also portals to the spiritual world and to our intuition and advanced levels of sixth sense too.

  1. We protect ourselves from negative energy

If we choose the appropriate hoods that carry positive and healing energies then we will be able to protect ourselves from negative energy as well. If we wear hoods that attract negative energy, we might not be able to protect ourselves from bad vibrations. This is one of the reasons why we need to do our research and pick our hoods wisely before we buy one or make one. Silk and cotton are mostly used in hoods to help attract positive vibes from the atmosphere. On the other hand, materials like artificial fibres, nylons, polyester or terylene have the power to soak up the negative vibrations. White, yellow, blue are among the positive colors as opposed to black, attracting stress and negativity. When a hood is dirty, it attracts more negativity and when it is clean it attracts positivity. There are so many little details like this we need to pay attention to.

  1. They help us reach freedom

Just like they attract positive and negative energies, they also help us get to a certain state of being by giving us the strength and encouragement we need to get there. For example wolf is the symbol of freedom among other things. If you choose a spirit hood with a wolf shape, then you will be able to connect with the certain kind of energy that will bring freedom to your life. Because remember, the shape, the color and the material of the hood greatly matter when it comes to spiritual energies.

  1. They help us change and get to the next level

There are many times in our lives where we feel stuck and in need of a change that will carry us to the next stage of our lives. Meditation is one form of realizing our current state and it helps us declutter our minds to see the alternate routes to get to the next level but using a hood while meditating and during times we are not meditating, would keep us closer to our target. Going back to creating the required emotional state, the kind of hood we will wear will determine, by keeping us awake and alert how smoothly and quickly we will get there.

There are certain animals considered highly powerful in symbolizing spiritual powers. The five most popular ones are:

-wolves: symbolize intuition, instincts, intelligence and freedom

-owls: symbolize wisdom, intuition, higher powers and all-seeing eye

-bears: symbolize strength and self-confidence, leadership, healing powers and solitude

-hawks: symbolize spirit world,  high focus and attention for detail, clear vision, self-sufficiency

-foxes: symbolize increased awareness, physical and mental strength, ability to survive.

This article 6 Reasons Why Hoods are So Highly Spiritual was originally published here at isoulscience.com August 29 2016.

10 Clear Signs You Are Being Contacted By a Spirit

10 Signs You Are Being Contacted by a Spirit

Death is not the end. We are all made of energy and when our bodies die, we transform into a different form that is not visible to the naked human eye (at least in many cases). Sometimes, when a spirit leaves its physical body, it takes longer for it to cross to the other side for many reasons. And sometimes, they try to get in contact with us to let us know that they are still with us. There are certain things we can look for in situations like this to see if a spirit is trying to communicate with us. 

  1. Flickering lights

Sometimes when we sit in our room, we notice a few quick flickers of light. Maybe you have already been thinking of your loved one and they wanted to give you a sign that they feel it and they are near you. Or maybe they wanted you to think of them. Usually when this happens, we find ourselves in a sort of intuitive state, as if we simply sensed why the light was flickering. It is because the energy sent us by our loved one affects our thoughts too.

  1. You see a shadow out of the corner or your eyes

We all feel it sometimes. A dark shadow right out of the corner of our eyes and we turn around but see nothing or no one. But there was something there. It’s a strange feeling but it is one of the signs that shows us we are being contacted by a spirit.

  1. You feel an air flow around you

You are indoors but you suddenly feel a flow of air around you. Like a very quick chilling breeze that goes away as fast as it comes. Many people report they feel a change in temperature as well inside their homes when they are contacted by a spirit. Because spirits are a different form of energy, they are capable of causing air flows or changes in temperature when they are around us.

  1. You hear your name being called

Have you ever felt like someone called your name but there was no one around you? Or no one that could possibly know you or call your name? But you can swear you heard it. Sometimes they do more than that, they might say something that is very meaningful for the both of you, or something you would understand that it is coming from your loved one. A much more obvious sign that shows you, you are being contacted by a spirit.

