Mechanics of Manifestation

Life is a journey that you write for yourself, it is not written for you. What you think you become and here’s how.

Ernest Holmes explained that the Law of Attraction can only obey us. Masters of Qi Gong or Qi (Energy) understand that chi follows mind. What you think it will do. By opening up your meridian channels and chakras you are able to release a strong flow of energy that manifests as you apply your own thoughts to where you want the energy to go.

The very most important chakra in terms of the mechanics of manifestation is your third eye pineal gland and here’s why.

Long ago in earths history our pineal glands were more like the size of golfballs as compared with the current size of a mere raisin. This meant that our abilities as creators of our own realities were much greater; and through the shrinkage of this gland our creative Mechanics of Manifestationprocesses and manifestation fell with it.

You see the thing is, when you’re third eye is activated and I mean in full use, the chakra literally connects from the front of the forehead to the back of your skull and you will feel a push-pull sensation. The importance of this third eye is astronomical. What the mind can see, it can achieve. Seeing is believing.

When you can effectively see into the 4th,5th and 6th dimension you are able to transcend yourself through these dimensions by what is  called astral travel. Astral travel can be achieved through the lucid dream state or “night walking” as well as by effectively splitting your consciousness while awake.

So how do we create our own realities from our pineal gland? I can only explain it by how it is achieved on the higher dimensions.

Imagine yourself walking through a room and as you are walking through the room you see that the walls are a white wash. You think to yourself, I don’t like that, I want them….. Pink! Bam, with each and every next step you take the walls around you are turning pink. Like raising your hands and having the colour change as you move through it. With each and every step you take you are consciously creating everything you see, and seamlessly walking through it at the same time.

Your third eye chakra acts like a light projector for an old fashioned video player as it beams from your forehead to the brim of your auric field. Your auric field is like a bubble that surrounds your spiritual and physical body and what is between the brim of this field and your body is what I like to call the Ether or aether. Known as the substance that permeates all space and time, and consciously creates. The outer brim of this auric field is how you are viewing and is, what reverberates back to your mind as confirmation of your creation.

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Now, because as we mentioned above our pineal gland in our physical bodies is quite small, and due to our physicality the process of instant creation is much slower at this level. However the same scenario applies, yet it applies differently than you might think.

If you stand in front of a mirror saying ” I want a million dollars, 500 hundred times, this isn’t going to pan out. Because the secret to the “law of attraction” or the mechanics of manifestation” is your subconscious mind. It is the thoughts within you that are not present and forefront, and are felt not demanded.

Let’s say you were working with Qi energy as mentioned above. You can’t demand the energy to go somewhere. You have to feel it. Masters of the Art will teach you to first breath in, feel the energy and pull from your sacral chakra, then release the energy as you release your breath. It is a commanding direction of thought, rather than a demanding direction.

This understanding can also explain why people see such great results by placing a photograph of a desired item on a wall. By leaving it there. You have left your “higher self” or subconscious to create for you, and it will always find a way.

Happy Creations!


LJ Vanier

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