How to Overcome Victim Mentality

Each person in your life is a teacher. Each experience in your life is a lesson. Living is like looking into a mirror– every teacher is you. Every event and ever relationship reflects yourself.

Although we do not consciously perceive this, at some level we all know that life shows us what we need to learn. Learn the lesson and move on. If you didn’t learn the lesson the first time, it comes back around as a new experience a new person and a new circumstance. It comes right back and lands in your lap again, and says, “here… deal with it”- excerpt from Ether Into the Nemesis

When we blame others for our problems we shift the attention away from ourselves and avoid our own healing. The more we avoid ourselves, the larger our problems become and the more we fall into “victim mentality”which can be a very troubling situation.

We all have two choices, you can either “define yourself as a victim of the world, or you can come to understand that you are the world.” – Alan Watts

When we understand that everything we see around us, including our relationships, our homes, standard of living, the clothes we wear– everything, is an absolute reflection of our inner world, we are able to clearly determine the level of healing that is required. If your life is a mess, you are in an unhappy marriage, or career we should take note that something is off-balance inside.

When we are out of balance, we feel like we have no control over our circumstances and we end up repeating the same patterns without consciously understanding why.

This is why so many people don’t know how to help themselves.They can’t determine what the root cause of or where the beginning of the cycle started.

For instance, a child who was abused at a young age may have well forgotten the ordeal and yet, will find themselves in a relationship when they are older which represents the wound of the childhood trauma. He will seek out the same type of relationship over and over and never understand why he continues to make the same “wrong choices”.

The reason why we repeat these cycles is because we unconsciously draw ourselves to the attention of what needs to be healed as it manifests externally into different scenarios and people in our lives. This is why it is believed that in every moment no matter how tough, you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

When we can make the unconscious-conscious and illuminate the hidden aspects of our minds, we are able to bring unresolved memories forward for healing and release, thereby changing our outer world to match our inner and life becomes lighter. In doing so we free ourselves from the loop or cycle that has been plaguing our hearts and minds for far too long and the stagnant energy that these memories have held begin to recycle themselves into positive new energy.

So look around you and find all of things in your life that you are completely fed up with. Find the things that insult your soul, and know that this is where your healing needs start.

by LJ Vanier,

Originally published here at by LJ Vanier April 4, 2016

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