  1. Dreams

One of the most common ways spirits contact us is through our dreams. In the dream state, our subconscious mind becomes more dominant because it is  one of the best times for it to communicate a message to our conscious mind. Since the subconscious mind is alert, it is capable of accepting any form of communication that comes through. This is almost like a portal for the spirits and they can let us know how they are or they can bring a message to us or maybe even warn us for something. Trust your intuition and do not dismiss your dreams. Always find ways to analyze them.

  1. They move small objects

Some spirits are capable of moving small objects. Like a pen right next to you on the desk moves a tiny bit, or a piece of paper suddenly falls on the floor, maybe a glass object cracks suddenly without being touched. Things like this are very common.

  1. We sense a certain smell

A certain smell that makes us think of them, maybe like a perfume or cologne they used to wear. Or the smell of a flower that you or they love very much. A certain smell that will surely give you a sign that it is coming from them to let you know that they are trying to contact you.

  1. Visions

Sometimes we see a quick reflection in the mirror or on the glass when we look through the window as if someone was right behind us. Sometimes we see them right in front of us as a semi transparent being. This is a more developed form of connection but certain spirits are capable of communicating with us like this.

  1. We feel their presence

Sometimes it is just your gut feeling telling you that you are not alone in the room, there is someone else there with you. You might not see any other signs like visions, sounds, smells or movements but you are sure that you are being watched or someone is trying to tell you something. It might be a chilling feeling if you are not used to it but it is also a very common form of communication by spirits because they can reach us through our brain frequency and let us know that they are there.

  1. Numbers or symbols on things

If you ever tried improving your intuition, this is one of the exercises that helps you get to the next level. Paying attention to the signs, symbols and numbers around you. Because they are specifically put there for you to interpret them. Spirits use these signs and symbols as well to communicate with us. When you think of them you might see a sign or a number that is very special for you two, or sometimes the symbol comes before the thought, which is sent by the spirit for us to notice and think of them and know that they are near.

This article 10 Signs You are Being Contacted By a Spirit was originally published here at isoulscience.com August 25, 2016

10 Effective Ways to Protect Yourself From Negative Energy

Ways to Protect Yourself From NegativeEnergy

It is no coincidence that we suddenly feel in a bad mood, sick or anxious around some people. The feeling of something is not right, or something bad will happen, a sudden feeling of sadness or irritation, your throat feeling scratchy, you are short of breath and your mood and energy are down. There are energy vampires everywhere.

Sometimes, our subconscious mind sends us signals to warn us and all these emotions above are some of those signs. Sometimes the signs might come as numbers that have certain meanings, a word or an image somewhere, a specific colour on something… No matter what, learn to listen to your gut feeling because you will see it does not fail you, actually it is trying to communicate with you to protect you. But if you are caught off guard and it is too late, how can you get rid of the negative energy on you and around you?

  1. Meditate

Meditation clears our mind and our spirit. It enables us to communicate with our subconscious mind in order to see the reality from a different dimension. It regulates our thought process and eliminates stress and anxiety from our lives by replacing it with peace and calmness. When we have a peaceful mind, we also have a strong immune system and a strong brain. All of these things help us feel more motivated and positive and they raise our frequency. Negative energy attracts lower frequencies, when you raise yours, you will elevate yourself and send out a new positive vibration and attract more positive experiences.

  1. Say a mantra for protection

You can create your own mantra. A group of positive affirmations that will enable you to concentrate on the positive aspect of things and that will remind you that you have the strength to fight the negative powers that are trying to consume your life. Make it a daily habit and start your day with these mantras and you will see after a short time, your brain will naturally adjust this new way of strong positivity that comes from within you.

  1. Light a candle

Candles are known to absorb the lower energies. When you light a candle not only will it make the atmosphere more peaceful and serene but it will also do the cleansing work without you doing an extra job. Choose a white candle as the colour symbolizes purity, peace and prosperity as well as wellness.

