Spectacle in the Skies! Don’t Miss This Week’s Meteor Shower

Halley’s Comet is only visible from the earth once for every 75 years, and the residual debris from Halley’s Comet will be streaking across the skies in the early morning hours, right before dawn on Wednesday, October 21 and Thursday October 22.

Residual chunks from a comets tails typically generate two annual meteor showers. Once in May, known as the ETA Aquarids and the other occurring this week, October known as Orionids.

Making this your last chance of the year to get a glimpse of this spectacle in the sky.


The Orionids meteor shower, the “dusty, rock guts” that trail behind the comet can be viewed clearly from many parts of the world.

This years show is expected to be a real sight to see with a predicted 10-20 meteors per hour at its peak.

To spot a meteor shower it is essential to be in a dark place, away from the lights of the city.

To find out the exact time dawn will approach in your area check out Gaisma.com. In New York City, it will be 6:45am Wednesday morning, so New Yorkers will get a decent show within the hour before sunrise.



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