Echo to Ego Removing the False Mask

Removing the False Mask By Aurora Clawson Contributing Writer for SoulScience

This is how our minds process reality in a nutshell.

First we detect information.  Everything that exists is a frequency of energy.  Colors, sounds, tastes, smells, textures, objects, people, places and experiences.  Everything vibrates, moves, flickers, pulses and undulates.  Our five senses are attuned to the 3rd dimension.  Therefore, what they detect is the slowest rate at which everything vibrates.  We don’t detect the more complex information about anything, only the simplest aspects.  Yet even at this, they are enough for human beings to lead whole lives, but what kind of lives?    We detect things as separate, when in reality, the energy between things is merging and dancing.  We detect time and space as a reality.

We are being flooded with information that our senses cannot detect, because we can only detect less than 1% of the millions of frequencies of information around us.  This information is filtered out by a system led by our Pineal gland.  In this way, we can live in this perception of a world to learn from our experiences here.

So, as I said, first we detect information.  Then, our own process of cognition DEFINES what that information means, in relation to our past, what we know, preferences, and our sense of self.  We filter out every possible definition except what resonates with our own understanding.

Then, after we define information for ourselves, we RESPOND to our own definitions.  This means that all meanings in our lives, we have projected onto every aspect of our reality.

Our response to anything, is only our response to how we ourselves have defined it.  It cannot be any other way.  That is how mind functions.

In this world, we have a seat of identity called ego.  Ego is not who we really are.  It is a pseudo identity.  We have this for a reason.  The reason is, that ego is a master teacher that moves us through the illusions in this world by believing in them.   Our challenge is to transcend the ego and its illusions.  That is what living in illusion is meant to offer. We live in illusion to discredit it, and recognize truth.

Since ego is not our true self, what then, is our true self?  This is age old question. This is what every master has sought, and taught through the ages.  The answer is in something called Universal Consciousness or Cosmic Consciousness.  There are many names for this phenomenon.

Within this Consciousness, is a higher, more vast aspect of you, of me, of everyone.  This aspect is who we must awaken to via our experiences with ego.  How we do this, is to incrementally realize the limitations, falsehoods and ways of interpreting reality born of ego.

Ego believes in a limited, individual self that is separate from everyone and everything else.  Ego believes anger, fear, hatred, sorrow, jealousy and all other negative emotions are justified.  It therefore subscribes to the mechanic of blame.  It also believes in self belittlement, and all manner of limitation.  It believes that it is the world that provides all that it is lacking.   It believes in victim hood because other egos have not taught it about Reincarnation and universal laws of attraction and karma, that teach energy we put into the universe comes back to us to teach us.

When the ego detects information, it defines it in limiting, illusory ways.  It defines it from the standpoint of  a separate, limited self.  It will define information in ways that confirm its convictions of self and what it thinks it knows about itself and life. It can therefore SEE its own beliefs in situations.  For example, if a person is insecure, and on a regular basis jealous of his girlfriend, she can be merely talking to a stranger at the Farmer’s Market about the price of veggies, and that ego will see information in that simple visual supporting need for jealousy.  It will define that information as threatening and supportive of self diminishing beliefs.

The entire world provides supportive feedback for the misperceptions of ego.  We create entire days in sync with our beliefs about ourselves, and what we understand so far about life.  Life becomes a reflection of our own minds.  This is why they say, “When you change your mind, you change your life.

We live in a world of pseudo selves.  The only way we can become free from this imprisonment, is to proceed along a course in which we awaken from the spell of ego.  This has been the focus of centuries of spirituality.  Spirituality is not religion.  Religion does nothing to empower freedom from ego.  It rather more deeply entrenches the ego by teaching concepts of victimhood, need for salvation, sin, separation, judgment and punishment of hell if rules are not obeyed.  Religion could not exist were it not for a pseudo self to support it.  Therefore, it can never truly free a human being, only offer hope that assists in tolerating illusions of self it propagates.

What are we really then?  We are beautiful, vast, free, joyous loving beings who have none of the limitations believed by ego.  We have infinite love, ingenious capability to create, and access to Universal intelligence.  We know we are all one, in a brilliant connected Consciousness.  We know we are infinite love and light. We are spiritual beings having a human life. We have many incarnations to awaken from this spell of ego.

It is the spell of ego that enslaves.  That is the only thing with the power to do it.   Nothing in the world can give that to anyone.  It must be a self initiated process.  All teachers in the world can do, is point the way, inspire and teach about the nature of the ego and how it imprisons.
Self awareness then cannot be gifted or proven to another individual.  It is a personal process.  Unless one moves through the process themselves, they won’t understand or believe it.  It is like asking another person to go through a healing process to heal YOUR body.  SELF awareness is blatantly literal.

When we are free from ego, we are in sync with our true fullness.  We no longer define life in limitation.  We see greater truths, more complete stories and have access to more information because in freeing mind from ego, we activate an empowered ability to detect more information about everything than the mere 1%.   We begin to see a bigger and bigger picture in which all experiences connect to form an ordering we before, had no idea existed.  We develop a more powerful sense of Universal SENTIENCE, being, presence.

So that is the answer.  We enslave ourselves, via belief that this ego is the parameter of who we really are.  When we free ourselves from this prison, we begin to awaken to the fullness of ourselves as represented by higher frequencies of consciousness.  We see that the world cannot truly give anything to us, or take anything from us via its changing tides.   We then begin a journey with awareness of this greater self.  It is a whole new chapter filled with astounding revelations.

The ego is the prison for the mind.

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Aurora ClawsonAurora Clawson

I have studied Consciousness since I was 16 years old.  My entire life has been devoted to truth and expanding awareness of SELF.    I have taught and written about Consciousness, frequencies, energetic dimensions, time, space, perception, universal laws, the power of thought and working of the mind in relation to Universal creative substance.  I have also taught yoga and meditation, God/Goddess energetic components of the creation, and performed and taught interpretive, sacred dance.  I have also extensively studied psychology.

I have studied Advaita Vedanta extensively with Master Swamaji Dayananda Saraswati.  I have explored many many paths, starting from the age of 8 years old, and familiarized my self with Astrology, and a variety of other metaphysical sciences.

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