  1. Learn how to simply observe your thoughts and emotions without them affecting your energy.

This might be hard to do if you are not meditating or doing any breathing exercises. In this case, you might lose your cool and strength fast sometimes. Just remind yourself that the person who is the energy vampire or who reflects bad energies is the weak one. These people can not survive if they can’t suck up others’ energies. But you can keep your frequency high and keep their power away from you by rising above them.

  1. Stay Away from the Drama (because it’s just not worth it)

Another hard one. Of course it is next to impossible to keep ourselves away from stress and stressful situations because they are a part of life. But what we can do is keep our protective energy shield around us and not let these situations affect us and disrupt our daily routine. Give yourself time to think and relax when you encounter a situation that is out of your control but is causing stress for you. Once you calm down and think clearly, you will see that your subconscious mind will show you doors to get you out that you didn’t see were there before. It is a matter of listening to your inner voice and communication with your higher self.

  1. Get moving and bust up that stagnant energy!

Just like sweat gets rid of the toxins in our bodies, anything that really gets the body moving will get rid of the negative energy hold. Do not underestimate the power of exercising. It increases your motivation, your mood, your frequency, and it also gives you self esteem. All of these things will keep you stronger in the long run against energy vampires.

  1. Take a saltwater bath

Sea salt has healing powers and it neutralizes our system. Soaking in hot water with sea salt can have a very relaxing and healing effect on you. This works especially better if you are feeling drained, unmotivated, you are feeling physically ill, depressed and in a bad mood.

  1. Focus on your breathing

There are certain things you can do when you do this exercise to enable you to focus on cleaning the negative energy on and around you. When you inhale, think about all the negativity moving up from your stomach to your mouth. Then when you exhale, open your mouth and think about letting this negativity out and into the air to vanish. Keep repeating this until you start feeling the positive healing results.

  1. Frequency and Sound

Positive frequencies help us break up lower vibrational negative energy by harmonizing the fundamental vibration of creation that they resonate. Keep wind chimes around the outside or inside of your house which create these harmonic vibrations.

Alternatively, if you aren’t a much of a fan of wind chimes, you can walk around the house by clapping your hands, singing, or you can turn on some music that you really enjoy, your favourite band or singer, whatever you want! One of the best ways to bust up negative energy is to create a positive wave vibration by use of tibetan singing bowls or tibetan music that you can find on your . Be sure to crank up the volume and visualize these sound waves as circles of sound penetrating you and everything around you in healing and harmony. 

  1. Surround yourself with positive people

Well this really is the best thing you can do for yourself. People who choose to lift you up instead of dragging you down, need to be a part of your daily life. Don’t know any? Looking for a change? Take a good look around and soon you will see and feel the difference; how they radiate positivity and peace everywhere they go. Let them be your mentor in restoring balance in your life. Having a hard time attracting positive relationships in your life? It all starts with you.

This article 10 Ways to Protect Yourself From Negative Energy was originally published here at isoulscience.com August 25, 2016.


The full moons eclipse August 18, 2016 is a rare one indeed. I have to say for the past few days I have seen more dragon flies, than I think I have in my entire life!!

Leading up to this event, this powerful lunar eclipse, you may have felt that the energy had been building, and building fast.

This can make things feel a little hectic, leaving you a little out of sorts at times. As if you could sense that a great change has been on the precipice of arrival for some time now.

Having patience while the momentum was building would have been frustrating, scary, and exciting all at the same time.

Hence, you may have noticed a major shift in emotional stability today and even the days surrounding this eclipse.

Synchronicites will be heightened during this time, the soft and gentle nudge from the universe appearing in the form of repeating numbers on license plates and grocery bills will turn into full-blown in your face, wake up calls that cannot and should not be ignored.

Why is this happening?

