Humanity Has Enslaved Itself Here’s How to Break Free

If you asked most people, they wouldn’t believe the notion that they are enslaved. We can attribute this enslavement to the ruling elite but at some point we need to take responsibility and understand that we in fact have enslaved ourselves.

Here is the problem. Does a fish know it is inside of a fish tank? Can you see your own cage? If you can’t see that you are enslaved, than how are you prepared to break free from it? You won’t understand what you are breaking free from. You may say, ” I like my life, I am satisfied and I don’t feel the need to change anything”. This is fine. You many not be at the point in your evolution to question everything, you have ever been told. 

To give you some insight, lets first start with this video.

Now after watching this video what did you see? It may look normal right? You get up with your alarm clock, eat your breakfast, check your watch for the time to be sure you make your train, plane or automobile to beat rush hour… continue to work, eat your lunch, finish your afternoon and head home when the clock hits 5….

What can you tell me about this? Cue jeopardy music now…..

Nope it’s ok.. I’ll wait.

Correct answer, you are a program in a machine. A machine that makes you believe that you have a choice.



But here’s the great news. Seeing and understanding is half of the battle. If you didn’t see it yet, continue on to Can You See Your Own Cage. If you did see it, here are a few tips to break free and liberate yourself from the illusion of reality.

1. Stop Watching Mainstream Media

2. Liberate Yourself by finding yourself. Know Thyself

3. Understand that everything you know about the way things should be…. is wrong

4. Cue mental breakdown…. now

5. Congratulations on your liberation of self. You are free from the matrix.

Note** some of this is meant to be humorous however, this is really how it happens. When everything you know to be right and true comes crashing down all around you it is as if the matrix has just crashed and you see the world for what it is. Typically, a “mental breakdown” follows this, and then shortly after you reach liberation of self.

I guess the only question is, once you see it... what are you going to do about it?


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