How Can We Awaken Consciousness?

By Aurora Clawson Guest Writer for SoulScience

To Awaken one’s Consciousness is what all of our lifetimes lead to.  It is the process of letting go of the conclusions about reality and who we are that we learn in the world, and awakening to greater truth that lies within.

Our minds are very powerful.  We empower that which we focus upon.  To focus upon the limitations we have learned in the world is the mechanic by which we remained imprisoned within them.  We are taught to identity ourselves with our reactions to the world and what we accomplish in the world.  We are taught to identify ourselves with our momentary thoughts, and to define ourselves by our experiences.  This is extremely erroneous, and it is this mechanic that creates all of the suffering in our lives, and cumulatively in this world.  awakening consciousness
There is a very acute reason why this world is so harsh and cruel in some aspects while being such a beautiful planet.  It is the humanity living on this planet distorting and imprisoning truth because they are so out of sync with their true nature.  They have adopted pseudo selves that cannot hope to give them what they have the capacity to be and receive.   It is in identifying with these pseudo selves that is how we restrict our inborn awareness and keep ourselves crippled and in bondage to a paradigm that recreates itself constantly using the power of our own minds.  The ego is a tremendous ‘dumbing down’ of our inner genius and joy.    Our true natures are expanded Consciousness, without limitation, wildly creative, loving and fearless.  What the ego creates is a ghoulish deranging  of our truth.  Yet, we are here because we are powerful enough to transcend this ego, and that is precisely how we awaken our Cosmic Consciousness.  Our human aspects are projections of this Cosmic Consciousness that are here to experience the untruth of ego and transcend it.  That is the tool of our awakening.

Our thoughts are energy frequencies that go out to effect the world and our lives.  They empower that which we focus upon.  When one changes their focus from the limited reasoning, ego based perceptions of the world, and turns it inward, the power of our focus begins to activate deeper aspects of mind that begin to synergize with one another and create a powerful energetic formula for awakening.   This brings about the releasing of our inner illusions and the awakening of the deeper truths about ourselves and reality.  We have many allies in other dimensions that work with each of us, guiding and protecting our journey.  But this journey is not an easy one, since it involves the releasing of our most painful misconceptions about ourselves and life.

One begins to awaken their consciousness by turning within, learning meditation, and becoming aware of the fact that their ego is not who they truly are.  It is a process in which you begin to learn about the laws of the universe, such as the Law of Attraction, Karma, Chaos and Order, etc. and how our own thoughts engage these laws to co create our lives.

One must learn to quiet the mind, via meditation, as I said before, and develop something called ‘present moment awareness’, wherein you train the mind to focus on the present by remaining aware to the best of your ability of the ways your mind is perceiving the moment.  It is either perceiving through limitation or expansiveness.  We must create new patterns of positive reinforcement of our TRUTH via daily awareness of  our thought process.

We are, right now our fullness wholly manifest.  We need only awaken our awareness from the dream spell of ego taught and propagated in this world.  We have that power to do this, or we would not be challenged to do so.  However we must be spiritual warriors and fearless.  We must be able to let go of what we think we know from our egocentric sense of self, and the myth that only pure logic is a valid tool for truth.  This is one of the biggest illusions in the world.  We must open the mind to be receptive to whole new paradigm of reality and possibility.   We must unleash our self authority, claim creative freedom and embrace our fullness by turning within, and finally listening.

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