A culmination of everything we have been waiting for and everything we have wanted to release, is the energy the dragon brings us. A sigh of relief will be felt, tied together with this new found exhilaration to fly on the wings of new life will resonate through each of us.

All which have been leading us to this day of great change and transformation.

You may have noticed your memory getting a little foggy and your perception of time may be slipping a bit.

Take note that this wave of energy will not cease any time soon. This new wave of energy will elevate us all to the next level of spiritual and conscious evolution, as we begin to enter into “the time of no time”.

The spirit and energy of the dragon is calling on you to let go of your fear and trust yourself. Trust your journey, the time of transformation is now.

Can’t see it from your location? Watch it online here at space.com

This article FULL MOON ECLIPSE AUGUST 18: HOW TO HARNESS THE ENERGY OF THE DRAGON was originally published here at isoulscience.com August 18, 2016

26 Sacred Geometry Inspired Clothing Pieces Guaranteed to Raise Your Vibration

What? You didn’t think the spiritual awakening movement would make its way to the latest design of clothing? If you think this is ludacris or just a marketing ploy, let’s think about this.

David Icke was arguably the most well-known for choosing his clothing pieces based on which chakra he wanted to increase the energy flow with. There were numerous days that it was said he would wear nothing but green in an attempt to radiate the colour of the heart chakra. His results? You’ll have to ask him… but as we become more aligned and in tune with the universe, it just makes sense that we should attempt to do whatever we can to radiate the energetic frequency of harmony, spiritual evolution, natural balance and vibrationally align with these patterns of creation.

These really are sensational check them out!


etsy.com– (Above)


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etsy.com (above)

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Check out some maternity wear to help radiate positive energy for every growing woman’s new little universe to come…


etsy.com (above)

20 Sacred Geometry Clothing Pieces Guaranteed to Raise Your Vibration

il_570xN.786247916_kcau il_570xN.796908186_12p0

Many of these works are hand painted.

More information on designers, ordering and where to buy:

Find Siamic Wear on Facebook. 

Find sacred soul maternity on face book

Find Methuselahs art and apparel on facebook

Note** isoulscience.com has not been paid nor requested to promote clothing on this site. We have not and will not receive proceeds for any pieces of clothing purchased as a result of a referral. We simply like the clothing.

10 Hidden Anxiety Triggers You Should Know About

10 Hidden Anxiety Triggers You Should Know About

Anxiety knows no gender, no social class or race. It is proven that more than 40 million people in United States alone suffer from anxiety. Anxiety can start after a stressful or emotional event but it can also start without any cause or warning sign. It usually gives us very little time to prepare (if any) and before we know it, we are already having a full blown anxiety attack.

When it comes to anxiety, we need to look at it in two different ways. First off, there might be situations or things in our lives that in return might “cause” anxiety. However, in this article, we want to look at the other factor, meaning what might possibly “trigger” anxiety, the factors we usually overlook and fail to pay attention to. If we can identify some of these major hidden triggers, we can find ways to hopefully eliminate them from our lives.

  1. Not socializing enough

We always hear about people feeling anxious or having panic attacks when they are in a crowded environment, but we fail to recognize that the complete opposite, can in fact trigger anxiety just the same. If we do not socialize enough, then we spend a lot of time on our own and with our own thoughts.

It is good to know ourselves and listen to ourselves but every once in awhile we need to go back to our social lives in order to function healthily among people. We also need this socializing to not lose touch with reality and be able to feel empathy for others. Spending more than enough time on our own, will eventually distort our thoughts and cause anxiety.

  1. Not having motivation to do or achieve anything

Not having a goal in life can be painful. We all need something to look forward to in order to achieve personal or spiritual growth. The lack of motivation can lead to depression as well as anxiety, as not knowing a clear path can create stress on an individual. Exercising can help regain motivation as it releases dopamine and in general makes us feel accomplished. While exercising, we might find ourselves thinking of solutions that we did not notice existed before.

