3 Reasons to Boycott Nestlé Products This Halloween

What started out as a local issue quickly became a national boycott and international outrage after Nestlé purchased a township well in Centre Wellington. The township themselves wanted to purchase the well for themselves with the simple message of “protect our water”. The township, along with much of the Ontario province, is experiencing a drought. Purchasing the well would have secured plenty of water for the township and would have secured their rights to their own water. Instead Nestlé outbid them and purchased the well and it’s given people plenty of reasons to boycott Nestlé products this Halloween.

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  1. Protect our Water

People are understandably frustrated that they aren’t in control of their own water. Right now Canada is going through a water crisis thanks to climate change and over-extraction. Both of which are problems that Nestlé is contributing to. Their new Elora well is also located near a reserve that belongs to the First Nation. As well as stealing water from Canadians Nestlé is also putting the water supply of the First Nation at risk.

 2. Protect the Environment

Bottled water is a serious contributor to climate change; especially Nestlé bottled water. Nestlé uses single-use plastic for their bottles. While some plastic bottles can be recycled and they’re not as bad for the environment this isn’t the case with Nestlé bottled water. Nestlé are also causing a lot of damage through their over-extraction of water. While much of Ontario was suffering a drought Nestlé were pumping over million litres of groundwater a day from just one aquifer near Guelph, which they only pay less than $15 a day for. Imagine how much better the water situation would be if people were in control of their own water supply; withdrawing only how much they want and not putting it in plastic bottles.

3. Send a Message

When you want to send a message to a company there’s only one place you can really hit them; their wallets. A boycott is one of the only ways to make a multi-billion dollar company such as Nestlé hear you. A boycott causes a drop in profits, especially if as many Canadians and people around the world join in.

It’s not just Canada that Nestlé is pumping water out of. Even though their permit expired in 1988 they’ve been allowed to continue pumping water out of California; another place facing severe drought issues at the minute. They also have a 4-mile long pipeline that takes gallons of public water out of the Strawberry Creek watershed. The water is then sold back as Arrowhead bottled water. So they are actually making profits selling water that belongs to the public anyway. It’s like having someone make you pay for drinking your tap water.

Nestlé and their bottled water have done harm to the environment in a number of ways. These are some good reasons to boycott Nestlé products this Halloween and protect our water. If you’re Canadian and want to pledge your commitment to the Nestlé boycott you can get involved here.

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