Science Explains How Spending Time in Nature Boosts Happiness and Well-Being

From nature’s touch to nature’s love and nature’s hideaway to natures “calling”. Mother Nature is always giving, always balancing and always there for us. A place of healing, inspiration and energy. Her euphoric embrace binds the cells of our being restoring tranquility and effervescence. Mother nature is cleansing. This cleanse that nature provides, knits comfort and understanding into our brains and our bloodstream.

A study released in 2012 by Psychologists Zelenski and Nesbit, exemplified how it is we connect emotionally and physiologically to nature and the environment around us. In this collection of research titled “Nature’s Relatedness” a priority goal of theirs was “to determine whether the association between nature relatedness and happiness is due to a general sense of connectedness or a more specific link with nature.”

Two “scales” went public across many regions. The first, was a scale where people rated how they disagreed/agreed with a statement that had to do directly with nature; such as: “I believe nature to be an important part of my spirituality.”

The second scale had people rate how they disagreed/agreed with subjective happiness and wellness statements. These encompassed; family, friends, culture, and activities.

Zelenski and Nesbit found two amazing results because of this study, something I couldn’t agree with more!

Firstly, their work suggested that nature distinctly increased feelings of well-being and happiness beyond the emotional connection we feel towards those we interact with socially. Secondly, their studies found a positive correlation between “nature relatedness” and maintaining and increasing positive mental health!

Why does nature have such a beautiful and inspiring effect on us?

  1. Relaxing atmosphere:

Nature has a calming effect on our mentality, our physical bodies, and the energy that flows in and out of our spiritual essence. This calm, energy causes sensations of deep relaxation to occur within every aspect of our beings. As we become more mindful and acknowledge the nature that surrounds us, no matter the depth of society we live in, it becomes harder to ignore the whisper between the trees, the chatter between the birds, and the cleansing properties of the wind as it rushes through us and around us.

  1. Thinking Space:

Nature also provides a sweet, innocent, energy to fill our busy and brilliant minds, giving us the key to unlock they heavy, dusty, metal lock of life. This key, opens the door to endless meaning and deeper levels of understanding, connection, and wisdom, to ourselves. Nature becomes a comfortable place, like a hug for a mother or a kiss from an angel. This feeling of comfort sets us free from the little problems of life and instills perception of the bigger picture of who and what we are. Nature gives us the freedom to be alone, to be alone and enjoy every moment of it. When we learn to be alone, we are not lonely, but free. A meaning to life.

“Being alone does not mean you are lonely, and being lonely does not mean you are alone”-Unkown

Being in nature is something we can all do to further our experience, gain incredible insight, and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes we find it hard to take time out of our busy schedules to enjoy it. Being in nature doesn’t always have to be an epic adventure of mountain climbing and dashing down the white caps of river, but can always feel like that, if you just take a few minutes out of your day to acknowledge its presence.

If nature seems like a daunting hurdle, here are some simple activities I enjoy.

Natures Calling 8 Ways to Reconnect

  1. Hammocks: Hang a hammock between two trees and take a nap, enjoy a book, or stare up into the sky. Not only is this comfy, relaxing, and easy, but it provides a new and beautiful atmosphere and environment to look at.
  2. Hiking: Go for a small hike up a hill or a mountainside. Make sure to take plenty of water though, it may sound easy, but it can become challenging. Hiking is a great way to experience the environment we live in from a different point of view.
  3. Camping: Go for a week-end camping trip; go with a group, or go alone! Camping gives the possibility of escape. Escaping a busy life, to go enjoy the natural and intuitive part of who you really are!
  4. Walk to Destinations: Instead of driving to the grocery store or the park, walk there! Be aware of the wind against your skin, the sun against the earth, and the gravel underneath your toes. It also provides a great opportunity to be alone with your thoughts.
  5. Sit outside with your coffee: Coffee is an important part of many lives, so make it something that enhances your essence. Grab your coffee, sit outside, and people watch! Sitting outside the shop is also an excellent place to do a bit of journal writing!
  6. Meditate: Go somewhere quiet, underneath a tree, and sit in the grass for a few minutes. Meditation provides a connection between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind. Why not enjoy that special connection, outside?
  7. Garden: Dirty those nail buds and get outside and do some planting. These could be flowers, veggies, fruits, or you could bury something, dogs seem to enjoy it, dogs are man’s best-friend, they could be on to something!
  8. Watch a sunrise/sunset: Personally, I love sunrises more. Starting and ending your day outside is the most peaceful way to live. Appreciate the feelings that arise when you sit back and watch the sun dance across the horizon!

Nature is the perfect way to feel re-connected in just about every aspect of your life. When we begin to limit ourselves to the outside world, feelings of depression, anxiety, numbness, and apathy settle in. Give nature a try, nature gave you a chance!


Zelenski, J. M., & Nisbet, E. K. (2014). Happiness and Feeling Connected The Distinct Role of Nature Relatedness. Environment and Behavior46(1), 3-23.

About the Author

Kayla Wright is a blogger, spiritualist and leader of the  Nomadic Mission. Check out her website