  1. Not being able to handle stress

If you find yourself in a situation where life gets overwhelming and you can not deal with the amount of stress that would be a major anxiety trigger. Mindfulness meditation would help keep you in the present moment and while practicing it, every time you find yourself going back to stressful thoughts, just let your brain freely go there, but tell yourself that these are situations and emotions you are now organizing, just like you are organizing a bookshelf. Put them all in order. Deal with them one by one. Every time you find the energy to handle something, pull it out of the shelf, deal with it and file it. They belong in the archives now.

  1. Negative thinking

Negative thinking is yet another big trigger for anxiety. Not only it makes you become a pessimistic person and puts you in a permanent panic mode, it also greatly lowers your frequency. When your frequency is low, you only attract things in the same frequency as yours. So work on your thinking. Be positive as much as you can. Practice meditation, yoga or martial arts.

  1. Bad diet

Bad diet not only hurts our physical health but it also affects our mood. When we eat processed foods, foods that are salty or high in acid, we might feel certain physical symptoms that might mimic heart attack. When you feel tightness in your chest and you are sweating, the first thing that will come to your mind will be the thought that something is wrong with your heart. And once you get in that panic mood, then the rest will start snowballing. So try to eat a diet that is as natural as can be without processed foods and gluten if at all possible. Mediterranean diet for example is considered very healthy and it is quite balanced in protein, good carbs and good fats as well as vegetables and fruits.

  1. Positive changes in your life

You did not read this part wrong. Sometimes when we want something so much and then we achieve it, the high amount of emotion can cause a certain imbalance in your system that can possibly trigger anxiety. Feeling so excited and not knowing what your next step will be or what the next day will bring, is enough stress, even though the event itself is a happy one.

  1. Noise, light and smells

All of us have certain sounds that we can not tolerate. Certain frequencies have negative effects on people, it is a proven fact, in fact, when you look at the complete opposite, there are millions of people who try binaural beats to cure certain illnesses. Some frequencies are better for our brain some are not and the ones that are not, can trigger anxiety, bad mood and panic attacks as well. Just like sound, light does the same thing. Soft pastel tones have soothing effects on people and bright or fluorescent lights can trigger anxiety. We use smells to identify things and situations whether we do it intentionally or unintentionally. But we all do it. So when we sense a certain smell, it might take us to a place in time that can trigger a certain emotion and depending on that smell, it can be a good or a bad thing.

  1. Alcohol

People in general assume that alcohol actually calms your nerves and relaxes you. When you are prone to anxiety, alcohol does the complete opposite usually. It can trigger a very bad anxiety attack instead of relaxation. So if you are prone to anxiety, do not consume any alcohol especially in stressful situations.

  1. Insomnia

When we can’t sleep our brains can not rest. All the day’s events, all the negative situations resurface and we live them over and over again in our minds. The more we try to sleep, the more irritated we get. Insomnia can indeed be a big trigger for anxiety and panic attacks. Try to drink a calming herbal tea before bedtime and stay away from caffeine later in the day.

  1. Low blood sugar

Do not underestimate the side effects of low levels of sugar in your blood. Some people have to deal with this on a daily basis. And they know how to keep it under control. But it doesn’t only happen to people with diabetes etc. It can happen to a perfectly healthy person at any given moment due to bad diet, dehydration, not eating etc. Once you start feeling weak and dizzy and your hands start shaking, this can trigger an anxiety attack very fast since you do not know what is wrong with you. Try to eat small amounts of food regularly, without skipping meals and eating healthy snacks between meals.

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10 Healthy Eating Habits to Treat Depression and Cultivate Healthy Gut Bacteria

10 Healthy Eating Habits to Treat Depression and Cultivate Healthy Gut Bacteria

The Root Cause of Depression is in Your Gut, Not Your Brain

For a very long time, it has been believed that a hormonal imbalance in the brain was the root cause of depression. Although it was scientifically proven, what was one major thing that was causing this imbalance in certain people?

