26 Sacred Geometry Inspired Clothing Pieces Guaranteed to Raise Your Vibration

What? You didn’t think the spiritual awakening movement would make its way to the latest design of clothing? If you think this is ludacris or just a marketing ploy, let’s think about this.

David Icke was arguably the most well-known for choosing his clothing pieces based on which chakra he wanted to increase the energy flow with. There were numerous days that it was said he would wear nothing but green in an attempt to radiate the colour of the heart chakra. His results? You’ll have to ask him… but as we become more aligned and in tune with the universe, it just makes sense that we should attempt to do whatever we can to radiate the energetic frequency of harmony, spiritual evolution, natural balance and vibrationally align with these patterns of creation.

These really are sensational check them out!


etsy.com– (Above)


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etsy.com (above)

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Check out some maternity wear to help radiate positive energy for every growing woman’s new little universe to come…


etsy.com (above)

20 Sacred Geometry Clothing Pieces Guaranteed to Raise Your Vibration

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Many of these works are hand painted.

More information on designers, ordering and where to buy:

Find Siamic Wear on Facebook. 

Find sacred soul maternity on face book

Find Methuselahs art and apparel on facebook

Note** isoulscience.com has not been paid nor requested to promote clothing on this site. We have not and will not receive proceeds for any pieces of clothing purchased as a result of a referral. We simply like the clothing.

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