The full moons eclipse August 18, 2016 is a rare one indeed. I have to say for the past few days I have seen more dragon flies, than I think I have in my entire life!!

Leading up to this event, this powerful lunar eclipse, you may have felt that the energy had been building, and building fast.

This can make things feel a little hectic, leaving you a little out of sorts at times. As if you could sense that a great change has been on the precipiceĀ of arrival for some time now.

Having patience while the momentum was building would have beenĀ frustrating, scary, and exciting all at the same time.

Hence, you may have noticed a major shift in emotional stability today and even the days surrounding this eclipse.

Synchronicites will be heightened during this time, the soft and gentle nudge from the universe appearing in the form of repeating numbers on license plates and grocery bills will turn into full-blown in your face, wake up calls that cannot and should not be ignored.

Why is this happening?

A culmination of everything we have been waiting for and everything we have wanted to release, is the energy the dragon brings us. A sigh of relief will be felt, tied together with this new found exhilaration to fly on the wings of new life will resonate through each of us.

All which have been leading us to this day of great change and transformation.

You may have noticed your memory getting a little foggy and your perception of time may be slipping a bit.

Take note that this wave of energy will not cease any time soon. This new wave of energy will elevate us all to the next level of spiritual and conscious evolution, as we begin to enter into “the time of no time”.

The spirit and energy of the dragon is calling on you to let go of your fear and trust yourself. Trust your journey, the time of transformation is now.

Can’t see it from your location? Watch it online here at space.com

This article FULL MOON ECLIPSE AUGUST 18: HOW TO HARNESS THE ENERGY OF THE DRAGON was originally published here at isoulscience.com August 18, 2016

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