Recently, while studying the bacteria in the intestines, scientists have found links between the inflammation of the intestines and certain mental and immune system disorders. The nerve that starts in our brain and travels our entire body all the way to the end of our intestines is called the “vagus” nerve and it is the longest nerve in our body. It is believed to be responsible of many health conditions like mental, respiratory, and gastrointestinal among others.

New research shows that the vagus nerve is affected by the bacteria and inflammation in our guts (you know the expression having a gut feeling) and in return, sends a certain message to our brain creating the imbalance and disorder. The good news is, now that we are able to see depression in a whole new way, we can help ourselves by making simple changes in our diets and improve not just our mental health but our overall health as well.

Here is what you can do to change your diet in order to decrease your depression. (These are natural suggestions only, and are not meant to replace medical therapy, so please do not stop your therapy if you are seeing a doctor, and if you are not seeing one and feel you need it, please talk to a professional.):

  1. Eat whole foods, stay away from processed food

Processed foods contain too many harmful chemicals and ingredients that are not good for our health and these ingredients are not natural for our bodies so we work extra hard to get them out of our system but unfortunately not everything is kicked out. Certain chemicals stay with us forever and cause damage in our physical and mental health. Eat fresh, whole foods. If you are not a big fan of vegetables, it is time to change this bad habit. Try to buy organic meat and organic vegetables as much as you can.

  1. Choose food that is high in nutrients so you don’t need extra supplements

If we can eat a balanced diet that contains all the vitamins and minerals we need, we would not need to take dietary supplements. Unfortunately those supplements, if not chosen carefully, can cause more harm than good.

  1. Eat foods that are rich in antioxidants

If you ever wonder how you will remember which of the vegetables or legumes are rich in antioxidants, here is a simple way. The red and purple ones. Like plums, all kinds of berries, red beans, kidney beans, beets etc.

  1. Eat protein and good fat

Protein is very important for our nervous system which directly affects our mental state. If we do not include enough protein in our diet, we will soon start noticing the side effects. Weaker muscles, bad moods, feeling sad etc. Keep in mind that in the western world, 30 to 40% of our diet includes fat. We need to replace the bad fats with the good ones. Monounsaturated and unsaturated fats are good for you (foods that include omega-3 like fish for example), trans fat is a no no. Stay away from that bag of chips!

  1. Eat good carbs

Just like fats have a bad reputation, so do carbs. However, just like there are good fats, there are also good carbs. Carbs you get from fruits and vegetables are not bad for you. But carbs you get from foods that contain gluten are not good for you. So do not dismiss all carbs at once but keep the good ones in and kick the bad ones out.

  1. Stay away from sugar, bleached flour and rice and salt

Sugar that is not natural and especially the ones that are used in diet drinks and foods are one of the major causes of obesity, bleached rice and flour are known to mess up your blood sugar levels and cause inflammation in your intestines, salt will dehydrate you and will also increase your blood pressure. Stay away from all of these and try to replace them with natural options, like honey or banana or cinnamon instead of sugar, unbleached rice or gluten free flour, try sea salt instead of regular salt for example.

  1. Eat gluten free food

There is so much discussion about this. But the facts are undeniable. Gluten is directly responsible for the inflammation in our guts which is also related to depression and anxiety among many other things. Gluten can cause skin allergies, gastrointestinal problems, certain autoimmune disorders. Try to keep it out of your diet as much as possible. Eat fresh food and organic meat. Try to stay away from store bought sauces and salad dressings as some of them do contain gluten.

  1. Eat foods that are rich in amino acids

Legumes and fish will be your best friends. Foods that are rich in amino acids and omega-3 have a direct effect on your nervous system. The healthier the nervous system, the lesser the amount of depression and anxiety. It is that simple.

