10 Ways to Stop Negative Thoughts From Affecting Your Health

Are you aware that about 60,000 thoughts come to your head every day? And more amazingly, 90% of those thoughts are repetitive.

This means that 9 out of 10 of the thoughts in your head, are those you already thought about. But for most people these thoughts are not just repetitive, they can be downright negative.

These negative thought forms can cause prolonged stress, equating to unnecessary health risks. Studies have shown that psychological stress reduces your immune system and increases inflammation in your body.


As you can see the power of thought is overwhelming. Emotions are caused by our own thought forms and the energy in our bodies follows our thoughts and emotions.

Here’s what we can do about it

1. Nourish your brain.

Things you consume will either result in stress or make you healthier. Therefore, boost your brain with the nutrients needed for great function, such as grass-fed meat, egg, and other of my favorite foods for the brain.

2. Get quality sleep.

Negative thinking can come up at night. Be sure to turn off the TV and keep mobile phones away. The best way to release negative thought forms before bed is to keep a pen and pad of paper close by. Write out everything you are thinking about, anything that is stressing you. By doing this you can release the attachment to it, as you know it is safely kept for later review.

3. Give yourself a tech detox.

While it is possible to make use of the web to grow awareness, it is also possible to spend hours scrolling through status updates and other distracting media that removes you from the present moment.  Give yourself time away each day to detox from media of all sorts and clear out the build up of constant repetitive information flowing through your brain.

4. Try tai-chi or yoga.

When you have turned down the social media and mental chatter, make use of exercises of silence to fill the gap. Yoga and Tai-chi are some of the best methods to build stillness in the heart.

5. Use positive thoughts to fill your heart.

3 Quick Yoga Poses to Relieve InsomniaThoughts that are negative and stressful can be reduced through reading or listening to things that are positive. Like making use of meditation or classical music, books on self-help, a happy podcast, or becoming silent can be the used to quiet the mind.

Research shows that it is possible for us to rewire our brain when we constantly do something, so always indulge in positive habits.

6. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Having fear in your heart can be dangerous to your health. The fear of failure and fear of responsibility are the major fears acknowledged in most people. By facing your fears, you give yourself the chance to overcome them. Continually stepping out of your comfort zone gives you a good base to build up your courage. Start small and level up.


7. Mix with positive people.

The folks that you spend the majority of your time with will help you grow or send negative thoughts into your head.

Three groups of friends are available: the first group is your inner circle of friends who help lift each other up. The second group is those you can influence positively. The last group is the outer circle, which is anyone that can influence you negatively. Stay away from these energy drainers,” that are never positive or make every discussion about themselves. Keep them a healthy distance from you.

8. Don’t be offended.

It doesn’t matter how justified you think you are; remember that forgiveness can be part of your healing process. Whatever has been done to you was not personal but due to the unconsciousness in the other person. It may be difficult, but it will be more liberating when you don’t take it personally.

9. Love yourself.

spiritual dance 2It is not possible to heal a body that you don’t love. After years of putting yourself down mentally, this is going to hold you back from getting back your health and life. You cannot measure your worth based on the result from the scale. You are not your diagnosis.

Cherish and love yourself very well in order to nourish the gift of life.

10. Exercise awareness.

Awareness can be compared to a muscle, it requires consistent use to make it stronger. Making use of things like mindfulness meditation will assist you to grow in awareness. This will make you realize that you are not your thoughts, just simply the observer of those thoughts. This will put a stop to the repetitive mind chatter and catapult you into the present moment.

by LJ Vanier

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