Twin Flames and SoulMates Understanding Wholeness

Twin Flames and SoulMates: There is nothing to search for externally, it is already within you.

I would like to know how we as humanity think it is even remotely possible that someone else could be “your other half” when this completely goes against the entire buddhist teaching as well as hindu-guru teaching of “you are already whole” Wholeness, Oneness. 

However I understand how we have all grown up on the fairy tale of boy and girl and how this programming is still embedded deep within us. Now, if you are a twin flame and experiencing this situation, before you want to scream at your screen and direct it my way. Just hear me out for a minute.

I myself, had been in a “Twin Flame” scenario just over 2 years ago and I have learned many invaluable lessons from it. This special person, absolutely without a doubt. WAS ME. I could feel it to the interior depths of my soul, that he was my “other half”.

Needless to say it ended horrifically for the both us, as most twin flame unions tend to and in the coming months (which turned into years) my spirit died. Literally, the trauma from it killed my spirit. I had a pain that enveloped me to the depths of my being and not a night passed for 15 months! that I didn’t see 2:00 am, 3:00 am 4:00am.

The agony went on and on every single day. I would constantly fall to my knees and begged for the pain to stop and yet it never ceased.

Until finally one day, I fell to my knees for the very last time. This was the day that started my rebirth. This was the day, for the first time I actually got an answer back……

Through much of the understanding I have gained on this journey, I know this for sure.

There is no one out there that will make you whole.

We need to stop searching outside of ourselves for the answers, because the answers lie within. The sooner you realize this, hopefully, just maybe, the quicker you will be able to get through it.

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