  1. Eat foods that are rich in vitamins B and D

Seafood, dairy (organic) and eggs are rich in vitamin D. If you can’t eat enough of these, get enough sunlight every day as it is a good source of vitamin D3 which is very important for a strong immune system. Seafood and dairy are also rich in vitamin B as well as other meat. Legumes, seeds, nuts are good sources of this vitamin as well. Try to include them as much as possible in your diet. Vitamin B is very important for our nervous system and it also gives our body the fuel it needs to run.

  1. Cut back on caffeine and drink more water

Caffeine will increase our anxiety level and this can very easily turn into a chronic state lowering the iron level in our blood where we will feel tired and depressed all the time. It also dehydrates our body. In order to give our body enough water, yes, we need to drink more water but also stay away from foods and drinks that dehydrate us like caffeine or foods high in sodium and salt etc.

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How Harmonic Frequencies Cure Cancer, Seriously.

Many people believe cancer is caused by DNA damage. The truth is that, while cancer cells may have DNA damage, it’s more likely the DNA damage is a symptom and not a cause. So what really causes cancer? Researchers have been trying to answer that question for 125 years.

Microbes, Energy, Vibration and Cancer

It was discovered in 1890 by William Russell that microbes exist inside and outside of cancer cells. In 1931 Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in medicine for discovering that cancer cells had low “ATP energy”. ATP is produced inside the mitochondria of a cell and is known as “adenoisine triphosphate”.

It was proven by Dr Royal Rife, a microbiologist behind the development of “harmonic frequencies” that if you destroy the microbes inside cancer cells you can revert them back to their original forms. Dr Rife used his harmonic frequencies to destroy these microbes.

Unfortunately he didn’t win a Nobel Prize and instead his lab and research were destroyed in a combined effort by the FDA and the American Medical Association. The reason? He cured cancer. This is no doubt going to confuse some readers. The fact of the matter is that there is more money to be made in controlling cancer than curing it. The same goes for most diseases. People who say that the pharmaceutical industry is more concerned with profits than curing diseases aren’t too far from the truth. Even though we’ve had natural cures for cancer since the ‘30s very few patients ever try them.

Scientists from the Independent Cancer Research Foundation (ICRF) – a non-profit foundation looking to discover natural medicine – discovered how these cancer cell microbes were able to block ATP energy. They used this knowledge to develop over 25 natural treatments for cancer that focus on destroying the microbes as Dr Rife’s treatments did and turning them back into normal cells.

One of these methods uses a machine inspired by the equipment of Dr Rife. They call it the “High RF Frequency Device” and it kills the microbes using high frequencies to vibrate and destroy the microbes.

What’s the Connection Between DNA Damage and Cancer?

At this point it’s worth mentioning why cancer cells have DNA damage. This question was answered by the Virginia Livingston team of natural medicine cancer researchers. They found that the microbes in cancer cells were able to penetrate the cell nucleus (the “brain” of a cell where DNA is stored). After breaching the nucleus the DNA of the microbes mixes with the DNA of the cell which causes DNA damage. This is the driving force behind conventional “gene therapy”. You can see that DNA damage is indeed a symptom of cancer rather than a cause of cancer.

Cancer researchers are wasting their time trying to fix DNA damage. This convinces the public that they’re actually trying to cure cancer because they believe fixing the DNA damage IS the cure. But we already have over 25 natural cures! This is how cancer research organizations work. They give off the impression that they are looking for a cure when really all they’re doing is wasting time and money.

This is how high RF frequency can cure cancer and the basis of Dr Rife’s research. Killing the microbes stops them from blocking ATP energy, unleashing the energy and giving the cells back the power they need to become normal again. Once researchers understood that the microbes were a kind of bacteria it was easy for them to develop 25 natural cures including high RF frequency.

The Royal Rife technology, which is used to convert cancer cells back into normal cells, has also been improved over time. Nowadays high RF frequency treatments are able to able to perfectly replicate what the original Rife frequency generators did and do so much more.

