Science Says Weighted Blankets Help Relieve Symptoms of Insomnia and Anxiety

It’s well past midnight and you’re wide awake. Your mind races with financial worries and family related issues. You try to close your eyes, but they relentlessly open up again. Then your to-do list starts to run through your mind. Did I pay the power bill? Did I send a check to the hospital for the MRI? Did the clients at work read my report I poured my time over all day yesterday? It goes on and on.

Insomnia disrupts sleep but what if there was a way to peacefully go to sleep at a reasonable hour? There is—and that is to use a weighted blanket.

The main concept behind the weighted blanket is to calm people from their anxiety or stress. Studies have indicated when specific parts of the body are touched, like the feet or back, our bodies release serotonin. This is the happy hormone that boosts our mood, while it also frees us of anxiety so we can enjoy a restful sleep. The weighted blanket is known as a deep-touch therapy. It stimulates a person to feel the warmth and comfort of a blanket, similar to the method they felt when they were in infancy.

Weighted blankets also assist those that have anxiety, insomnia or pain. Many of these people are restless throughout their sleep or find it hard to sleep at all. When these individuals used a weighted blanket, however, they were more grounded in their sleep and enjoyed a more peaceful rest. Those individuals that live with post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder or attention deficit hyperactive disorder all have reported positive outcomes from using the blanket.

The blanket also benefits those suffering from menopause, autism, Tourette’s, cerebral palsy or alzheimer’s disease.

The reason these blankets work is that it calms the nervous system. The blanket moulds to the person’s body, while plastic poly pellets are weighted evenly all throughout the blanket. It stimulates that the person is being hugged. This helps to calm and comfort the patient, relieving them of their worries. The office can worry about itself, in essence, because nobody should carry anxiety around that is not their own.

This blanket, too, is going to lift your serotonin levels. It’s going to put you into a better mood and make you more relaxed. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying a pleasant dream.

Isn’t it time you took back your life? Why should you have to worry about responsibilities that you can’t change or those that don’t directly impact you? Quite honestly, that’s not fair to you.

This blanket is going to give you your life back. All the sleep you have been missing is going to be restored. This deep therapy through the weighted blanket is worth it. Say good-bye to those nights where you tossed and turned so much that your spouse was convinced there was an earthquake.

If this is you, then you need the weighted blanket. It’s going to regulate your body’s systems back to where they need to be.

You’ll feel much better after a good night’s rest!

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