How the Words You Speak Literally Restructure Your Brain

The kind of words we choose to use can literary change our brain. A single word has enormous power to influence the expression of genes that regulate emotional and physical stress.

Researchers have discovered that when we use positive words like peace, love, and loving-kindness, we modify our brain functions by generally increasing cognitive reasoning and strengthening areas around our frontal lobes. Therefore, utilizing positive words more frequently than negative words can actually activate the motivation centers of the brain, prompting them into action.

Positive words are known to engage the brain center responsible for understanding the big picture, respect, active listening, empathy, and problem-solving, while negative words activate the fear center.  We prevent the production of certain stress management neurochemicals in our brain when we use negative words. This increases the activity in out fear center and causes fear producing hormones to flood our entire system.

These neurotransmitters and hormones interrupt the logic and reasoning processes in the brain and obstruct normal functionality.

A Positive Psychology research also elaborated on the benefits of using positive words. A group of adults within the age of 35- 54 were asked to write three very important things that went well for them that day, including a brief explanation of why. This was done for a period of three months and was referred to as “the gratitude and appreciation journaling.” Over the three months duration that the study lasted, they reported an increase in their level of happiness.

Also, the depression levels continued to decrease for a long time after the experiment was concluded. This study confirmed the long-held believe that by reflecting and focusing on positive language, feelings, thoughts and emotions, we can drastically improve our overall wellbeing.

What words do you focus most of your energy on? If realize your life is not exactly happy as you want it, you should try documenting your life for a month in order to observe how often you use positive words. If you noticed you have been using positive words less often, is will be beneficial for you to try the “gratitude and appreciation journaling” exercised discussed above. It will do you a lot of good than you think.

By constantly holding optimistic and positive words in your mind, you continuously stimulate the frontal lobe activity. This includes specific language centers that directly connect to the motor cortex responsible for getting you into action. And research has shown that the more you concentrate on positive the more you begin to affect other important areas of the brain.

In general, functions in the parietal lobes begin to change, which also changes your perception of yourself and the people you interact with. Positively viewing yourself will move you toward seeing the good in others as well. Over time, the structure of your thalamus will be altered in response to your conscious words, feeling and thoughts and it is believed that the thalamus changes affect the way reality is perceived.

In conclusion, if you want to be happy, use happy words.

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