These days natural medicine researchers combine their knowledge of traditional methods with state-of-the-art technology to completely cure cancer. There are a number of natural medicine cancer clinics out there, including ones that are owned and operated by medical doctors who abandoned the old ways and embraced natural medicine.

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Why You Need to Change the Frequency of Your Music

Why You Need to Change the Frequency of Your Music

It’s scientific fact that everything, including the human body, is made up of energy that vibrates at different frequencies. As such it just makes sense to question how sound frequencies can affect us.

The evidence suggests that sound frequencies can indeed affect us, as frequencies affect other frequencies. Think of it as being how ingredients affect the flavour of a meal. To illustrate this, there have been a number of experiments, such as cymatics and water memory, that show us the effect of frequencies on the physical world.

Cymatics shows us that when you play sound frequencies through certain mediums, such as air, water, and sand, they can directly affect the flow of matter. You can see the results of the effect for yourself.

Water memory has a similar principle. It shows how not just sound, but also intent, can affect the vibration of matter. This effect was proven by Dr. Masaru Emoto who performed numerous studies showing this effect.Everyone has their own vibrational frequency and the human body is estimated to be around 70% water.


Given the experiments outlined above it only makes sense that musical frequencies could affect the vibrational state of humans. Everything expressed through sound, emotion, or thought has a frequency of its own that affects the world around it. Just how one drop of water can create a large ripple and affect a huge body of water.

The Frequency of Music

Let’s take this concept and look at music frequency. Most music produced in the world is set at the frequency of A=440hz after the International Standards Organization (ISO) promoted the idea in 1953. However it’s possible that when you look at the overall vibratory nature of the universe that this pitch is actually disharmonious with the natural resonance of nature. As such it could actually lead to negative effects on human behaviour and consciousness.

There are theories that the Nazi regime planned on using this pitch after scientific research showed them which frequencies were best for inducing feat and aggression. It may be an unproven conspiracy theory but it is true that some studies have shown that music should be turned to A=432Hz instead.

Golden Mean and the Universe

It’s believed that 432Hz is mathematically consistent with the patterns of the universe. 432Hz is said to vibrate with the golden mean PHI of the universe and unify light, time, space, matter, gravity and magnetism with biology, the DNA code, and consciousness. Resonating our atoms and DNA with nature leaves us with an even deeper connection to nature and the world around us. The number 432 is also significant as it is reflected in the ration of the sun, Earth and moon as well as the precession of the equinoxes, the Egyptian Great Pyramid Stonehenge, the Sri Yanta and other sacred sites.

The Cosmic Keyboard

Something else to consider is that A=432Hz correlates with the colour spectrum; something that isn’t true of A=440Hz.

It’s said that every frequency in the spectrum is related in octaves from gamma rays to subharmonics. The colours and notes are also connected to the chakras in the body and other important energy centers. If people are to understand chakras are connected to the Seven Rays of the Solar Spectrum then we understand the importance of using the right notes and frequencies. The Cosmic Keyboard or Cosmic Pitchfork is tuned at A=432Hz, not the standard A=440Hz. On the Cosmic Keyboard C# is set at 136.10Hz “Om”. This is the main note of the classical Indian Sitar and the pitch of the chants the Tibetan Monks sing. The Monks say that the note “comes from nature”.

What’s the Difference?

It’s about time we explored the differences between A=440Hz and A=432Hz. Music lovers and musicians have all noticed that when music is tuned in A=432Hz it sounds more beautiful and is more harmonious and produces an inward experience that we feel in the heart and spine. When music is tuned at A=440Hz feels more outwards and a more mental experience. You feel it in your head and it projects outwards. Audiophiles have also noted that A=432Hz music can fill up an entire room while music in A=440Hz is far more local and linear.

So change the frequency of your music the next time you listen to it and hear the difference for yourself!

Don’t know where to start? There are plenty of tutorials you can use to vibrate with the energy of the universe while you enjoy your favourite tune! Here’s one we found.


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