How Harmonic Frequencies Cure Cancer, Seriously.

Many people believe cancer is caused by DNA damage. The truth is that, while cancer cells may have DNA damage, it’s more likely the DNA damage is a symptom and not a cause. So what really causes cancer? Researchers have been trying to answer that question for 125 years.

Microbes, Energy, Vibration and Cancer

It was discovered in 1890 by William Russell that microbes exist inside and outside of cancer cells. In 1931 Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in medicine for discovering that cancer cells had low “ATP energy”. ATP is produced inside the mitochondria of a cell and is known as “adenoisine triphosphate”.

It was proven by Dr Royal Rife, a microbiologist behind the development of “harmonic frequencies” that if you destroy the microbes inside cancer cells you can revert them back to their original forms. Dr Rife used his harmonic frequencies to destroy these microbes.

Unfortunately he didn’t win a Nobel Prize and instead his lab and research were destroyed in a combined effort by the FDA and the American Medical Association. The reason? He cured cancer. This is no doubt going to confuse some readers. The fact of the matter is that there is more money to be made in controlling cancer than curing it. The same goes for most diseases. People who say that the pharmaceutical industry is more concerned with profits than curing diseases aren’t too far from the truth. Even though we’ve had natural cures for cancer since the ‘30s very few patients ever try them.

Scientists from the Independent Cancer Research Foundation (ICRF) – a non-profit foundation looking to discover natural medicine – discovered how these cancer cell microbes were able to block ATP energy. They used this knowledge to develop over 25 natural treatments for cancer that focus on destroying the microbes as Dr Rife’s treatments did and turning them back into normal cells.

One of these methods uses a machine inspired by the equipment of Dr Rife. They call it the “High RF Frequency Device” and it kills the microbes using high frequencies to vibrate and destroy the microbes.

What’s the Connection Between DNA Damage and Cancer?

At this point it’s worth mentioning why cancer cells have DNA damage. This question was answered by the Virginia Livingston team of natural medicine cancer researchers. They found that the microbes in cancer cells were able to penetrate the cell nucleus (the “brain” of a cell where DNA is stored). After breaching the nucleus the DNA of the microbes mixes with the DNA of the cell which causes DNA damage. This is the driving force behind conventional “gene therapy”. You can see that DNA damage is indeed a symptom of cancer rather than a cause of cancer.

Cancer researchers are wasting their time trying to fix DNA damage. This convinces the public that they’re actually trying to cure cancer because they believe fixing the DNA damage IS the cure. But we already have over 25 natural cures! This is how cancer research organizations work. They give off the impression that they are looking for a cure when really all they’re doing is wasting time and money.

This is how high RF frequency can cure cancer and the basis of Dr Rife’s research. Killing the microbes stops them from blocking ATP energy, unleashing the energy and giving the cells back the power they need to become normal again. Once researchers understood that the microbes were a kind of bacteria it was easy for them to develop 25 natural cures including high RF frequency.

The Royal Rife technology, which is used to convert cancer cells back into normal cells, has also been improved over time. Nowadays high RF frequency treatments are able to able to perfectly replicate what the original Rife frequency generators did and do so much more.

These days natural medicine researchers combine their knowledge of traditional methods with state-of-the-art technology to completely cure cancer. There are a number of natural medicine cancer clinics out there, including ones that are owned and operated by medical doctors who abandoned the old ways and embraced natural medicine.

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